colette candy

halfdeadbears  asked:

Hersch annd Colette? c:


  • Hersch is thousands of years old but is still treated like a little kid by almost everyone, he acts it and doesn’t seem to mind though
  • he has a giant rolypoly bug named “roly”. he loves them so much that Grayson Hourglass made it immortal for him. so Hersch is the only person in posession of a giant everlasting rolypoly bug
  • Hersch doesn’t actually wear his goggles, they were a gift from his late family so he always has them with him
  • he keeps all of his mail inside his coat and his hat. people think he has poor organizational skills but he always finds the right letter in a split second
  • he has a perpetual tooth gap because the day he became a storyletter messenger was the same day he lost a few teeth. he will never get those front teeth for christmas

Colette Candy

  • Colette likes making candy in her spare time. she can make actual candy and then make meat/organs that look like candy
  • she works as a clothing model for Melrosse in her spare time
  • she is very casual about sex and etc, promiscuity has never been a huge deal to her
  • she tried to raise her children in a house where she assured they would be accepted and loved no matter what they chose to do with their life, so long as they didn’t harm anyone or themselves. her husband/exhusband didn’t really hold the same values as her but she did try her best
  • one of her best friends is a mannequin named Dolly who also works for Melrosse on occasion. they got along so well Colette learned sign language to understand her better