[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A human person with a dive suit and a camera is in a large steel cage underwater. A great white shark is half in the frame, it’s head near the front of the cage. TEXT: “Oh no! There’s a human trapped in this cage! Don’t worry friend! We will get you out.”]

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Human friends. I need your help.

Do you remember my friend Drudgeon, the great white shark? She is a kind soul. Sometimes she makes mistakes, sure. But she never bothers you if she can help it. But sometimes, mistakes are made, and people get hurt. And she is sorry for that.

But right now, a human in Australia wants to murder Drudgeon and her family. I understand why. He wants people to feel safe. He wants people to like him. But murdering another creature because you are afraid is not fair.

I beg you, human friends. Please stop him. Please. She’s my friend. This isn’t her fault. She can’t die because of fear. I will not allow it.

Some kind humans have made a place to put your name down here and here, to say that you do not want to do this. That you don’t condone it. That you are kind, and good, and understand better than to simply kill the things you fear.

If you find other places or sources to help stop this, please reblab and let me know. I need to save her. Please tell your friends, and ask them to help too.



A brutal and misguided mass-cull of sharks will soon begin in Western Australia. We have just days to get it stopped.

All human deaths at sea are tragic — but this knee-jerk response is scientifically unproven and pushes already vulnerable species to the brink.

Let’s pile the pressure on WA Premier Colin Barnett to halt the senseless shark attack.

Petition here

Thankyou xx

Libs’ history on gay rights

NOTE: I got this off a buddy’s FB. I don’t know if he wants to be named here, but he did the hard work putting this list together :)

1972: SA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

1973: WA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

1975: SA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Again.

1976: Qld Libs refuse to employ a teacher because he’s gay.

1977: WA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Again.

1980: Vic Libs introduce homosexuality decriminalization bill! But several Libs cross the floor to vote against it.

1982: NSW Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

1984: WA Libs vote against the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Agaaain.

1989: WA Libs impose limits on decriminalising homosexuality laws including a different age of consent for gays (21 as opposed to 16),  prohibition of the ‘promotion or encouragement’ of homosexuality (like Russia, today), and a preamble to the legislation stating that the parliament disapproves of homosexuality.

1992: Lib leader Alexander Downer calls for the resignation of Defence Minister Robert Ray in response to the lifting of a ban on gay people serving in the armed forces.

1996: Howard Govt makes migration for same-sex couples harder.

1996: ACT Libs pass laws making wills and estates fairer for same-sex couples. That’s good.

1996: John Howard tells A Current Affair that he would be ‘disappointed’ if one of his sons was gay.

1999:   Qld Libs oppose legislation that removes parental leave discrimination against same-sex couples.

2001: John Howard tells a group of teenagers on Triple J that ‘I have not met a parent yet who wants their children to grow up gay.’

2003: ACT Libs oppose legislation that acknowledges same-sex relationships and protects them from discrimination.

2004: Howard Govt removes sexuality as a basis of protection from discrimination in the National Framework for Human Rights.

2004: Howard Govt amends the Marriage Act to specifically ban same-sex marriage.

2004: NT Country Libs vote against equal age of consent.

2004: WA Lib Leader Colin Barnett advocates for gays to have different age of consent laws, same-sex couples to be disallowed from accessing the Family Court, same-sex parents to be denied adoption rights and lesbians be denied access to IVF.

2006: Howard Govt refuses to cooperate with a national inquiry into financial discrimination against gay people, banning its departments from making submissions.

2006: Howard Govt refuses to allow a gay Australian man in Europe to marry his partner overseas, who is an Austrian citizen. It refuses to supply documentation confirming the man was not already married.

2006: Howard Govt overrules ACT legislation passed to allow civil unions.

2007: Howard Govt overrules ACT legislation passed to allow civil unions. Again.

2008: Libs vote against legislation that would allow lesbians access to IVF.

2010: Lib Leader Tony Abbott claims that gay people challenge ‘the order of things’ and states that ‘I probably feel a bit threatened’ by them.

2011: Queensland Libs oppose civil union legislation.

