colin and mikey


Last one for the night (i really need to go to bed for work tomorrow yikes)

But I love this one cuz of Colin’s precious face doing things and because they talk about the Hook and Bae relationship and how they’re interested to see where that’s going to go in the present.

So am I. I’m still waiting because I think they have so much more between them than just Emma I need them to hug or punch it out at some point.

Actually my friend and I were talking about it and we decided that the events would go as follows…

  • punching
  • drinking
  • hugging
  • crying

And I may have conjured up visuals in my head because I really need it.

And tsk tsk Mikey for spilling the ski trip accident. But I wanted to hug Colin when he said it actually put an iron rod into the planned scenes between him and Mikey.