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1st song: Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lamar

Poor up (drank) Headshot (drank) Sit down (drank) Stand up (drank) Pass out (drank) Wake Up (drank) Faded (drank) Faded (drank)

2nd song: Poppin - Chris Brown 

Say what yo’ name is oh yeah that fits you girl tell me where you headed
can I walk with you, girl?

3rd song:  Amnesia - 5 seconds of summer

I drove by all the places you used to hang out getting wasted I thought about our last kiss the way it felt the way you tasted

4th song: The Worst Guys - Childish Gambino

All she needed was some ( All she needed was some) x9

5th song: Aint That Some Shit - J.Cole

Mother fucker tryna say I cant come to the hood true lie see I would but Im out in Dubia

6th song: Bust Your Windows - Jasmine Sullivan

I bust the windows out your car and no it didnt mend my broken heart I probably always have these ugly scars but right now I dont care about that part

7th song: Crazy in love - Beyonce

Got me looking so crazy right now your loves got me looking so crazy right now Got me looking so crazy right now your touch got me looking so crazy right now

8th song: Boom Clap - Charli XCX

Boom Clap the sound of my heart the beat goes on and on and on on on Boom Clap you make me feel good come on to me come on to me yeah

9th song: Exodus - Exo

This is all a dream you’re a cruel queen because you hid thorns behind that beauty dangerous dangerous she’s so dangerous

10th song: King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar

I gotta bone to pick I dont want you monkey mouthed mother fuckers sitting on my throne again

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Cole World - The Sideline Story

I’ve been a fan of J. Cole since I first heard him back in 2009. Since then I’ve followed his career, downloaded his mixtapes, and eagerly awaited the release of his debut album. Now that “Cole World – The Sideline Story” has finally been released and I have given it a few listens, I’m happy to say that J. Cole did not disappoint. I feel like many artists these days seem to water down their unique style in order to appeal to a more mainstream crowd when it comes to their first major releases. While J. Cole certainly has some radio-friendly tracks like “Can’t Get Enough”, “Mr. Nice Watch”, and “Work Out”, for the most part he stuck to his signature style, delivery, and lyricism that first made me a fan of his two years ago.

The album on a whole is amazing. In addition to having an impressive flow, Cole proves to be a great storyteller, which is much less common these days where most of the emphasis seems to go on big name producers and feature artists (Cole produced the majority of the album himself and only brought aboard three feature artists). Though I honestly like every song on the album, my favorites would have to be “Sideline Story”, “In the Morning”, “Lost Ones”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, “God’s Gift”, and “Daddy’s Little Girl”.

The only negative for me was that J. Cole recycled some of his older tracks for the album. If you don’t count the three singles released in the weeks and months before the album, I already had four of the songs on my iTunes. Including the singles, this means I had already heard 7 out of the 18 songs on the album prior to its release. While these recycled songs are all top-notch and will most definitely win over newer fans, a part of me wishes they were replaced with unreleased, brand new ones.

All in all, “Cole World – The Sideline Story” is an excellent album and if you’re a fan of J. Cole or hip-hop in general, it is a must-buy. Cole has been through a long journey since being signed by Jay-Z, and the release of his first album signals the fact that he has officially made it; and after giving it a listen, it’s clear to me that we’re going to be hearing J. Cole’s name for a long, long time.

EXTRA: There were two tracks that I believed were going to make it onto the final tracklist but unfortunately ended up getting left on the cutting room floor. I thought that these two songs were top-notch and personally believe they should have been on the album. Check out “Cheer Up” and “Nothing Lasts Forever”, decide for yourself, and let me know if you think they should have been on “Cole World – The Sideline Story”.

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