My friend Jess did a post on tumblr where she spoke about some of the things that happened for her in 2014. It made me want to do the same thing, so here goes. If this is for anything, it’s for me to reflect on, so sorry if my life story isn’t your main topic of interest. 

Before I put anything about the amazing people I’ve had the chance to befriend over the past year, I just want to quickly look at how different my life is now to how it was this time last year. Last year, I was doing so many social things, since I was part of this friendship group and we’d always go to this one guy’s house and have parties and stuff and we were always out doing random things in London and the spontaneity that came with being part of that friendship group was so much fun and I really, really loved it. That lasted from about October 2013 to May this year, and it really ended when Jason moved the America, and people just drifted. Now, both Jason and Karim [who was my best dude friend] have been outed as sexual abusers, and the other guys from the group have moved away. Of course, the fact that Jason and Karim are out of the picture is very good, but it is sad knowing that you’ll never be a part of that again.

Also at the end of last year, Kati introduced me to Rage Quit, and early this year, I went searching for the names ‘Gavin and Michael’ and stumbled upon Achievement Hunter. After watching every Vs video in a day, and forcing myself to subscribe, even though 'I probably won’t watch them all anyway’ [WOW, past me] I got really attached really quickly. The thing is Rooster Teeth is pretty much my favourite thing every now, and I’ve made so many awesome friends because of it, and I’m even going off to the states next year to go to RTX like wtf? Rooster Teeth makes me so happy, and properly getting into them this year has been one of the best bits of 2014.

So now I just wanna give a quick shoutout to people from the internet who have made this year super great for me. Okay, here goes:

Rachael - we’ve obviously been friends for near-enough two years now, so you’re not a newcomer of 2014, however over this year, you and I have definitely become exceptionally close. We talk every day, and if we don’t it just feels super weird. You’re so awesome and there’s not much I can put here because I’ve said it all before. Just thank you for being so much fun to talk to, and for letting me drag you into the Achievement Hunter mess!

Colette - again, we’ve been friends for like two years so you’re definitely not new in my life, but you have been and most likely always will be one of my best friends. We’ve had a couple of bumps this year, but that’s what you get when you’re such similar people, sometimes you just butt heads and blah blah it sucks but we always get the fuck over it. We’ve been able to hang out so much this year, and you even saw me cry in the middle of Liverpool street station. Which was lame. I’ll never do that again. [I guess it’s payback for what I did to your phone at sitc right?] No but really, I love you a shit ton and I can’t wait for us to live so close next year.

Han - you know it’s a fucking strong-ass friendship when you live at opposite corners of the United Kingdom, and you STILL manage to meet up within a couple of months of becoming friends. I’ll be honest, we used to talk like every minute of every day and I really, really miss that, but even so, you’ve been such a key part of my life this year. I had one of, if not THE, best weekends ever with you in October and I can’t wait until I next get to see you. We just sass the shit out of each other and talk about Puppy Pack and Fucking Psycho and that’s about it but never ever underestimate how happy it makes me. I fucking love you. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much as I did when you watched Joel and Adam play outlast.

Meg - I met you at comicon at the Rooster Teeth meetup because you were the best, most beautiful Gavin cosplayer there, and I was determined to talk to the Cute Gavin Girl before I left. We ended up taking those stupid Freewood photos and it was the start of a beautiful friendship when I sent you that random message on facebook. And now look, we just talk about.. Stuff. You know what stuff. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. No but really, thank you for being so fucking awesome. 

Jess - We were mutuals on twitter for quite a while before we properly became friends, and I’m so glad we did. We just talk about lame Red vs Blue shit really and you cry over Tuckington and we talk about how we’re basically Michael and Ryan and like idk half the time we just chat random shit together but it’s always so much fun and I really love talking to you. I always forget how much younger you are than me and I think that’s so great, you’re p much an adult. You’re so awesome. Bow chicka wow wow, motherfucker.

Emma - we became friends last year, but we maintained our friendship so well this year. We always have stupid skype sessions and talk about crazy people from the deep south and everything is so gay with us, and we just have the funniest conversations. You basically made my life when you agreed to stay with me in Austin and I’m honestly so stoked to meet you. You should be so proud of how far you’ve come over the last year and a half. 

Elizabeth - I wanted to mention you because even though we haven’t been friends that long, you’ve been so amazing persevering with my shitty writing and just responding in all the right ways. You’re so great and you’re really finding yourself, and I feel like we just naturally get on well and that’s such a great thing. Keep it up gurl<3

Connie - We met this year through Beckii and I just want to say I think you’re such an amazing person. I really love talking to you, and just seeing what you have to say about different things as I scroll through my timeline is so uplifting. You have such a great outlook on life and you’re such a beautiful person. I’m really, really glad I met you. 

Emme + Maho - You two are like the veterans of my internet friendships. It’s been somewhere in the realm of 5/6 years we’ve known each other [and even longer for you two], and I’m putting you here because /very/ recently it seems I’ve managed to get back into some kind of contact with you guys, and that makes me really happy. We all sucked when we were 13 and just liked to piss people off on deviantart, but we’ve all changed so much over the years and I think at 18 we can safely agree that none of us are like that anymore. You’ve both turned into such awesome people, and just as I looked up to you both at 13, I still do now. I hope you boht stay happy and awesome bc you both deserve it.

Anyway that’s it with the shoutouts I think. Blame Jess for inspiring me to be lame. Here’s to 2015!!