anon asked: #19 with Klaine … having a wet dream and calling the other’s name during it (nc-17)

By the time Blaine gets his literature essay done, it’s well past three in the morning.

He wearily shuts down the library computer and flicks off the desk light. There are a couple of other students still up studying, but by now—a Sunday night—most of the other last-minuters have retreated to bed.

He blearily makes his way to his dorm room, rubbing his eyes hard and eternally grateful that he doesn’t live off-campus, especially in the craziness that is the last week before finals. There had been talk of him and Sam getting an place together somewhere, but then Sam had booked a gig which took him to Europe for five months and they gave up on that idea. The idea of living in a little shoebox apartment in the middle of busy New York City was only really an appealing one if there was someone else there with him.

He sneaks inside quietly, setting his bag down and stripping out of his jeans and sweater. He accidentally knocks a deodorant can off his desk, banging onto the wooden chair with a loud clang, but his roommate simply rolls over and smacks his lips a little, still asleep.

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FIC: Let's Go All The Way Tonight (Klaine, NC-17)

Kurt, young and innocent, meets Blaine, a NYADA senior with a certain reputation, and follows him home. ~6,8k. AO3.

Thanks to Christine for beta and to Julia for awesome cheerleading ♥︎

Kurt first meets Blaine when he’s nineteen and follows Rachel to Callbacks. They’ve been in New York for two months, but this is the first time Kurt is really out and about. He’s quiet for most of the night, sipping his diet coke as he listens to Rachel and her friends chatter on and on about NYADA, constantly interrupting themselves when one of them gets on stage to perform. They’re good, all of them, they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t, but Kurt doesn’t see anyone who really catches his attention until a short, dark-haired boy with a bowtie enters the stage and sits down by the piano. 

The cheers he gets tell Kurt he’s well-known. If Kurt had to guess, he’d probably put him down as a senior, maybe even an alumni who’s just back for the night. He oozes confidence, and he has no sheet music to go by when he starts to play. It’s an improvised intro, but there are some familiar notes, and eventually it tunes out into a piano cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream

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Fic: Birthday Sandwich (Klelliott)

Length: 4.7k

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine/Elliott

Warnings/incentives: THREESOME, oral sex, anal sex, riding, double penetration, comeplay. (All romantic feelings are between Kurt and Blaine only.)

Summary: Kurt is turning 21, and he’s got a very specific birthday wish. Literally just Klelliott PWP.

A/N: Thank you to Jess mypatronusisklaine for being a wonderful beta! And excuse the awful title.

Read on AO3

They’re drenched in sweat and coming down from a truly amazing high when Blaine breaches the question.

“So what do you want for your birthday?”

Kurt hums, shifting as much as his exhausted limbs allow and settling a hand somewhere on Blaine’s body. He’s too tired to register where.

“I don’t know,” he answers, completely aware that he knows very well what he wants, but that Blaine agreeing to it is probably the same chance as Rachel taking up beatboxing.

“C’mooooon,” pleads Blaine, picking up his hand and kissing his fingers one by one. Despite the amazing sex they just had, the soft touch still sends tingles up his arm. “There must be something. Anything, Kurt. You’re turning 21. It’s a big day.”

Kurt sighs and squints one eye open at his fiancé. Blaine is running his nose along the inside of his wrist, looking at him expectantly.

“Fine,” he huffs. “But you’re not going to like it.”

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Is Everything Just Right - Kurt/Blaine NC-17

Summary: They always thought they were meant to be together. But they were meant to be apart. | AO3

Warnings: angst, barebacking

A/N: This fic is running with the idea that Kurt and Blaine broke up after season five, moved to Ohio, and became rival glee club teachers. Other than that, it is entirely spoiler/negativity/karofsky free. This was also a large interpretation of my love for klaine, and writing this meant a lot to me. Endless thanks to tiff for all the help and julia for the original inspiration ♥

This isn’t where he thought he’d be, two years after graduation. But he’d be lying if he said he never actually dreamed about this.

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FIC: Don't Keep Me Waiting (Klaine, NC-17)

this is bottom!kurt and it’s all for julia

Kurt lasts until after dinner before he finally gives up. It’s been one of those days where they’ve just been out of sync, all day. Blaine made coffee when Kurt wanted tea, Kurt put on the coffee house lounge playlist when Blaine wanted the songs to sing to in the shower playlist. Kurt wanted to go for a walk, Blaine wanted to watch a movie. They haven’t been mad at each other, or even annoyed, they’ve just not been on the same page as they usually are. Also, Kurt wanted sex when he woke up, but Blaine was already out of bed. 

