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Guys… people been going about asking destiel questions at j2 panels all wrong… don’t ask jensen…. ask Jared.

Ask Jared Sam-Cas related questions. Ask him stuff like “What do you think makes the friendship between Sam and Cas different than Dean and Cas?” and “How does Sam feel about Cas’s death(s)?” or generally “How does Sam view/feel about Cas??”

I can almost guaruntee that we’ll get answers we like. Jensen doesn’t like being asked. So ask Jared about Sam’s relationship with Cas and then, by the using the power of deduction, we can then figure out more destiel stuff than if we asked Jensen.

(proof of this can be seen when Jared was asked about the Cas/Colette parallel and he basically corroborated it)

wanderingcas  asked:

I just read your meta on 11x23, and it's great. I love it when the "you're our brother line" is discussed further than just a simple "no homo" line--and I think that he's honestly so emotionally constipated, that loving someone like a brother is the

highest form of love he knows. So you discussing this episode in full detail like that, it’s great, I could read about it for ages! Maybe S12 will be Cas and Dean learning to talk about their feelings…? We can only hope.

Hello, dear! I’m really glad that you liked my meta on 11x23. And you’re right… Dean IS emotionally constipated. That’s how Jensen sees him (and he’s the one who plays the character), and that’s how the writers see him.

Many people always forget the fact that Dean was supposed to tell Cas, “I love you” in season 8. That was SCRIPTED, but it didn’t happen because Jensen thought that Dean would never say that. (By the way, I explained in this post why I agreed with Jensen). Dean has never said the L word to anyone that is NOT his mother; he’s never even told Sam that he loves him. BUT… the fact that he has never said the word doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love Sam, we know that’s bs.

Once Jensen made his choice not to use the L word in 8x17, I think the writers began to reset Dean completely. That’s why the “love interest” subtext started in season 9. It amazes me that it took the writers two seasons to admit IN TEXT that Dean was in love, but it amazes me even more that some people are SO thick that they hadn’t seen it coming. I mean, seriously? The opening song for season 9 was Who do you love?” and only in episode 9x02, Dean admitted that he wasn’t with the whole love… and love. That’s when the “two loves” subplot began. That’s why we got the whole Mark of Cain thing related to the Cain/Abel/Colette triangle. The writers basically spelled the whole thing, but the naysayers still didn’t understand. The writers were trying to tell us that Dean feels two kinds of love just as Cain did. That’s why Dean said “love… and love” in 9x02, because Cain would talk about brotherly and romantic love later on.

In season 10, the writers spelled it even more clearly when in 10x14 Cain told Dean the people he would kill. He said that Dean would kill “the angel” and that would “hurt something awful”, just as it hurt Cain when he killed Colette. The Abel/Sam parallel was 100% clear: BROTHERS, but the only way to explain why people couldn’t see the Colette/Cas parallel is called HETERONORMATIVITY, because it was clear as hell!

After Jensen’s choice in season 8, the writers realized that if they wanted to take Dean to a place where he could express his feelings, they needed to work on his character development. That’s exactly what they have been doing ever since! I don’t understand the fans that say the writers come up with last minute ideas to cover for their bs (I respect them, but I don’t understand them). I know the writers have to improvise sometimes, but after season 8, they’ve been pretty confident about getting renewed and that has given them space to develop their characters and tell their story. I have been reading the subtext for years now, and I’m not disappointed because it’s slowly going where I think it’s going.

When season 11 began, for two seasons we had known that Dean was struggling with “love… and love”. However, we need to understand that he’s had those feelings since Purgatory. In season 8, Dean was supposed to finally confess his feelings for Cas, and he didn’t because he wasn’t ready. BUT the fact that he didn’t say it doesn’t mean he didn’t feel it. He poured his soul to Cas when he said “I need you” in 8x17. He said “We need you. I need you” because it was important for Dean to make Cas understand that HE needed him a lot more than Sam would ever do; that Dean mentioning Sam was simple cowardice. The truth was that Dean needed Cas, and he managed to say that much. But what did Dean get in return for that? Nothing! Castiel ran away with the angel tablet.

Do you remember that in 8x22 Dean was incredibly hurt because Castiel didn’t trust him? When Cas said he was sorry, Dean made the difference between himself and Sam again. Actually, he said, “Because you didn’t trust me, you didn’t trust ME.” He emphasized the “me” and told Cas that this time a simple apology wouldn’t work. What was Cas’ reply?

“Dean, I thought I was doing the right thing.”

“Yeah, you always do.”

