cole sprose

Because I’m problematic as fuck I might as well post who I hate (real and fictional) :D
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Real people first because why not:

Dylan O'Brien… why: because of the Native American incident (took from the land while filming for The Scorch Trials and then went on national television and laughed about it like it was all some big joke. He didn’t even apologise for it either… the studio covered his ass).

Holland Roden… why: this fucking asshole is just awful. From being a racist xenophobic bitch to making horrible comments she never once apologised for anything she’s done. She only justified everything and wrapped it all up into (hatephobia).

Cole Sprose… why: abuser and a racist.

KJ Apa… why: misogynistic fat shammer (posted that misogynistic Snap and liked that disgusting Instagram comment and didn’t apologise for either of it… just went on acting like he did nothing wrong).

And now fictional… :D

Stiles Stilinski… why: he’s an abusive, problematic fuck boy who played and used one girl because he couldn’t have the girl he wanted - and when times got rough he threw the girl he used aside and treated her like shit.

Lydia Martin… why: she’s a fucking snake and a selfish bitch (season 6 Lydia I’m speaking of by the way). Because before S6 she had really good development annnnnnnnnd them S6 happened and she only helped when it benefited her and Stiles - unlike S5 when she was helping her friends and everyone else.

Archie Andrews… why: I’ll keep it quick; he’s a fuck boy.

Bellamy Blake… why: he’s the Genocide King. That’s why.

Felicity Smoak… why: the bitch ruined Arrow with her consistent crying and whining about Oliver, and how she bombed an entire town and just brushed it off without a care in the world (WAIT nope… she only cared what Ragman would think of her - because it’s all about her).

Daryl Dixon… why: because I’m sick of his man pain getting everyone around him killed. I also hate how he’s immune to everything and nothing can ever happen. Because AMC would never harm their greasy favourite.

Lip Gallagher… why: he’s arrogant as fuck, hates whenever his siblings do better than him - he has to belittle them and get angry at them when they do.

So yeah…. that’s my list. Stans of these characters and actors: I have not tagged them but this’ll show up for you on mobile (because I don’t have patience to add in “/” to names) but know this: whatever justification or “argument” for what I’ve said in this post… I don’t care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And per usual to end all my posts: fuck Stydia!