2011: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott denies a conscience vote on same-sex marriage to his party, meaning that Liberal members who support the proposal will be prohibited from voting accordingly (this is still the case).

2012: Queensland Libs remove surrogacy and adoption rights.

Mr Barnett has made a bad move. He thinks that killing thousands of sharks will make beach-going West Australians safer, when really he doesn’t think about it in the long run - how safe will we be when sharks, apex predators, eventually go extinct? Disrupting a food chain can have disastrous effects and in the end, they lead back to us. Who’s going to be safe then?

Sharks are predators, they eat things. Sometimes they bite humans, but here is a line from Wikipedia: “Humans, for the most part, are too bony for their liking. They much prefer a fat, protein-rich seal.” Sharks do not even like to eat humans. It’s like if you or me accidentally bit into something disgusting, and didn’t eat the rest. What they do is just like us, but such a big deal has been made out of it. Long story short, the government is killing sharks because they eat things. Beach-goers who swim in the water are aware of the sharks, and that is a risk they are willing to take. It is the shark’s territory, after all. They are not our sharks, and definitely not our sharks to kill. And definitely not the government’s sharks to kill. 

So wherever you are in the world, Aussie or not, help us stop the shark cull. There are some petitions that take virtually no effort to sign, yet they make a difference.


Australian Marine Conservation Society:

It may also be worthwhile to send your thoughts to the government’s email at I’m sure they’d love to hear from you about why you think they made a terrible mistake.

The Greenpeace petition caused Colin Barnett’s email to crash, let’s try and do it again as a sign from the world that he needs to change things now. For the sharks, Australia and the world. Thanks for reading and please reblog <3

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300 indigenous protesters stage Brisbane City Hall sit-in
Around 300 people stormed into Brisbane's City Hall on Saturday night and staged an old-fashioned sit-in to protest the forced closure of indigenous communities in Western and Southern Australia.

Amazing! But it’s slack that Blackfellas have to do something like this to get the attention of the media, otherwise they won’t report on us. 



6, 000 people gathered to protest against the Shark Culling Policy that has recently been introduced into WA by premier Colin Barnett. He defended his decision by proclaiming that it was in the best interest of the people, and that it made them feel safer. However, when divers and swimmers were interviewed, they said they did not, in fact, feel safer. They felt threatened.

One Tiger shark that was caught on Australia Day was shot four times in the head and left for dead. Other than this incident, the drum lines used to bait the sharks have caught undersized Tiger sharks (a species that hasn’t attacked a human being for 50 years) which were set free, but most died shortly afterwards. Both incidences have done nothing more than attract even more sharks to the beach, something that Mr Barnett said would not happen.

There is absolutely no scientific proof as to why the shark culling is a good idea, but plenty as to why it is a BAD one. Scientists and shark researchers have written an open letter to the government outlining why exactly the shark culling policy will damage the delicate, marine ecosystem around the county, which the politician has ignored. He continues to say that he is working in the best interest of the people to make them feel safer. Barnett then has the nerve to say that the ‘greenies’ are acting emotively.

You want cold, hard facts, Mr Barnett? In the last three years, seven people have been killed by shark attacks. In 2013 alone, only two people in Australia were attacked by sharks (both Great Whites), one of which died. 100 people drowned. 150 people died on the road. Shockingly and tragically, 200 died from suicide. The government could be putting their time and money into swimming education and mental health research, rather than into these useless drum lines which are doing nothing more than creating fear in people and harming an endangered species.

The targeted species of shark, the Great White, has not yet been hooked. It is a vulnerable species, protected by the EPBC act, with only 700 able to reproduce in Australian waters. There have been massive percentages of decline for the species in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Catching and killing these animals is not going to save anyone and it certainly won’t save the shark.

Every year (world wide), approximately 12 people are killed by sharks. 520 sharks are killed EVERY HOUR. The marine ecosystem is very unbalanced due to this overfishing and these useless kills. Western Australia does not have to partake in these statistics. We need to keep our beaches beautiful.

