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When I saw these pictures from hedgehog_azuki on instagram I was like EXCUSE ME WHAT and now I’m a different, more virtuous person who has been shown the glowing face of humanity’s truest potential and is forever changed by its everbearing gifts. Also it cleared my skin.


#LouderTogether - Version 1: Directed by Brittany Snow.

The bros and their camping/sleeping habits hc~

- Has trouble falling asleep when he’s stressed out
- But once he does he could sleep face down, straight through a thunderstorm
- When he’s super worn out from a hard day, he could just fall asleep in his coleman™ camping chair or while playing King’s Knight
- Once dozed off while driving (and snorted)… and was berated by Ignis telling him not to get behind the wheel and endanger the party if he was that tired
- Keeps his eyes closed for a while after waking up and has started to wander off in the wrong direction
- Snores softly
- He often wakes up with the bed destroyed; pillow on the floor, sheets all messed up
- Hecka bad bedhead
- Prompto takes pictures of him while he’s sleeping, sometimes using props, sometimes it’s a selfie
- The gang has to check on him to make sure he’s alive
- Dreams about playing with Carbuncle and Luna as kids, which makes him smile in his sleep
- When sharing the bed with one of his bros, he feels comfortable enough to sleep in whatever position but doesn’t intrude on their space
- A rotating schedule of “who will wake up Noct today” develops
- Gladio and Prompto take turns changing his alarm to different annoying sounds and he starts to get pissed off
- Secretly misses having his favorite cereal for breakfast

- Snores like a behemoth and takes up too much space, which is why nobody particularly likes to sleep next to him
- Used to camping though, so he could fall asleep on the floor
- Thinks hotel mattresses aren’t firm enough so he tosses violently trying to get comfortable, causing creaking and quaking (another thing nobody likes)
- Goes for a run or does some stretches in the morning while listening to rock music to wake up
- Capable of dozing off while listening to said music in a sedentary position
- Falls asleep with books/magazines over his face
- Sneaks out of the tent/hotel room/trailer at night to call Iris and check up on her like a good big brother
- Sometimes he can’t sleep and has a nice long think about things under the stars, but if anybody asks he’s thinking about something manly
- One time the guys pulled an all-nighter taking out a difficult hunt and everyone crashed aftwerwards except Gladio, who was too high on adrenaline. Was -extremely- grouchy and fed up with Noctis. “Prom–Ignis… Noct!! Whatever the hell your name is–”
- Gets away with cheating at the usual nighttime cardgames
- Occasionally nods off when Ignis is talking for an extended period of time but recovers quickly and nobody notices
- Snores while sleeping in the car and the others joke about it. sometimes Prompto pokes the shit out of him and wakes him with a jolt, then pretends like nothing happened. He can’t figure out what Noct is laughing at
- Especially does not want to sleep next to Prompto–it’s not a good combination
- Gets up to make cup noodles

- Makes all kinds of faces in his sleep. His mouth falls open a lot and he doesn’t snore but he drools everywhere
- When sharing the bed, he starts out on his own side but slowly starts to migrate into someone else’s; his arms and legs jutting out into their sleeping space. Sometimes he slaps or kicks them unknowingly
- Noct doesn’t mind sharing with him as much and he’s a heavy sleeper anyway so the activeness doesn’t bother him
- Can be heard eating chips late into the night
- Gets a little self-conscious bathing within the vicinity of the others
- If he sees a spider in the trailer, he plays it off like he chill but when it moves suddenly he scREAMS
- Occasionally pulls out his phone and plays King’s Knight, losing track of the time. If Gladio gets annoyed by the glaring light, he’ll take the phone right out of his hands and drop it on the floor
- Gets sad and stares at the ceiling sometimes
- Acts like it’s a sleepover and talks to Noct at night, even if he’s trying to sleep
- Whimpers and mumbles, usually about Cindy or the chocobos, but sometimes it sounds anxious. The guys make fun of his sleeptalking
- Brought a set of chocobo pajama pants
- Gets inspired at night and goes out to take some nightlife shots before sleeping
- When they check inventory before heading out, he usually tries to buy something that isn’t necessary
- Likes discussing his dreams with Ignis and hearing about his interpretations
- Slurs when he’s sleepy and doesn’t make much sense
- Spends too much time fixing his hair in the morning

- Puts up with everyone’s sleeping habits pretty well and usually doesn’t comment on them
- He tries hard to be composed but everyone can tell when he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep. Coffee can’t fix everything
- Often misplaces his glasses and keys to the regalia and spends some time looking for them in the morning
- Sleeps with one of those eye covers
- Checks the beds to make sure they’re properly cleaned and politely lets housekeepers know when the linens are not up to par, being sure to tip them for their service
- Was more exhausted than usual one evening and made a fatal error in spices. The guys could tell. Ignis was embarassed–cinnamon fish was not a hit
- Has a great pokerface when the guys play their nightly card games and can talk the others into making a mistake
- He’s a light sleeper and wakes up at the drop of a needle, so he usually needs earplugs to make it through Gladio’s snoring
- Gently nudges Prompto’s wandering limbs back where they belong
- “Coffee was a mistake” – Ignis at 2 AM
- Irons his shirt every morning and tries to get the others to let him iron theirs. Awkward sitting around without shirts on ensues
- Actually gets slap happy and becomes more punny
- Doesn’t get angry when being woken up but hopes there’s a good reason for it; will lend an ear to a bro in need
- Sleeps facing away from anyone he’s sharing the bed with, being sure to give them enough room

Status Effect: Hedgehog [Promptio]

because a) a hedgehog with Coleman camping gear crossed my dash and b) @expectogladiolus is one of my enablers. Enjoy the crack 

“So, um, hi, Iris,” Prompto stammered as they approached the youngest of the Amicitia line aka his boyfriend’s little sister. Crap, why was he the one stuck explaining this mess to Gladio’s kid sister? Well, Noctis was off getting supplies and Ignis was probably hunting down information on this status effect, he admitted to himself. “How’s it been?”

“It’s been,” she said, doing a small one shoulder shrug. Her dark amber eyes peered around. “Um, Prompto,” she began. “Where’s Gladdy? I didn’t see him get out of the car with you..”

Prompto did a small nervous laugh. “Ah, funny story that,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “Oh, hell, um, long story short is that he got hit by this weird status effect and it, ah, hasn’t worn off yet.”

Iris blinked. “Weird status effect?” she repeated slowly. “So, what is he? Frog? Pig?” she asked, feeling her left eyebrow arch. 

Prompto swallowed. “Oh, if only,” he sighed before fishing something out of his camera bag. “Here,” he said, holding up the hedgehog.

Iris stared at the hedgehog, then at Prompto, then back at the hedgehog. “Gladdy,” she sighed. “You would be the one that gets hit with the weirdest status effects.”

The hedgehog just stared up at the female human.

A slow devious smile crossed Iris’s face and she glanced up at her brother’s boyfriend. “Prompto, I have an idea.”

Prompto could feel his own wheels turning and a slow smile crossed his features. “Photoshoot?”

“Photoshoot,” she agreed.

The hedgehog gave the female a flat look.

“And it looks like Noct had the same idea,” she said, grinning as Noctis returned with doll house sized pieces of Coleman camping gear.