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The 1 Cute Thing Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue Always Do at Comic-Con

It goes without saying that the cast of Once Upon a Time is like a big family in real life, but one of the sweetest friendships has to be between Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue. Not only do they play one of the show’s most beloved couples, Emma Swan and Captain Hook, but their offscreen chemistry is equally adorable. Over the years, the two have developed a sweet tradition at Comic-Con that you may never have noticed until this year. Yvette Nicole Brown, who played Ursula on the show in 2013, pointed out their signature pose during their panel at the expo. See their cute tradition below, then check out everything we know about the upcoming season.


Once Upon a Time Cast | Entertainment Weekly Radio Interview


The cast of Once Upon A Time  at 2016 San Diego ComicCon Panel

The entire photo-set (200 pictures) can be found here.

Featuring: Lana, Jennifer, Colin, @bexmader, Jared, Emilie, Josh and A&E

This is the last of the photo SDCC sets, and by far, the largest. As there are multiple groupings within this set, I would like to once again reiterate my request for respect to be shown to all of these wonderful individuals. Edit the pictures for clarity and color however you would like, but please keep it all in good taste. 

I find it’s not so much when we’re acting the scenes, I find it’s when you have to go in and do the ADR for where you’re being thrown across the room by some sort of beast and then like, “Ugh!” [whole cast joins in with guttural sounds] But it’s not fully rendered at that stage, so it’s like, you just see this cardboard thing and there’s a guy going, [flat voice] ‘Oh, I will kill you.’
—  Colin O’Donoghue, EW Radio Interview (6:30)
The Dust Storm

Okay! The Dust Storm (spoilers ahead!)!  I have to start with Colin because let’s face it, he was the reason I went to see this movie.  He was incredible, and honestly deserves so many awards!  He is an amazing actor who is really able to enter into the movie or the show that he is a part of.  He did not show signs of Killian Jones or Captain Hook at all.  He was a unique character separate from Once Upon a Time completely.  I thought it would be hard to see him as not Killian, but he made it so easy to just enjoy him as Brennan.  It was also amazing to see Colin’s little quirks still in there, like when he scratches his ear when he gets shy and his adorable smile!  And he was so cute doing a little hula dance in the benches!  And you just felt for his character so much!  He and Kristen Gutoskie, who played the female lead, Nora, really made you think about the back stories of their characters, and forced you to consider the plot from each of their perspectives.  It was very well done.  Oh, and Colin’s singing.  Oh my goodness.  His voice makes me swoon!  He is so adorable and he needs to just sing all the time.  His voice is so smooth and soothing it is incredible.  And how he manages to look so amazing with his long hair, and then his clean-shaven self, and then with the beanie, no matter what he looks like he is certainly wonderful to be looking at.  He deserves to be on the big screen.  He deserves to be in more movies and be known, because he is an incredible actor.  I feel like a proud parent, because I am really so proud of his work!  The movie overall was really great.  I was impressed with it.  It definitely surpassed my expectations.  I’m so glad I got the chance to see it! If anyone gets the chance, go!



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