Dean managed to say that HE needed Cas and Cas left him, Cas ran away, and later chose to board himself up in Heaven. Do you remember the whole “E.T. goes home”?

It’s important that people understand the whole picture and where exactly Dean is coming from.

Everything was so fresh in Dean’s mind when season 9 started that when fake!Ezekiel talked to Dean about Sam, Dean mentioned LOVE… AND LOVE. His struggle was real and that was when the writers moved it from subtext to text.

In season 11 the only thing the writers did was to move from subtext to text what they explained in the previous seasons: that Dean WAS IN LOVE. That’s why Sam brought up the whole “not marriage or something” in 11x04; that was the introduction of romantic love for the audience who hadn’t caught up. And 11x11 was just the cherry on top of the pie. That scene between Mildred and Dean where she told him she knew Dean was pining for somebody else was the way the writers told us, “DEAN IS FUCKING IN LOVE, PEOPLE, COME ON!”

Of course, the moment something about “romantic love” was made canon, the heteronormative audience looked for the first female character that was available, and in unison they shouted AMARA! The writers are to blame, too, because they made things ambiguous, but they did it on purpose. They’ve been working with subtext, just the brightest in the class can understand what they’ve been doing. However, the way the season progressed proved that Amara was NOT to be Dean’s love interest. She was his kryptonite, she represented “codependency”, but I’ll talk about that in another post. The season ended and nothing came out of the whole Dean/Amara situation, at least not in the romantic front. But have we forgotten that Dean is pining? He was told that by a character that was established as wise. She knew better. She wasn’t lying, and she wasn’t talking about something negative. She was talking about something pure, something that she asked Dean not to hide. She told him to follow his heart. And that’s what Dean has to do in the coming seasons.

Now in season 11, when Dean had his talk with Cas, he wanted to say “I” the same way he did it in 8x17, but he backtracked. He said “me and Sam” one more time. He used the “family card” just as he did in season 8. Why? Last time he singled himself out, Cas ran away, didn’t trust Dean, and decided to go back to Heaven. Why would Dean take that risk again? 

At least he did something different this time. In season 8, he was angry at Cas for always thinking he was doing the right thing and just screwing things up. Now in season 11, Dean was NOT angry at Cas and made sure Cas understood that Dean appreciated the fact that he was always there and that he always helps.  It’s taken Dean three seasons to get to this point. That shows improvement.

Is Dean going to finally be able to follow his heart and express his real feelings? That depends on how long the show will continue to run. I’m positive about Mary’s return, though. She was the only person Dean has ever said “I love you” to. I hope her return can give Dean some kind of closure. He’s afraid of losing the people he loves, that’s why he never uses the L word. Maybe Mary can help him heal that trauma he has.

Does anyone else just really want Colette to come back?

I talk about her a lot but

- She could be there for Zosia and help her deal with the impending doom that seems to be on the horizon for her

- Her little face when she hears what happened to Fletch

- Her and Raf would get on so well?

- We’d get more scenes between her and Serena (*cough* so Bernie would have a rival *cough*)


- I can’t remember if she was there at the same time as Imelda Cousins but she could just slay

- She would just slay in general

- Louise Delamere

- She would take Fletch’s job but would still be a great addition to the current AAU team?

- Omg her being a little mum to Morven

- I feel like her and Bernie wouldn’t get along in the beginning and we’d get a lovely development storyline there

- Colette Sheward basically

So, basically, Dean and Cas are a gigantic mirror of Cain and Colette’s love story


It’s funny how in response to last week’s episode I posted a meta saying that Castiel’s love for Dean is ‘pretty much unconditional’. And that it’s going to be Castiel’s love that will most likely save Dean from his downward spiral - or 'personal hell’, to make things even more blatantly obvious. 

It’s also funny how Cain is an obvious parallel for Dean’s story arc.

And it's hilarious that Cain says he was saved from his demonic crusade by Colette who loved him unconditionally. 

In fact, Cain’s retelling of why Colette mattered so much is basically the cliffsnotes version of the Dean and Cas narrative - from Season 4 up until now: 

“My knights and I, we did horrible things… for centuries. Bringers of chaos and darkness…”

“Then you met Colette.”

Just like Cain, Dean sold his soul to hell because he wanted to save his brother. Dean was also the one who 'broke in thirty’, the one who got off the rack and started torturing souls for 10 years. Just like Cain, Dean did horrible things, demonic things. They both became unrecognisable to themselves, a dark shadow of what they once were (and who else screamed endverse!Dean at Jensen’s acting choices?).

But then Dean met Castiel who saved him from perdition - and who is now going to save him again from the metaphorical hell Dean’s psyche is starting to become

“She knew who I was, what I was…”

Castiel definitely knows who and what Dean is. He knows everything Dean did in the pit. He knows how much Dean hates himself, how horrible his treatment of Sam was. He knows why Kevin died, why Dean didn’t (couldn’t) stay by his side back in season 6. Cas has studied Dean for years, copies Dean’s speech, shares a self-proclaimed 'profound bond’ with him. Cas knows Dean from inside to outside. 

“… she loved me unconditionally. She forgave me.”

If there was anything to take from last week’s episode, it’s the fact that Castiel forgives Dean, understands Dean, loves Dean with everything he’s got. It's unconditional love and it’s beautiful. 

(OH AND. Let’s not forget that Dean basically 'sold’ his soul again by accepting that mark. So yeah, Cas has definitely got some saving to do…)

destielonfire  asked:

Do you think that with Robbie leaving, the chances of the writers/producers giving us a decent pay-off for the whole "Dean is pining" theme have decreased? I know that theme was set up in earlier episodes as well, but 11x11 really spelled it out for us. We've seen the writers abandon certain themes before (Cas/Colette) and I just wonder if Robbie leaving will influence how this theme plays out...Or do you think the other writers will pick it up and run further with it?

Hello, dear! I don’t know if the whole “Dean is pining” is a theme or not. But I definitely think that “Dean is getting a love interest” has been a theme for a very long time and many writers have participated in developing that in the last three seasons (even the dreadful duo). I don’t think that the Cas/Colette theme was abandoned. It was just handled in a very subtle way. Cain did suggest that Sam was basically Abel and Castiel was basically Colette in 10x14 (and that episode wasn’t written by Robbie; it was written by Berens). 

Regarding Robbie leaving, I’m not going to lie to you: I was devastated when I heard the news. I spent some time tweeting Robbie, thanking him, and crying/sobbing like a little girl. It’s not a secret that Robbie has been my favorite writer for a long time, and it breaks my heart to know he’s leaving. 

Nevertheless, the pain I felt had nothing to do with Destiel and everything to do with Robbie himself. He’s incredibly talented. He cared about the fandom and he always tried to fix all the other writers’ fuck-ups. He treated queer and female characters with respect. I don’t think there’s any other writer like Robbie and I don’t know if we’ll ever have someone like him in the writers’ room. 

Despite that, I’m not worried about Dean/Cas because if making Destiel canon is something that TPTB are really considering, that’s going to happen whether Robbie is there to help or not. If canon Destiel is still a NO-WAY!, then not even Robbie’s presence would change that. We still have Andrew Dabb and Bobo Berens. They were number 2 and 3 on my list of favorite writers (after Robbie, of course). Nancy Won is probably going to be part of my list as well because she’s proved to be a wonderful and thoughtful writer. 

Even the two writers that we hate the most contribute to Destiel (though people insist they don’t, but I certainly don’t know what show they’ve been watching). Robbie leaving hurts a lot not because of Destiel but because the fandom is losing a real talent, a real blessing we had. And that loss will hurt for a very long time. 

anonymous asked:

Why is there so much wank about this episode? People say that they 'dropped the Colette storyline' and basically no-homoed the whole thing. I haven't seen so much wank in a while honestly and I don't quite understand it?

Oh my. Luckily I’ve missed that so far.

I don’t think they dropped the Colette story, they just didn’t explicitly mention her. Cain talked about how bearing the mark was just a cycle of remission and relapse. I don’t think he was in a place where he wanted to mention Colette - there would be too much guilt and shame. But even his action in this ep show his hatred and revulsion towards what he was - a killer.

The important thing is that we know the love of his brother and his love for his brother, even his brother’s forgiveness, was not enough to keep Cain from killing, just as his love for Colette and her forgiveness did not save him permanently. Seeing Cain, who the boys had been talking up as the one person who was able to bear the mark and not go nutso, fail was meant to bring Dean to rock bottom. Talking about Colette would have reminded us and them that their was hope to be found in love, and this wasn’t the point in the story about hope.

And really, Dean having just a Colette would not be enough, is what we’re being told. And that’s very true. He will need the love and faith of his Abel (Sam) AND his Colette (Cas) to come through this, as well as love and forgiveness for himself, which Cain never had. 

And I seriously can’t see how this ep was in anyway a no-homo. The Destiel was STRONG here. So strong….