All day, Kurt has been trying to hint at Blaine what he wants. He put on his tightest pair of pants, he’s been bending over a lot more than usual, he’s been standing unnecessary close to Blaine while cooking, and still…nothing. Blaine has been completely oblivious, and after dinner, Kurt gives up. 

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I haven’t written kadam (or porn) in a long time so have some rimming uwu

Kurt had never focused much on the idea of sex, mostly for the fact that for much of his life he’d assumed he’d never have anyone like him to have sex with. Even when he started dating Blaine the thought of intimacy beyond cuddling and kissing was a foreign concept until the entire catastrophe with Sebastian and Scandals.

It wasn’t until after he’d started seeing Adam that he’d started to feel sexyfor the first time. Not that the sex he and Blaine had was bad; they’d been in love and learning together. But that was just it; they were both young and inexperienced and semi-awkward, fumbling sex full of giggling and playful kisses with your long-time boyfriend is, Kurt has learned, a completely different entity than the sex he has with Adam when they finally start sleeping together a few weeks after Kurt gets back from Lima.

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prompt: innocent bp!kurt rubbing his pussy against the edge of the couch and blaine catching him?

just a tiny crappy piece to try and break my writer’s block. prompt by the ever-so-lovely julia ♥︎

It’s nine in the evening, and the heat is still pressing. They’ve spent all day lazing around by the pool in Blaine’s parents’ backyard, both a little intimidated by the amount of skin they’ve been showing off and seeing. Now, they’re inside, and Blaine just left Kurt on the couch to get some lemonade. 

“Hey, sweetheart, do you wanna watch…” Blaine falters when he reenters the living room and sees what Kurt is doing, “…a movie.” He almost drops the glasses, but catches himself at the last second and grips them tighter instead, the condensation mixing with the sweat on his palms. “What–” His voice cracks, and he coughs. “What are you doing?” he asks, his question completely redundant, because he can see what Kurt is doing. 

Kurt is straddling the armrest of the couch and is rubbing himself against it. When he hears Blaine, he turns around, aims his big, pleading eyes at him. “I just–it’s so hot, I’m so hot, it’s–please, Blaine, I don’t know what to do.” He sounds like he’s on the verge of tears, the desperation clear on his face, and Blaine feels light-headed as blood rushes to his cock. He takes a few quick steps to the couch, puts the glasses down on the coffee table, then kneels in front of Kurt. 

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bottom!Kurt starkurt for Julia’s birthday owo

It was just supposed to be a duet, something to help Kurt get into the stage presence that Elliott was able to so effortlessly adopt when he became Starchild. He wants to blame on the song choice–who chooses a song about touching and kissing to sing with a friend anyway–or the fact that they were both on a performance high that bled into reality once it was over, or that Elliott looks unfairly good in all black with dark liner around his eyes. 

Whatever the reason, he’s ended up in Elliott’s apartment. In Elliott’s bed. With Elliott's lips and hands working him into a groaning, pleading mess and he hasn’t even taken his shirt off yet.

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FIC: Never In Your Wildest Dreams (Kurtbastian, NC-17)

This is an extremely late birthday present for colfhummel. Yes, I am ashamed. BP!Kurt and Sebastian in an established relationship. Sex. Nothing out of the ordinary. 4,2k. For full list of kinks and such, refer to ao3

“So, your birthday is coming up,” Kurt says when they’re settled on the subway. They’re on their way to Sebastian’s friends Halloween party, dressed in semi-matching costumes and working hard on keeping their hands off of each other.

“Mhm. So?” Sebastian says, pressing his thigh closer against Kurt’s.

So,” Kurt says, squeezing Sebastian’s hand. “What do you want? Do you want to do anything special, do you want a gift?”

Sebastian snorts and rearranges himself, slips his hand out of Kurt’s and slides his arm around Kurt’s waist instead. “No, I don’t want a gift. I don’t want to do anything.”

“Nothing? Really?”

“Yes, really. It’s no big deal.”

Kurt tries hard to keep his face in check and not let his surprise and shock show, but judging by Sebastian’s entertained expression, he’s failing.

“But…It’s your birthday,” Kurt tries to argue. He doesn’t have a better argument than that, though, and he hears how weak it sounds.

“Yeah. But I’m only turning twenty-two. It’s just another day.”

“But there’s gotta be something?” Kurt tries.

Sebastian leans in, puts his mouth so close to Kurt’s ear that his breath makes Kurt shiver. “Well, if you really want to give me something, you can let me fuck you.”

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