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UCLA Students Determine Level of Intelligence Needed to Like J. Cole

Tim Hawkins is considering removing his tattoo after learning he’s too intelligent to enjoy Cole’s new album.

“You have to have a certain type of intelligence to enjoy J. Cole.”

This phrase and similar have been uttered incessantly since North Carolina rap star J. Cole hit the scene in 2008. Few know what that “certain level” actually consisted of—before now. Students at UCLA have devised what they believe is a mental aptitude test to determine if you’ll enjoy Cole’s upcoming 4 Your Eyez Only album—before hearing a single bar.

The students tested over 150 Los Angeles-area 17-28-year olds of various educational levels. Some were admitted fans of Cole, such as Colin Simpson.

“I’m hype,” Simpson. “They said it was too smart for me. They said I basically failed. I enjoy all his shit, so I’m excited to hear he got something coming that I won’t even be able to say why I enjoy. Real Hip-Hop all day!”

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Cole Simpson Imagine for Anon

“More Than Friends

Imagine Cole and you have been friends since as long as you can remember. As you started to get older, you realized your feelings for him have gotten more romantic then friendship. But you can’t tell him because you don’t want to ruin the great relationship you have together. Also the fact that he’s close to being in a relationship with another girl. One day, he comes up to you in the morning and tells you he’s going to ask her out on a date. It upsets you, but you always manage to put a fake smile on your face. But it didn’t fool Cole. He can tell when your sad and he started bugging you all day at school to tell you what was wrong.

“Please tell me what’s wrong?” Cole begs, hugging you from behind. You knew he didn’t think of the hug as a relationship kind of way, only as a friend to friend hug. “You’re my best friend, you have to tell me.”

As soon as the word ‘friend’ escaped his mouth, something triggered inside of you. “That’s the problem, Cole. I’m your friend. All you think of me is as your best friend. I don’t want to be your friend! I want to be something more to you! I love you and you don’t even know it.” You early yelled at him. His eyes widened, and his mouth left open. He was speechless. Once you realized what you had just told him, you ran out of the school building and into your car. All you wanted was to get home. Cole tried calling your phone, spamming it with text messages. But you ignored each and every one of them. Next thing you know, you hear pebbles hit your window. Wiping tears from your face, you walk to your window to see Cole staring up, a smile on his face.

“I love you too!” He yells, bringing a smile to your face.


So there it is! Not sure if that’s what you wanted Anon, but I have a very sappy, romantic mind and asdfghjkl yeah. Hope you liked it! (: