Author: bananahater336

Pairing: Bradley/Colin (slight Katie/Colin and Colin/Eoin)

Rating: R

Length: Long (no word-count indicated - estimated~20 000)

Summary: American AU. It’s a late August morning, and Colin’s car has just run out of gas on the side of Interstate 55. While desperately trying to reach anyone who would be willing to give him a hand (and it’s increasingly clear to him that there aren’t many), he must come to terms with the things about himself that have isolated him so much and the fact that he drove away the only person he ever wanted to spend his life with.

Mod’s comment: So well written and so imaginative. It explores Colin’s complex relationships in this completely constructed AU setting, and does it with ease and understanding. All the applause. The accompanying art’s also pretty freaking cool. 

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with a language upside down

Author: Anonymous

Pairing: Colin Morgan/Katie McGrath

Rating: NC-17 (mod assigned for language and minor sexual suggestion)

Length: Moderate (~2610 words) 

Genre: Fluff/Humour

Summary: It’s utter stupidity to tell Bradley anything, especially this, but Colin figures Katie’s going to spill anyway, and well. Getting his humiliation over with now seems like the safer option. “I might have told Katie that I love her? No, that I don’t love her. Maybe. I’m not sure which.”

Mod Comment: Shy, rambling Colin could not be more adorable in this fic. You can just feel the awkwardness rippling through all his conversations with Katie. And Bradley is wonderfully mischievous and strangely perceptive at the same time.
This Thing We May Have Started

Author: dreamhugs

Pairing: Col/Katie

Rating: G

Word count: 350

Summary: They lie in bed together, Katie’s toes tickling his, talking about the future of Merlin …

Mod comments: I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a poem in disguise. For a fic so tiny, the language is bed-warm and beautiful and although I do prefer long fics, I wouldn’t have anything added to this for the world. It reminds me of how people justify their height when they’re a bit on the small side (like me) - short, but perfectly-formed. The best thing about it is that you can read it over and over, because it just fits so nicely into the palm of your hand - and even though C/K is probably the last thing I’d ship, I truly loved this. One of fics where just the writing is so good in itself, you truly don’t give a damn what it’s about.
Today, Just This

Author: exoticrooftile

Pairing: Colin/Katie

Rating: NC-17

Summary: “Bradley texted me to say that when he was drunk last night, he might just have maybe thought it funny to put my underwear in your suitcase.”

Mod comments: I’m not a C/K fan myself, but I really like the way this is written, especially the end bits when they’re getting it on - it’s slow and sweet without being too emotional, and at the same time brief and to-the-point without being too stoic. I like the cheeky edge to everything they say and do, too! I can almost hear the dialogue being said in their respective voices. (Also, I don’t know if I’m mixing this up with someone else but I’m pretty sure I have a certain Cinnatart to thank for this! You’re a babe!)
To Think That Nothing's Wrong Is A Problem


Colin Morgan /  Katie McGrath




He gets her and she gets him, except they somehow don’t get each other. Broken hearts, broken pride and minds dominating over feelings stand between them. Climbing and being pushed over those obstacles takes time and needs some help from their friends.

Mod’s comment:
Not read it yet, but thought I’d just leave it here for those of you who are getting a bit tired of B/C and have got lots of time on your hands! :)