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This is for your candy. Fill with what your candy could answer.

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Full name: Glenn Colette Brennan

Gender: female 

Zodiac sign: aries

Crush (and why): Lysander, because of his honest, sweet behavior, the fact that he doesn’t let other people influence him too much as well as the passion he feels towards music

Favorite Color: Golden 

Favorite band/singer: Poets of the fall

Favorite Food: Sushi and pasta

Last movie watched: To kill a mockingbird

Describes yourself in five words: eccentric, careful, loyal, judgemental and calm

First Kiss: When I was approximately 13 years old, I kissed a boy from our neighbourhood. We were good friends back then and one day, we were sitting on my doorsteps because we were locked out. I guess we were at least kind of bored since we simply decided to kiss because neither of us ever kissed someone before and we wanted to try it out.

Make a Wish just for yourself: Just let me be healthy, please. I’ll figure the rest out myself.

Today’s clothes: