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Me and Stine randomly started singing “Not one of us” from The Lion King 2 and I burst out laughing as it literally is a perfect song for Solas/Solavellan at the end of Trespasser. So I did this!
I hope this hasn’t been done yet!

nobody cares about problematic relationships when they involve a possessed terrorist or a sexually abused escaped slave (both of whom have stated they didn’t want to or couldn’t be in a relationship), but when it comes to cole, people’s justice boners pierce the stratosphere. idc about his romance, but tumblr’s hypocrisy and penchant for calling cole-mancers pedophiles burns me up. those are very serious accusations for a fictional character who isn’t even remotely an actual child. he is not in a right mental place to consent to a healthy relationship (hmm, sounds familiar). those are two very different situations.

How to Love a Ghost

The tips of his fingers are cold, always cold, but they feelwarm when they’re intertwined together with yours. Fingers between fingers, weaving a net, catching every piece of you that’s falling to pieces, falling together, becoming something new. Hold his hand often, your fingers will become warmer too.

Tell him how real he is to you. With every look, every brush, every smile. Let your heart overflow with the presence of him. Make it the realist thing inside of you until it runs over. Seeping out in the glances you give him, in the soft touches. Let it spill through your smile, rolling off of your tongue, forming words. Tell him how much he matters, to you, in this moment and every second after.

Take things slow. Escape from a world where everything is too quick, too loud. The top floor of the tavern. The balcony of your quarters, sunlit and warm. Feet dangling from the ramparts. Eyes closed under the trees in the garden. Soak in the stillness of together, hand in hand, head on shoulder, heart on sleeve. Take the whole day. Take it all in. Take it easy.

When he laughs, let it wash over you. Let the softness of his voice be a comfort. He is filled with wonder and kindness, such magnificent beauty. Let it shatter you, releasing something inside that you were too scared to feel before. As he delights in the wonders of existence, delight in how it bubbles up and out of him. Allow yourself the amazement of living, and loving. Relish in the joy, feel it together. You can laugh too, it’s ok.

He has a thirst, a curiosity to know. Tell him anything and everything. Spend nights close together, answering, asking, explaining, wondering. He’s growing, expanding. Something new every day, and there’s room for the both of you. Grow with him, learn with him. Take every moment as a gift, a lesson. Learn something new together.

Kiss him gently. Mouth bushing against cheeks, foreheads, shoulders. Dusting him with affection. Light and tender. Not an inch of harshness. Brush the hair out of his eyes. Gaze into orbs of blue, the colour of a raw soul. Cheeks in your hands, warm with affection. Love on your lips, eager to share.

Reactions to: Cole and A Younger Inquisitor Being In A Romance

Alright, one of the requests got deleted, but I remember what it said: “reactions to a younger inquisitor being in a romance with Cole” and I’m so sorry, but I really wanna do this one… with GIFs. Also, by young adult, I’m going to assume like, around the age Cole appears to be.


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Iron Bull:

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aeluned  asked:

⚔ - NOTP with your muse?

Send me a symbol and I’ll answer ooc

a good question. Probably Templars in general (excluding Cullen because i’m trash) 

or anyone really pro-circle, or anyone really pro-Qun. Just because I feel like… he just wouldn’t…

But like specifically.. Cole, and Sera. Those are the only two I have sort of a problem with, for what I feel are obvious reasons. Like.. there are some things u shouldn’t do, ya know?