Stay mysterious: how to shoot a bangin' #realworldsex video without showing your face!

Stay mysterious: how to shoot a bangin’ #realworldsex video without showing your face!

By Ariel

As the curators of, we’ve had many conversations with really awesome, enthusiastic people like yourself perhaps who really love the idea of (yay!)  and want to submita video (YAY!), but aren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of showing their face. I am here to tell you, that’s okay! We don’t want you to ever do something that makes you uncomfortable, and it’s…

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LoveandLasagna share their favorite #realworldsex videos!

LoveandLasagna share their favorite #realworldsex videos!

We’re so excited to share something that we haven’t done in a while: a member-curated edition.

Loveandlasagna have quickly risen to MakeLoveNotPornSuperStar status, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. This week, we let the tables turn and had the honor of letting these two lovebirds share their favorite videos with us! 

From LoveandLasagna:

We’re grateful to have been invited to…

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Make Home Sweet Home Love Not Porn!

Make Home Sweet Home Love Not Porn!

Sometimes there’s nothing better than staying at home and relaxing – with a good book, some yoga, and a restorative round of #realworldsex. Because while being out in the world and trying something new can be exciting, it’s always nice to know there’s a place you can return to, to unwind, get cozy, and let your mind (and libido) do the wandering.

Our brand new edition MakeHomeSweetHomeLove…

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Meet MLNPstars Colin/Gray!

You might have noticed the young, adorable, and very creative couple that has recently taken MLNP by storm! Here is an official introduction from the lovely Colin/Gray.

Hello There!

This is Gray from Colin/Gray :)

We are brand new to and the whole showing your #realworldsex online thing and we love it!

Who are we?

I am an artist, curator, model, and figure model, and Colin is a writer…

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Make NYC PFF Love Not Porn!

Make NYC PFF Love Not Porn!

In anticipation of’s screening and presentation at the NYC PFF on Feb 27th, we’re bringing you an edition showcasing a brand new category making its debut on the sexy festival circuit: #realworldsex!

Selected with care and shown with permission from our MLNPstars, the 30 min program showcases everyday people having sex the way they like to have it in their everyday lives. From…

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Make Valentine's Day Every Day Love Not Porn!

Make Valentine’s Day Every Day Love Not Porn!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope wherever you are and whatever your relationship status, you’re spending at least a few minutes today expressing love to yourself, the people you love, and if it’s your thing, giving some special attention to your partner(s), too.

While we’re not ones to knock a special day designated for celebrating #realworldromance, #realworldselflove, and #realworldsex, we also…

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Make Thirsty Love Not Porn!

Make Thirsty Love Not Porn!

During these cold, dark, days of Winter, it’s not uncommon for one to feel a little…thirsty. And, not just for tender, cuddly times, either. Those are fun for sure. But, sometimes that unquenchable thirst/urge/itch is for something more carnal – sex for sex’s sake, if you will.

To quench that thirst, satisfy your urges, and soothe any nagging itch, this week I’m bringing you 4 brand new videos,…

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