The Results!!!!

It was a tough one, but here are the winners!!

  • Nicest bloggers:

churchsext,  vvhalesharkyungnlame

  • Best original posts:

vvebkin, communistbakery, colesprouseofficial

  • Best theme:

xvoe, funnun, ionlyfollowbadblogs

  • Best URL:

deepthroatodile, cooldadgang, marymagdelame

  • Cutest guys:

konyboy, ginvx, infemape

  • Cutest gals:

nudespaper, redgir1, breakfastburritoe

  • My fave blog overall:


  • The Kris Jenner Award (for excellency in all above areas):


Okay then!! Here are the prizes again!

  • A follow back from me
  • A solo promo for each winner a little while after they’re announced
  • A couple of group promos with the other winners a week later
  • A selfie reblog
  • I will put a page listing all the winners on my blog
  • The winner of best overall will have a link on my sidebar
  • Feel free to ask me for anything else!

Well done guys!!!