Thank fully, there were around 25 rallies against this policy on West Australian beaches. Mr Barnett was absent, attending a mining conference in South Africa, but he won’t be able to escape the bad press. 100 confirmed people will be protesting at the conference in a couple of days. Peter Benchley, the author of the Jaws books, has donated money towards marine conservation and West Australian shark research. Ricky Gervais, a well-known English comedian, has shown his support for this event. You can too.

Thank you all for readin this, and enjoy a selfie with a seal mascot:

Eco not Ego, Great Whites have rights, Common sense not Colin cents, SOS - Save our Sharks, Respect existence or expect resistance, It’s their water stop the slaughter


captainfilthrat  asked:

Hi there! Big fan of your blog. It's not strictly Tony Abbott related, but what's your take on the current "shark attack crisis"? I''m going to leave a copy of a post I made on the topic in your sub box, but I'm interested on your view. Cheers!

Oh man the amount of times I’ve wanted to complain about Colin Barnett and his fucking ruthless vendetta against sharks on this blog is ridiculous. He just wants them dead. He has no basis to think that this is a good idea other than some misinformed idea of sharks he got from a midnight viewing of Jaws when he was a kid. The list of things more dangerous or common than a shark attack is so large that you can compare the deaths by cows in the US to the deaths by sharks on a global scale and sharks still come second. (It’s 22 deaths by cows a year in the US versus 4.2 on average for sharks globally) High school football is more dangerous. Not that those deaths are unimportant but as far as reacting to a problem goes I think slaughtering nearly 200 sharks preemptively in an attempt to prevent one or two deaths is absurd.

“There’s the tiniest statistical chance someone might die! BETTER TRY AND RUIN AN ECOSYSTEM IN COLD BLOODED VENGEANCE.” *Hard rock plays in the background as Colin Barnett drives past protesters and gives them the finger*

In regard to the WA shark cull: experts say it would be pointless. It is also damaging to every species except the Great Whites (the ones we’re trying to catch but don’t). Colin Barnett is ignorant on the species he is so adamantly trying to kill and doesn’t realise Great Whites are protected. It is an attempt to “fix” the problem but disregards the fact that it isn’t working. The EPA told him to stop and he was disappointed he didn’t get to continue slaughtering innocent creatures. Once again, culling doesn’t reduce risks and is condemned by environmental scientists. For every human attacked by a shark, millions of sharks die. That is cruel and disgusting.

That’s my thoughts on my state’s current attitude towards shark culling and my reasoning as to why it’s a load of shit. Thanks for asking. 


Greens Senator To Tony Abbott: “We Want Our Country Back”

Delivered flatly, calmly, just short of menacingly, his speech covers everything from environmental policy to penalty rates; from school funding to broadband; from the Trans-Pacific partnership to the shark cull. It includes so many incredible lines that it’s hard to pick the best one — but it’s probably the bit where he describes the Coalition’s leadership team as “blundering and technically illiterate”; the bit where he describes Abbott’s relationship with mining billionaires and media oligarchs as “awkward, and kind of revolting”; or the bit where he calls the current Government “a thin, greasy layer in the core sample of future political scientists”.

“Your thoughtless cancellation of half a billion dollars of Commonwealth funding for the Perth light-rail project has been noted,” he says at one point. “Your blank cheque for Colin Barnett’s bloody and unnecessary shark cull has been noted. Your attack on Medicare, on schools funding, on tertiary education; noted. The fact that your only proposal for environmental reforms thus far is to leave Minister Greg Hunt playing Solitaire for the next three years while you outsource his responsibilities to the same Premiere who presides over the shark cull? That’s been noted too.”

Please watch this!

Judge the deed, not the breed.
We need better owner education and socialisation of dogs. Also preventing certain people from certain demographics who would only use said dogs for dog fights or security purposes which their aggression is promoted. We also need child education on how to approach and respect dogs.

The new bill does none of this. Please help spread the word, like said page on fb, ask them for a petition, join us at the rally 16th July.



Alright, so I’m not quite done my list for May yet but since it’s about half way through the year I figured I’d quickly list off my top 25 albums and tracks of 2015 so far. Of course the list is subject to change as usual. There’s already been a load of great releases from huge artists and some unexpected newcomers! Warning: this list feels pretty Pitchfork conformist so I apologize in advance, not really what I was going for, these have all just been excellent records..


1. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
2. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
3. Jamie xx - In Colour
4. Lower Dens - Escape from Evil
5. Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass
6. Fred Thomas - All Are Saved
7.  Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear
8.  Torres - Sprinter
9.  Sun Kil Moon - Universal Themes
10.  Björk - Vulnicura
11.  Tobias Jesso Jr. - Goon
12.  Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit
13.  The Districts - A Flourish and a Spoil
14.  Braids - Deep In the Iris
15.  Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld - Never were the way she was
16.  Drake - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
17.  The Mountain Goats - Beat the Champ
18.  Lady Lamb the Beekeeper - After
19.  A$AP Rocky - At.Long.Last.A$AP
20.  Hop Along - Painted Shut
21.  Shamir - Ratchet
22.  My Morning Jacket - The Waterfall
23.  Waxahatchee - Ivy Tripp
24.  Panda Bear - Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper
25.  Built to Spill - Untethered Moon


1.  Sufjan Stevens - No Shade In the Shadow of the Cross
2.  Grimes - REALiTi
3.  Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta
4.  Jamie xx - Gosh
5.  Lower Dens - Ondine
6.  Torres - Cowboy Guilt
7.  Kendrick Lamar - u
8.  Jamie xx - I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) (feat. Young Thug and Popcaan)
9.  Natalie Prass - Violently
10.  Tobias Jesso Jr. - How Could You Babe
11.  Alessia Cara - Here
12.  Fred Thomas - Bad Blood
13.  Father John Misty - Holy Shit
14.   Björk - Stonemilker
15.  The Mountain Goats - Heel Turn 2
16.  Sufjan Stevens - Fourth of July
17.  Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian at Best
18.  Braids - Miniskirt
19.  Jamie xx - Loud Places (feat. Romy)
20.  Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker the Berry (feat. Assassin)
21.  Lower Dens - Quo Vadis
22.  Destroyer - Dream Lover
23.  Natalie Prass - My Baby Don’t Understand Me
24.  St. Vincent - Teenage Talk
25.  Chromatics - I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around
Detailed specifications show Perth Stadium will feature super screens and about 1,000 televisions - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The State Government says the new Perth Stadium will feature two super-screens at least 20 by 12 metres in size and about 1,000 television screens to ensure fans do not miss any of the action on the field.

Western Australian Premier, Colin Barnett, has announced Perth Stadium will be paid for by:

  • 1,200 public services workers who were sacked in June
  • 500 workers in the education department to be sacked in the upcoming weeks
  • TAFE students who will be subjected to fee increases
  • Western Australia’s Primary School children who will have $60,000 a year in funding taken away from them
  • Students in Armadale and Fremantle who will see their schools amalgamated and their classes swell
  • The people of Armadale who are continuously denied police services as they are ‘economically unviable’
  • The people of Northam who have lost a train service to Perth
  • The people of South Perth whose sea walls are crumbling
  • TransPerth patrons who will have to pay to park their car at train stations
  • TransPerth patrons who have to pay more to utilise the city’s struggling public transport network

But hey! At least you can get WiFi at the football … If you can afford to go

A reminder that if you have an opinion you’d like to voice (which I feel a lot of you do) or feel the Liberal politicians of WA need encouragement to do what’s best for the 150 remote communities that face being shut down then just so you know: Colin Barnett (State Premiere) can be contacted here and please take the time to send him your regards:


Telephone: (08) 6552-5000

Fax: (08) 6552-5001

Colin Barnett and LGBTQ rights

Ew. In 2004, Colin Barnett (the WA Lib Premier wanting to close Aboriginal communities) advocated for the age of consent to be different for gay people, same-sex couples to be disallowed from accessing the Family Court, same-sex parents to be denied adoption rights and lesbians be denied access to IVF. Barnett insists he is not homophobic.