cole's shirts

Riverdale Cast going home after finishing the first season:

Producer: okay… It’s been an amazing season, everyone! The series is a success and as the tradition calls, each of you can take something from your character home! So, what will it be?

Camila: I’m taking Veronica’s dresses.

KJ: Archie’s football shirt.

Casey: maybe Kev’s pullovers…

Madeleine: Cherryl’s white dress, for sure!

Cole: Jughead’s beanie, no doubt. What about you, Lili?

Lili: Juggie’s S t-shirt.

Producer: But that’s not Betty’s…

Lili: Well, they’re dating. His shirts are automatically hers.






Cole:… She’s gotta a really good point.

Riverdale Cast- Secrets Revealed

* Lili and Cole are driving home after recording some scenes, when Demi Lovato’s Fire Starter intro stars playing on the radio*

Lili: ….

Cole: Aren’t you gonna sing it?

Lili: I-I’m fine, Cole…

Cole: Oh, Come on! With me! There’s an:

Lili: …S under m-my clothes… *sings almost as a whisper*

Cole: Tch, What’s the matter, Lili? I thought you liked this song.

Lili: I do… Just not now…

Cole: Uh? I don’t get it, you- *looks at her fingers, as they’re nervously pulling her shirt down.* Lili?

Lili: What?

Cole: Take off your shirt.

Lili: *blushes* W-What?! 

Cole: Come on, just do it! *he parks the car.* Don’t make me do it!

Lili: You wouldn’t dare…

Cole: *glares challengingly at her* Try me.

Lili: Fine! *lifts her shirt up, exposing the S T-Shirt she stole from his changing room* Happy now?

Cole: …. Well, to be honest, I am… *smirks* But you know you’re gonna have to give it back tomorrow, right?

Lili: Never! This belongs to me!!