A Mergana AU : Merlin reveals his magic to Morgana. He begins to teach her
how to control her gifts properly. As time goes by, friendship becomes
something more and neither of them bother to hide their growing affections
towards the other. On the day of her birthday, Merlin asks Morgana to meet him
in their usual spot for a special present.

Her smile doesn’t waver. If anything, it grows wider with every step he takes towards her.

“I’m still waiting for my present, Merlin.” She tells him, reaching for his arm to link it with hers.

Merlin offers her one of his goofy lopsided grins and starts to lead her away from where she’s been standing. “You have no patience today, Morgana. Why is that?”

She shrugs nonchalantly and holds him closer to her. “How can I be blamed? You’ve been teasing me about my gift for weeks now and I am yet to have it.”

He throws his head back. A throaty laugh makes its way from deep in his lungs and out through his lips. Morgana stops, untangles herself from him. She crooks in eyebrow at him. “Have I said something amusing to you, Merlin?”

His eyes are filled with joyful tears and instead of responding to her, Merlin leans in and captures her lips with his. He kisses her with passion and Morgana is quick to kiss back. When they break for air, he doesn’t allow her the chance to catch her breath before he takes a hold of her hand. They start to run.

Morgana’s own laugh echoes through the empty forest. Her happiness is radiating from her body and it seems as though it’s illuminating the moonless night.  

She doesn’t know for how long they ran but the sight she’s met with at the end of their journey, instantly takes her mind off the aching in her legs.

“Merlin…” She breaths out. Morgana tears her gaze away from the rock and up towards her lover. “You’ve found it.”

“I have.” Merlin says, letting go of her. He watches her approach it with shaky legs and the hesitation evident in the way her hands tremble.

“Why haven’t you hatch it yet?” She asks, her fingertips brushing against the eggshell. She’s afraid she may do something to hurt the small dragon within the egg.

“I was waiting for you,” He confesses as he stops to stand by her side. He lays his hand on top of hers. “I wanted you to be here when I hatch it. Do you like it?”

“I love it.” She turns to look at him, now it’s her eyes that are welled with unshed tears. “Thank you, Merlin.”

“I told you’d like it.”

“Do you think you can convince Kilgharrah to let me name it?”

“Yeah,” he says with a shake of his head, “I wouldn’t push our luck if I were you. He still hates you.”


Leo Elster | Glass Heart Hymn

“Memories as heavy as a stone “

Legend on Instagram: “Brother and protector of Frances Shea. #ColinMorgan is Frank Shea in LEGEND, September 9. #legendfilm #thefirm #kraytwins #tomhardy www…”
“Brother and protector of Frances Shea. #ColinMorgan is Frank Shea in LEGEND, September 9. #legendfilm #thefirm #kraytwins #tomhardy www.legend-the-…”

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