In retrospect, Kurt’s absolutely positive that it was Blaine’s speech – that amazing, beautiful speech that drove him to tears – that caused it. The dream.

“Hey,” Blaine whispers, shifting under the sheets so he’s facing Kurt. They haven’t actually had sex as fiancés (fiancés!) yet, both of them feeling too exhausted from the day’s events to do much more than make out on Kurt’s old bed for a short while. “You’re up early.”

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Sam is curious about the weird thing Blaine seems to have about Kurt’s neck. So he investigates.

He doesn’t really notice it right away because he’s getting used to city life - it’s kind of fast, but it’s exciting too, and modeling just might be his thing - but it doesn’t take that long for Sam to grow suspicious about his best friend and his best friend’s fiancé.

Maybe it’s just because he’s shorter, but whenever Blaine hugs Kurt, he tends to turn his face into Kurt’s neck, sometimes kissing him there before he lets go. And Sam, well, he’s not gay or anything, but he’s starting to find himself wondering what’s up with Kurt’s neck that makes Blaine do that all the time.

“Dude, can I ask you something?” Sam says during one of their video game parties with Artie. Blaine’s focused on the screen so he doesn’t respond right away, and when he does, he’s obviously distracted.

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(look at me I actually finished it hella)

Hello! So I recently reached 600 followers (!!!!) so this is a celebration of that. It’s also a yay-rosie’s-had-a-blog-for-one-year, spring has sprung, and a hey-i-I’ve-made-new-friends follow foreverJ. I’m really sorry if if forgot you, I follow an insane amount of blogs and I didn’t want this to be stupidly long so yeah. But I love all of you, and thank you for making my dashboard fun:D

Bolded means I consider you my friend and italicized means I really like your blog but I’m too shy to talk to you sigh I’m so awkward sorry





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I’ve been on tumblr for about 4 years at this point and I’ve found some amazing people on this site and made some really great friends and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you wonderful people for making this year a special one!
This is just a small list of people that bring a smile to my face when I see them posting, some mutuals and some people I just admire from afar.  Some people I’ve followed practically since day one, and a few just in the past few months, but you’ve all made my dash a really pretty place.
(also if I forgot you I am SO sorry, I literally adore every single person I follow)
ANYWAYS without further ado, here are some really cool people ♥

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