I just want to make a quick parallel to these scenes. Here is Hook, so sure that he and Emma true love, he attempts a TLK. He has that much faith in his love for her, and that she may love him too, that he thinks it could work. He wouldn’t have tried it if he thought it wouldn’t. And then there’s Emma, who when confronted with Neal’s mortality, does nothing. She’s crying, she doesn’t want him to die. But she does nothing but hold him as he passes. A TLK doesn’t even cross her mind, because she doesn’t think of Neal as her true love. It’s also an anti-parallel to Snowing, a well known TL couple, when Snow kissed Charming in a TLK attempt while he was dying back in the Pilot. Even if it didn’t work, the fact that Emma didn’t even try in the first place is important. And she’s seen a TLK work before; her son was dead – his heart had stopped, and her kiss brought him back. She knows the power of True Love’s Kiss. If she truly thought Neal was her true love, I think she would have attempted it. Meanwhile Hook, to any of our knowledge, isn’t truly aware of it’s power. But he believes so much in he and Emma, he took the chance of trying.