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tag game: on the balance

Rules: This game is for you to compare to your character (guardienne, oc, candy) in 6 points of your choose.

You can tag 6 or more: @mcl-outsa, @cookieskentin, @kahasan, @mynotsosweetcrush, @marmita-tuga and @lysanderriere. You don’t have to do this and I’m sorry if you already got tagged!

I got tagged by @vanillaamoursucrethings, thank you love!

I’ll do it with Colette, my main candy.

What you have in common?

  • Colettes parents are divorced, just as mine
  • We both get cold very easily 
  • Colette and me both prefer hanging out with few people over hanging out with lots of people
  • We both dislike too hot weather
  • We both have at least one younger sibling
  • We both tear up easily when we laugh (and we both dislike it)

What do you have differently?

  • Colette is more of the introvert kind, while I’m actually an extrovert
  • She plays piano very good; i master the triangle on good days at best
  • Colette has two younger and no older siblings while I have only one younger, but also one older sibling
  • Colette likes to braid her hair in different ways. I cry while watching a youtube hairstyle tutorial (i can do approximately two different braids)
  • She has a hard time figuring out jokes, i make them 
  • Colette is a Ravenclaw while I’m a Slytherin

That was fun, actually :3 

marmita-tuga  asked:

For the oc ask : Colette 11 ,26 and 49. And for Hana 6 , 10 and 19~

11. What are your OC’s hobbies?

Piano. It’s piano most of the time - apart from this, she likes to read historical novels or take long walks. 

26. Who is the most important person in their life? Why? Who is the least important to them (that still has an impact and why)? 

There are actually three - her brothers Beckett and Finnian as well as her mom. Family always comes first for her, no matter what. Ironically, the least important is her father. He left the family when Colette was still a kid, shortly after Finn was born, and he didn’t keep in touch with them, so she doesn’t really think about him any time. 

49. Does your character like candy? Do they get sugar rushes? What are they like when they get a rush?

Colette doesn’t like candy that much, she simply isn’t much of a fan. But on some days, like birthday parties for example, it may happen that she eats a lot of it all day. She talks more than. And fast.


6. What’s your OC’s favourite animal? Least favourite?

To go with a classic - she’s an absolute cat person and actually owns two ones named Judith and Elsie. She also thinks polar bears are awesome as hell. Insects are Hanas enemies - no matter what kind, they’re annoying and she hates them [bees are cool tho].

10. What deadly sin would best represent your OC?

To keep it short - Gluttony.

19. What kind of music do they listen to? Do they have a favourite song?

Hana adores alternative bands, especially from the 80s. Her favourite song is Radiohead - Bloom

Thank you so much for asking, dear! <3