Let me tell you what’s gonna happen Officer Grimly. I’m going to roll my window up, then I’m going to drive away, and you’re gonna go home to your daughter, and every few years, you’re gonna look at her face and know that you’re alive because you chose not to go down a certain road on a certain night, that you chose to walk into the light instead of into the darkness. Do you understand me?

Lorne Malvo, Fargo S01E01 The Crocodile’s Dilemma

The crocodile paradox, also known as crocodile sophism, is a paradox in logic in the same family of paradoxes as the liar paradox. The premise states that a crocodile, who has stolen a child, promises the father/mother that their child will be returned if and only if they correctly predict what the crocodile will do next. The crocodile dilemma serves to expose some of the logical problems presented by metaknowledge. Ancient Greek sources were the first to discuss the crocodile dilemma.


Alright so episode three that is commonly known as the strip tease episode apparently, but there was a lot of other stuff that went down. I was warned ahead of time that I was gonna have to do a strip tease and the powers that be had sent me a CD asked me if it was something I liked and I said, you want to know what? If I’m gonna strip tease I had to be comfortable with the music and the music that they had originally picked was something that I couldn’t really dance to in a more and a more slow sort of thing which would have just been really really hard and embarrassing. Basically I just got to dance, I mean I didn’t really choreograph anything I didn’t have specific moves I mean the only thing the script really said was I had to slap my ass. That was the only like specific thing so I knew that would probably be like the climax so I just went for it you know, it wasn’t really something that I wanted to do, it was something that I was actually sort of not looking forward to doing at all but it ended up being really cool because Katie and Jason would just start laughing hysterically so then I said okay well then let me try to just make it as ridiculous as possible so I tried to make Alex quasi a good dancer, but not really I wanted him to sort of be flailing a little bit so he flailed because that’s one of those things where you just like “dude you just gotta go for it, you know you just gotta dance.” I actually hurt my shoulder doing it if you could believe it or not, ripping your clothes off is actually kind of dangerous. For all you inquisitive people I was not really wearing a g-string that was just a line, the thong was nowhere to be seen that’s not my forte I’m a boxers man myself.


Roswell table read for ’End Of The World’. I compiled all the previously separate clips, into one big 45min clip. The quality is horrible but unfortunately I can’t change that it was from the year 2000 (sorry ‘bout it!) I tried to upload it but it was too big a file for Tumblr even when I compressed it, so it’s gone up on YouTube instead. To all my Roswellians that may have never seen this before, enjoy! 

Disclaimer; I downloaded these files seperatly from Roswell Oracle and compiled them myself. Thank you for the archive!