colin and bradley!!!!!

hey lets talk about a merlin parks and rec au

arthur: [ leslie ]

  • lives in camelot, the greatest city in the world
  • dreams of running for office one day
  • is very enthusiastic about his job
  • watches game of thrones probably
  • his best friend is a nurse guinevere
  • “gwen, you poetic and noble land mermaid…”

merlin: [ ben ]

  • is disliked in his hometown ealdor because of something to do with a band, kanan and the bandits
  • is a nerd
  • close friends with gaius
  • has magic

gwen: [ ann ]

  • nurse
  • is kind, perfect
  • likes flowers
  • wears purple (“it’s called lilac”)
  • becomes arthur’s campaign manager
  • plans arthur’s bachelor party and stress eats gummy penises

lancelot: [ chris ]

  • health food
  • running
  • gwen

morgana: [ tom ]

  • loves women and clothes
  • still takes her job working with arthur seriously
  • owns a few nightclubs
  • baller time

morgause: [ jean-ralphio ]

  • morgana’s irritating, and frankly frightening friend

gaius: [ ron ]

  • has two ex-wives, alice and alice
  • alice victoria and alice grunhilda
  • alice victoria is a she-devil possessed by a manticore, alice grunhilda is a sex-crazed maniac
  • his mother is named alison… she goes by alice

gwaine: [ april ]

  • pretends not to care about his job, but does
  • dated elena and mithian for a while, then they fell in love and moved in together
  • married percy after dating for six months and had it outside and invited everyone they knew

percival: [ andy ]

  • is arthur’s assistant
  • secretly a genius
  • becomes a cop!!
  • really good at dating
  • marries gwaine

leon: [ donna ]

  • works with arthur
  • has known arthur since they were kids
  • close friends with morgana

mordred: [ orin ]

  • super creepy
  • probably plotting someone’s death

kilgharrah mcdragon: [ jen barkley ]

  • “because i don’t care enough about you to lie”

aithusa: [ lil sebastion ]

  • arthur doesn’t understand,,, it’s just a small dragon??

the rising sun: [ jj’s diner ]

  • god awful medieval restaurant 
  • known by locals as “the tavern”

the druids: [ the reasonableists ]

  • “in the 70s, the city was taken over by this weird cult called the druids. they meet every few months to read prophesy for the end of the world. such a pain in the ass.”
  • Merlin: (in a crowd and can't find Arthur)
  • Merlin: Don't worry, I got this
  • Merlin: *uses hands as a megaphone* I'M THE WORST MANSERVANT EVER
  • Arthur: (from across the room) haha yeah
  • Merlin: found him
  • Gwain: lol, that's funny, let me try
  • Gwain: *uses hands as a megaphone* MERLIN SUCKS
  • Arthur: *rapidly closing in* YOU FUCKING WOT MATE