cole would be jealous


Michael getting jealous would include:

- Him watching you from afar as you laugh at a joke some guy was telling you at one of Tommy’s and Grace’s fancy dinners, causing a surge of jealously to travel through him

- Him getting grumpy and barely talking to you, but he completely denies it whenever you confront him about it.

- Him avoiding you because he’s overwhelmed by so many different emotions in which he struggles to contain when he sees you with another man.

- Him sitting alone in front of the fire with a cigarette and a whiskey, analysing whether he is overacting or whether his feelings are justified.

- Him getting called out by Polly who insisted on knowing why he was being so miserable and agitated.

- Him eventually telling you that he can’t stand to see another man attempting to hit on you when you corner him in Tommy’s office.

- Having rough possessive make up sex over the office table, both of you determined to show one another who you belong to.

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Adam Cole being jealous would include:

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✧Adam gets jealous of everything and anything

✦ He’d even be jealous of a strawberry because it got to go in your mouth

✧ But when Adam gets jealous everyone knows

✦ He’ll clench his jaw

✧ Then he’ll wrap his arms around you tightly 

✦ He’d start to get very huffy

✧ And chew his gum very aggressively

✦ Soon you’d get the hint and walk away from whoever you were talking to

  ✧ Adam would give you the ‘silent treatment’ until you both got home

✦ There he’d make you strip

✧ During that whole night he would remind you who you belong to