cole romance


Iron Bull romance was awesome, but that option to tell Bull you loved him…yeaaa didn’t take it because he was all “this ain’t love babycakes” Then youtube videos showed otherwise…

Part 2 is here! 

My favorite banter
  • Cole: He almost says the word sometimes. Katoh. He tastes it in his mouth, sweet release a breath away, tongue tying it tenderly like you tie him. But he doesn’t. For you, and for him because it makes it mean more. A fuller feeling, a brighter burst.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah. (Coughs.) How’s he feel about you saying this in front of everybody?
  • Inquisitor: If a rift opened up right now and swallowed me I’d be fine with that.
  • Solas (if in party): Provided it tied you down first one assumed.

Like oh my god. Solas is so snarky sometimes it’s unbelievable. 

Solas Realizing He's Falling in Love

Solas: Cole? I apologize for disturbing you, but I need to know something about the Inquisitor.

Cole: No. And yes.

Solas: Could you … clarify?

Cole: She was bright before the Mark. It makes her brighter. What you are feeling is real. If she hadn’t absorbed the Mark, you would feel the same.

Solas: Ah.

Cole: Weak. Undone. Succombing to the glance of her eyes. She pulls. You feel the pull and want to let her inside. But you don’t. Why?

Solas: I’m considering.

Cole: Should I tell you how she feels?

Solas: No. I’d rather discover that for myself.

  • Cole: She almost says it sometimes. Katoh.
  • Cole: She tastes it in her mouth, sweet release a breath away, tongue tying it tenderly, like you tie her. But she doesn't. For you, and for her because it makes it mean more, a fuller feeling, a brighter burst.
  • Bull: Right. [coughs] And how does she feel about you saying this out loud in front of everyone?
  • Inquisitor: Bull and I are consenting adults, there's nothing wrong with what we choose to do in bed.
  • Cole: Not just in bed. Sometimes against a wall. Once on the war table.
  • Dorian: [laughs]

nobody cares about problematic relationships when they involve a possessed terrorist or a sexually abused escaped slave (both of whom have stated they didn’t want to or couldn’t be in a relationship), but when it comes to cole, people’s justice boners pierce the stratosphere. idc about his romance, but tumblr’s hypocrisy and penchant for calling cole-mancers pedophiles burns me up. those are very serious accusations for a fictional character who isn’t even remotely an actual child. he is not in a right mental place to consent to a healthy relationship (hmm, sounds familiar). those are two very different situations.