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My favorite banter
  • Cole: He almost says the word sometimes. Katoh. He tastes it in his mouth, sweet release a breath away, tongue tying it tenderly like you tie him. But he doesn’t. For you, and for him because it makes it mean more. A fuller feeling, a brighter burst.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah. (Coughs.) How’s he feel about you saying this in front of everybody?
  • Inquisitor: If a rift opened up right now and swallowed me I’d be fine with that.
  • Solas (if in party): Provided it tied you down first one assumed.

Like oh my god. Solas is so snarky sometimes it’s unbelievable. 

Sorry, guys. I became a ninjago fangirl and no one stopped me. Worse: after reviewing the contents of ninjago fans’ blogs I realised that I love this special pairing. Special because it’s a rare pairing (Cole x Kai) and simply I adore these two ninja boys together σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡ I stopped watching the show after Cole became a ghost and still didn’t see Day of the Departed, but I hope I can find the strength to keep watching it ‘cos the show isn’t completed yet. But God, watching every episode is like hell to me. One ep. should take about 25 minutes, but I always find something that I MUST pause the ep., re-watching this particular shot again and again, and trust me, I still can act like a squeaky teen girl (*°▽°*) A little bit embarrassing, but what the hell (*/▽\*) I love the whole animation! I saw some Lego movies, but Ninjago is my favourite! ❤

I even have tickle headcanons for these two ninja boys (I can’t help it since tickling is my kink, but don’t worry ninjago fans, only soft, totally innocent tickling there are): both of them are lers and lees, BUT:

💖 Kai has very ticklish neck (Cole loves kissing his neck and makes him squirm, tremble and squeak like a little girl XD), shoulders, back, belly and feet (feet are the worst for Kai, thank heavens Cole is super strong, otherwise he’d often end their tickle fights with black eye and with a lot of bruises haha

❤ and Cole has ticklish thighs, hips, sides, belly and ribs, but tickling him underarms literally killing him - that’s the spot XD Of course it doesn’t help Kai that his bf has super strenght, but there’re times when suddenly he sits down on his outstretched arms (e.g. when Cole exercises in their personal gym in the basement) and Cole immediately loses his all strength and changes into a laughing maniac (。- ω -)


I know the ninjago fandom is not so big and popular, and it’s hard to find artworks with lavaship theme, but this only encouraged ME to draw some cole x kai fan arts. Yes, it’s plural :) I have some other ideas and I hope I’ll be able to draw more of them (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

body language meta + kisses

Plus a little friendship Cole to round out all the boys.

Cullen places a hand at the back of his neck and dips his head when you give him even the slightest attention. Smile curling his lips, a blush creeping along his cheekbones, his hands shove into his pockets as soon as he notices he’s doing that thing again. His hands run through his hair when you leave, the only sign of agitation he’ll show. Leliana teases him every chance she gets, and he can’t meet your eyes, feet shuffling and kicking something on the ground no one can see but him. The War Table is what reminds you of his determination when you forget, hands slamming on the table to emphasize his point, shoulders bound tight. Waving a hand when he disagrees, or is exasperated, to dismiss the topic. And at the end of the day, he touches his forehead to stave away worry. When he finally kisses you, his fingers glide along your jaw to bring you in, and it’s soft yet intense. Most of all, it is sincere. 

Solas’ general aloofness is broken as his shoulders curl in towards you, hands untangling from behind his back at last and itching at his sides to reach out. But he doesn’t. His respect for you knows no bounds. His eyes are all you need to tell you how he feels, smoldering at the edges of violet rimmed blue. Smirking at your jokes, his hips sway as he shifts his weight when you get close, visibly relaxing. Even during his most passionate moments, his palms lay open before you, and invites you to take them to calm him. After battle he uses his staff as a counterpoint to lean, and you catch his smile out of the corner of your eye as he quietly reaches with his spirit and examines you with his eyes for injury. Eventually, being around you makes him tense, except when he kisses you - a bowstring snapping at last. 

Blackwall has always been easy around you, leaning against the doorframe whenever you speak at the stables. Intently, he listens, and doesn’t speak much himself. His muffled chuckle is warmth in the cold. When you sit near him as he makes toys, his fingers quiver, and you could swear you saw a bit of skin flushing when you ask him if he’s ok. When was it the last time someone expressed concern for him? You’re not sure, but as a hand lands on the small of your back to draw you close, his gentleness and reverence is astounding enough to steal your breath before his lips. 

Dorian is a paradox, hiding tension with wit and sarcasm. His arms cross over his chest, and he stands with his shoulders back, as if he knows the stance is intimidating. Daring. He gestures wildly with his hands when he is speaking about something he cares about. At last you see him comfortable, sinking into the floor and grounding himself here in the moment instead of in his head. His fingers tap against a book when he is waiting with the disguise of patience for you to finish speaking to someone else. It is the first indication that he must trust you, this letting down of his guard. You pull him in first, with a hand on his shoulder and the other carding through his hair, to cant your lips against his. In turn his hands run over your back, palm between your shoulder blades, to anchor you.

