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Honeymoon- A Killian Jones One-Shot

Title: Honeymoon
Request:Can you do a Captain Hook x reader where the both of you are on your honeymoon, which hook’s idea of a honeymoon is a whole month at sea. However you wanted to explore exotic lands, so you pretended you are seasick (hoping he would have to sail for the nearest land). Killian’s so worried for you that he won’t even let you out of bed, which has you asking if it was such a good idea for all.
Pairing: Killian Jones x Reader

Killian lifted Y/N up off the ground, walking back to the Jolly Roger from their wedding reception carrying her the whole way.
“Ready for a month at sea my love?” he asked his now wife.
“I’m really excited. I love you.” Y/N responded.
Killian smiled at her, “I love you too.”
Y/N acted excited, for Killian mostly.
She really wasn’t excited about the honeymoon.
Killian suggested a whole month at sea, in the middle of no where.
This was paradise for him, but not for Y/N.
She wanted to explore strange and exotic lands, but didn’t want to make her husband upset.
So Y/N just went along with the idea he had.

After about a week out at sea, Y/N was bored out of her mind.
Yes, she had Killian alone to be with her and entertain her every day, but it wasn’t enough.
She wanted a honeymoon that was different than every other day.
So she came up with a plan, one that she thought would definitely work.
“Killian!” she called from below deck.
Killian rushed down to her, “Aye?”
“I’m getting sea sick. I can feel it.” Y/N responded.
“Oh love come sit down.” Killian said, helping her into their cabin.
“That’s strange, you live on this ship and usually don’t get sick.” Killian added as he put the blankets over his wife.
“I don’t know, we should go to the nearest island to get my land legs back. It would help.” Y/N said, in her head crossing her fingers that Killian would take her to the exotic island they were close to.
She wasn’t sick, she just wanted off the ship.
“No, that won’t help. You’re going to sit down here in the cabin, in bed. It’s worrying me that you’re sick all of a sudden.” Killian said.
“But-” Y/N tried to say.
“No buts. Just sit down, relax.” Killian said, leaning down to kiss her forehead.
Y/N sighed and slumped down into the bed, “What ever.”

That night, Y/N tried to make Killian go to the land again.
“Can we please just go to the island? It will help I know it Killian!” Y/N begged.
“I’m sorry love, but no.” Killian said, laying down beside her in the bed, “Now get some sleep. Love you.”
Y/N sighed and cuddled up beside him, “Love you too.”

The next morning, Y/N had enough of begging Killian to go to the island.
She decided to tell him what was really going on, and maybe, just maybe, he would go to the island if we wasn’t mad as hell at her.
“Killian?” Y/N said, approaching Killian.
She reached for his hand, taking it in hers.
“What is it?” he asked, rubbing her hand with his fingers.
“I’m not sick. I just want off the ship, I want to go to all the islands. I want to explore with you and find new things. Don’t be mad at me please.” Y/N said.
Killian chuckled, “I’m not mad. Why didn’t you just ask me? Of course we can go there, since you feel well.”
“Oh thank god.” Y/N said.
“You wanted adventure? Come here.” Killian said pointing to the wheel of the ship.
Y/N walked toward it, standing right where she should be to steer the ship, “What am I doing?”
“You are going to steer the ship into port, and then we’ll go explore.” Killian said, standing behind her and putting his arms around her.
He guided her as she steered the ship, and Y/N successfully pulled the ship into the port.
“Ready to go now love?” Killian smiled.
Y/N smiled back, “I can’t wait.”
Killian kissed her forehead, and Y/N grabbed his hand and pulled him off the ship and to their new adventure.


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Killian and Kiddos./CS Pregnancy Theory.

So I’m sure you’ve picked up on or read a theory or two on a possible Captain Swan pregnancy happening in the near future. But if you haven’t, here is my personal theory on this. I’ve read some but none of them touched on what I am about to touch on so please enjoy. Feel free to reblog with anything else to add to this. 

This is not going to be an analysis on how I think it will be revealed, but simply reasons why I believe that there will be a pregnancy in the near future.

So this season, we’ve had two episodes that were heavily Captain Swan themed and they were 6x03 & 6x09. (Not-so)Coincidentally, those two episodes feature themes of happy endings, children, and pregnancy. 

  • Lets start by addressing the question, could Emma be pregnant?

 I say yes. One of the first scenes of the entire season was Emma and Killian in a position that suggested they were ready and willing to take the next step in their relationship. Yes, the potential baby-making step. Then in 6x03, they moved in together. They’ve been living together for sometime now so obviously they have spent many nights together and have had ample opportunity to take that step. I’m willing to bet that this was a PG way for the writers to imply that they have consummated their relationship. 

  • Moving on to 6x09. 

My questions about this episode are why Emma and Hook were so involved with Belle’s pregnancy. Killian protected her from Rumple and gave her a place to stay even though she “liked to snore”. Then in this episode, they both were the only two people present when Belle went into labor. And Emma was literally the one holding Belle’s hand when she delivered the baby. And THEN the two stood by, watching and wearing sad face emojis as Belle gave Gideon up. I just don’t understand why it was so necessary for them to be present for those scenes. There was no need for them both to be there at all let alone for Emma to hold Belle’s hand especially since it isn’t like Belle and Emma are that good of friends.

  • Anyway, onto 6x03, the main reason why I believe there will be a pregnancy story line.

So I don’t know about you, but I used to headcanon Killian as being good with kids because you’d think that after 200+ years of being a human, even if he wasn’t naturally good with children, he’d have spent enough time around them to at least be comfortable with the presence of a child. Not to mention how much of that time was spent in Neverland where there are only children and they never age. But the way he froze when Ashley set Alex down next to him in 6x03 tells us otherwise. 

That scene has to have some significance because why would Ashley appoint Captain Hook, a stranger, or at least someone with whom she hasn’t spent very much time with, to not only look after but to, “entertain” her child when her husband, the child’s father, was standing a few feet away?

The only reason I can think of why they wrote this scene and why they wrote Hook’s reaction the way they did was to set up a storyline coming in the near future where Emma is pregnant and Hook is scared of being a father (much like David was, btw) because it would be dramatic af and fun to watch. 

Because seriously, it doesn’t logically make sense why in his 200+ years of age Killian Jones is still uncomfortable with children.

So thats basically all I have to say. I had some questions, and since I had no one else I could ask them to, I answered them myself and this is what my brain did. Feedback is appreciated. 

Have a good day, y’all.