Blooming Grove: A New Coliseum Venue

A winding path invites travellers to journey to the center of the Blooming Grove. This level 11 venue presents a host of new challenges for your dragon clan to overcome!

A lush paradise… but not for dragonkind.
The blooming grove’s charm is not for the eyes of dragons. Beware the flora and fauna that dwell here. Only those who are friends with the denizens of the grove are welcome.

A Hoard of Loot
The Blooming Grove introduces a variety of new items for your dragons to consume, barter or hoard. Finding each of these resources and relics can be a challenge.

Flight Rising - A Poem

New to the salt mines beware.
Don’t post clickbait in dragon share.
Don’t scam and don’t steal,
(Are those foxes for real?)
And don’t once think that RNG’s fair.

Jaguar and Rosette make me scream.
That PM was awfully mean.
I’m so full of salt,
I bet it’s R’s fault.

Your breeding projects are all doomed.
Your imps all your seafood consumed.
That enemy dodged,
Your wrist needs massaged.
And the gem ratio once again boomed.

Your discord has screenshot blackmail.
That G1 scry an epic fail.
For new content you wait,
Lol what site update??
While your dream dragon’s never for sale.

We all think the staff is the worst.
Except “wow! New venue? EDIT: FIRST!”
But still we’re all playing
In dragon hell staying
At least until the next salt burst.

The Colosseum held simulated sea battles (naumachia or navalia proelia), meaning the amphiteatre was filled with water to stage these naval shows.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Forget all this shit about Sprites, recolors, crowns, coins, and boxes. I wanna lay down some real fuckin’ salt that’s been bothering me for a YEAR.

So. We have Baldwin, right? And you can brew funny off-color versions of a few battlestones, right? Well why the frick-frack paddy-whack give-a-dog-a-BONE isn’t there a fucking stupid off-color version of Eliminate? Arguably the most sought after, hardest to attain fucking dumbass stone in this game because of how stats and the coli works? Like, it’s a NECESSITY and it’s so expensive now? It’s going for as much as 3 tert genes for fuck’s sake. What happened to it being only 70-90k?

I’m fine with people selling shit and getting money, but a stone this important (that has the drop rate of a fucking meteorite) is so hard for newer users (not me fam i’ve been here since the early access) and like?? it makes trying to train dragon’s in the coli a fucking chore because you get to a certain level that NEEDS eliminate for scratch-elim and?? you have to shell out literally 1mil to get 3 elims for 3 dragons?

i just don’t fucking get it. we can brew literally the other basic, important stone in Baldwin. Why not Eliminate? Seriously. It’s stupid.