colette and linguini


linguini from ratatouille is such a little bitch???? he’s so mean to remi and then remi is like “u know what???? i’m feeding my hungry family instead of cooking this ungrateful bitch an omelette” and then linguini comes in and is like “YOU BITCH!!!!!!! This is MY food!!! you rat thief!!!” but like,,,,, he is living off Remi’s work???? He would be no one without it!!!!! and then this BITCH is like “if you come back here i’ll KILL YOU” like???? chill???? his family ate a few grapes it’s not a big deal oh my GOD 🙄🙄 and then he’s like “aaaa i fucked uppppp” and he is like an awful boyfriend too why wasn’t this movie about Colette

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What's the most fucked up fanfiction you've ever read

On a whim in like 2009 I went to Ratatouille on and went to the M filter and there was a fanfic called “After Hours” about Colette getting to know Linguini on a biblical sense when Gusteau’s closes and everyone else goes home but he has Remy controlling his body during the copulation while concealed under the hat


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