Today we recognize the 15th Anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts.

We honor the countless souls who gave their lives in the hopes that the Wizarding World would one day be free of Voldemort’s reign of terror.

Fred Weasley (1.4.1978 - 2.5.1998)
Remus Lupin (10.3.1960 - 2.5.1998)
Nymphadora Tonks (1973 - 2.5.1998)
Lavander Brown (1980 - 2.5.1998)
Severus Snape (9.1.1960 - 2.5.1998)
Colin Creevy (1981 - 2.5.1998)

“Now the pain we all feel at this dreadful loss reminds me, and, reminds us, that though we may come from different countries and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one…Remember that, and they will not have died in vain. You remember that, and we’ll celebrate those who were kind, and honest, and brave, and true. Right to the very end.”

Remember May 2nd, 1998.


Today we remember the Battle of Hogwarts.
Tomorrow is May 2nd, the day the battle of Hogwarts 15 years ago. The day that Harry, Ron and Hermione snuck back into Hogwarts and destroyed the Horcruxes. The day that Harry finally defeated Voldemort. We remember everyone who fought in the war and all those who died. Fred Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Colin Creevey, Severus Snape and more. May we raise our wands to those who fought and died. Remember, remember May 2nd 1998.

May 2nd 1998 -

A moment of silence for the lives lost on both sides on this date. 16 years later, we continue to recognize your courage and commitment.

Happy Wizarding Independence Day!

Please take the time today to recognize what these people fought and died for, and appreciate your freedom from the reign of Lord Voldemort.

Can we talk about this guy? Can we talk about Colin Creevy, for just a second? When we first meet him, he’s overexcited. He’s bright and happy, and no matter what Harry said, he just smiled and bounced back.

Remember what we know about him (I apologize, I don’t have my books for reference). He has a little brother, who’s just as excited and eager about this world they didn’t know about growing up. Suddenly they were surrounded by a world of magic.

His dad was only a muggle milkman. Can you imagine how excited he must’ve been? His sons were off at a school of magic, they were most likely going to do great things with their lives. Suddenly, his son is sending him pictures of this castle, and all of these people, and Colin’s eleven years old and sending him pictures he took, pictures that move.

And then, one day, Dennis returns from Hogwarts. Dennis comes back alone. Can you imagine that? His son, who thought was going to do great things, is not gone, he’s dead.

Let that sink in. I don’t care if you don’t care. Just stop and think about it. Think about Dennis, because the older brother he’d always looked up to is gone from his life. Now you can continue your scrolling. I just felt like sharing my thoughts.

Expanded Canon
  • Colin Creevey’s Muggle camera worked because it was “running off the magical atmosphere,” and his photographs were developed “in the magical potion that causes the figures therein to move.”

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May 2nd, 1998, 16 years ago

Voldemort fell.

Neville pulled the sword of Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat and cut off Nagini’s head.

Tonks was killed by her aunt.

Fred was crushed under a wall off stone.

Colin died after bravely sneaking back in to fight.

Remus died to create a better world for his son.

Snape’s throat was slit and gave Harry his memories of Lily.

Harry saw his parents, Remus, and Sirius via the Resurrection Stone.

The horcrux in Harry was destroyed by Voldemort.

Bellatrix was killed by Mrs. Weasley.

Harry Potter defeated Riddle by becoming Master of the elder wand.

War is war. It happens. People die. Someone wins, but at great cost.

Remember the fallen. Never forget what they did.

‘All was well.’