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I don’t have nearly enough time and energy to do as much for the final week before TFD as I’d like too, but at least here’s a chronologically impossible, uncharacteristically happy quick doodle of the entire family,

(featuring, left to right: Sour Face, Squint, Mr Punch, Fuck You, Vore Buggy Child, Dugpa Trash, Agent Rosenflower, The Hot Gay Alien, Shouty, The Original Hot Gay Alien, Local Sex Magick Enthusiast, Air Force Dad, Mulder?)
The Cards All Fold - Twin Peaks

So I finally managed to contribute something to @countdowntotwinpeaks … thanks so much Eva for organizing this!

The Cards All Fold (4925 words) by Amatara
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Characters: Albert Rosenfield, Gordon Cole, Tamara “Tammy” Preston, Diane (Twin Peaks)
Additional Tags: Friendship, Angst, Healing, Goodbyes, Post-Canon, Canon Compliant, Twin Peaks: The Return, Season/Series 03
Summary: Albert isn’t giving up. He’s just finding himself a different battle to fight.


A lucky gamer fan met the Sprouse Brothers at E3 gaming convention and as always, they’re super nice with fans, be it with guys or girls… especially Cole with his affectionate self. The guy was totally awestruck haha by Cole’s face grabbing action. xD At first Dylan lost his brother and then Cole lost Dylan lol. [vid]