The Iron Bull laughs. His hands splay across his stomach as he bellows, or over his heart when it hurts, a grin and creasing eyes. Slapping a knee, or perhaps your back, which sends you flailing forward - but he catches you before you fall. When you come to visit him, he spills further into his chair as if you are what he needs to unwind. Trained to never give anything away, especially though his body language, he is always pulled tight and in control. Though, when you are in battle he pushes in front of you to take a blow more times than you’d like. Nothing is preamble for the two of you, when you tell him, and he gathers you into his arms under your rear and picks you up to kiss your lips.

Cole appears when you need him, as compassion would. Crouching, he perches like a bird on your banister, swirling your thoughts back to you and encouraging you. You can do this. His hat hides his face when he smiles, easing your heart somewhat. His gait is loose and loping when everyone is fine and the hurts are not on the surface, lifting his face to the sun. It catches on his hair, fine like sunshine itself, and you can’t help but feel grateful. Wondering how you could possibly deserve a kindred spirit, he feels, and ducks away with a whisper on the wind. “I am happy to have you, too, friend.”


Me and Stine randomly started singing “Not one of us” from The Lion King 2 and I burst out laughing as it literally is a perfect song for Solas/Solavellan at the end of Trespasser. So I did this!
I hope this hasn’t been done yet!

Worth the Pain

Cole: You didn’t want me to become more human. Why?

Lavellan: Being a person is complicated. *glances at Solas* And painful. We’re a riot of emotions, all snot and tears. We’re lost and selfish and flawed. You don’t want that.

Cole: But the riot is beautiful. Like the paint when Solas mixes it. Swirling. Whirling. No telling where one color ends and the other begins. You and Solas were like that once. Now the light is separated.

Lavellan: And that seperation … that was the painful part. You don’t want to know that feeling.

Cole: But there were good parts too. Like when he held you, he felt whole. He felt happy for the first time in the longest time. Sleeping. In darkness and pain. Wandering the lonely pathes of the Fade. Then you. A light glowing soft in the darkness, drawing his eye and tying his heart in little knots. Warm kisses like silk against your skin. You feel safe in his arms. “Ar lath ma, vhenan,” he whispered in the dark and you trembled. Wasn’t it worth the pain?

Solas: *quietly* Yes.


Iron Bull romance was awesome, but that option to tell Bull you loved him…yeaaa didn’t take it because he was all “this ain’t love babycakes” Then youtube videos showed otherwise…

Part 2 is here! 

How to Love a Ghost

The tips of his fingers are cold, always cold, but they feelwarm when they’re intertwined together with yours. Fingers between fingers, weaving a net, catching every piece of you that’s falling to pieces, falling together, becoming something new. Hold his hand often, your fingers will become warmer too.

Tell him how real he is to you. With every look, every brush, every smile. Let your heart overflow with the presence of him. Make it the realist thing inside of you until it runs over. Seeping out in the glances you give him, in the soft touches. Let it spill through your smile, rolling off of your tongue, forming words. Tell him how much he matters, to you, in this moment and every second after.

Take things slow. Escape from a world where everything is too quick, too loud. The top floor of the tavern. The balcony of your quarters, sunlit and warm. Feet dangling from the ramparts. Eyes closed under the trees in the garden. Soak in the stillness of together, hand in hand, head on shoulder, heart on sleeve. Take the whole day. Take it all in. Take it easy.

When he laughs, let it wash over you. Let the softness of his voice be a comfort. He is filled with wonder and kindness, such magnificent beauty. Let it shatter you, releasing something inside that you were too scared to feel before. As he delights in the wonders of existence, delight in how it bubbles up and out of him. Allow yourself the amazement of living, and loving. Relish in the joy, feel it together. You can laugh too, it’s ok.

He has a thirst, a curiosity to know. Tell him anything and everything. Spend nights close together, answering, asking, explaining, wondering. He’s growing, expanding. Something new every day, and there’s room for the both of you. Grow with him, learn with him. Take every moment as a gift, a lesson. Learn something new together.

Kiss him gently. Mouth bushing against cheeks, foreheads, shoulders. Dusting him with affection. Light and tender. Not an inch of harshness. Brush the hair out of his eyes. Gaze into orbs of blue, the colour of a raw soul. Cheeks in your hands, warm with affection. Love on your lips, eager to share.

  • Cole: She almost says it sometimes. Katoh.
  • Cole: She tastes it in her mouth, sweet release a breath away, tongue tying it tenderly, like you tie her. But she doesn't. For you, and for her because it makes it mean more, a fuller feeling, a brighter burst.
  • Bull: Right. [coughs] And how does she feel about you saying this out loud in front of everyone?
  • Inquisitor: Bull and I are consenting adults, there's nothing wrong with what we choose to do in bed.
  • Cole: Not just in bed. Sometimes against a wall. Once on the war table.
  • Dorian: [laughs]