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IM5 - Zero Gravity

First Kiss Preference!


Cole had promised to take you out for a picnic, but his tours kept interfering with the planning. You were in class, daydreaming and staring out of the window when a sudden tap pulled you back to reality. Cole was standing outside of the window holding a picnic basket. He pointed to it, gesturing for you to come outside. As the bell rang, you dashed out of the building, throwing all cares to the wind. You and Cole snuck off to a small apple farm where you pulled out the blanket.

“Y/N… I-” He starts. You look at him and notice the color rising to his cheeks.

“Yes, Cole…?” You say. You have a feeling that you know what’s about to happen, but you keep your calm.

“I want you… I want to kiss you… Is that okay? I mean, if it’s not, forget I ever asked.” He start to ramble.

You smile at him, thinking he looks cute when he gets frazzled. “Yes.”

He smiles, the worry melting off his face. You both lean in, and you feel his soft lips land on yours.


You and Dalton were doing a photoshoot together. The boys had just hit stardom in the media’s eyes and to celebrate, Teen Vogue was doing an article on IM5 and their supporters. You two were goofing off in front of the camera, cheesing it up, putting all of their serious models to shame. Frantically dodging the ridiculous props they had for you, you try to protect the treasure you had just stolen from him: his top hat. Dalton had caught you from behind and pulled you close, whispering, “I could just kiss you.”

“Then do it, loverboy.” You tease. And with that, his lips connect with yours, the camera lights flashing.


You had taken Dana to your younger siblings play. They were doing a cute little romance, your sibling the lead. As the curtains drew closed, the narrator said, “And that’s why you should always kiss a princess when you see one.”

“Okay.” Dana said and leaned over to you and pecked you on the lips. 


Gabe had taken you to a small house party for his band. The place was warm, people kept bumping into you. As the night went on, the house continued to acquire people. As you and Gabe were standing in the kitchen, somebody shoves you hard. Gabe grabs your elbows and pulls you up, smirking.

The smirk falls from his face when he realizes what you’re about to do. Standing toe to toe, you lean up and kiss him, pulling back and searching his eyes. After a brief moment, they open, showing laughter and his face lights up as he kisses you once more.


“Y/N! Y/N!” Will calls frantically. You two had gone to Disney for the day as friends. A parade had cut between you, forcing you apart. The crowds swallowed you both and you started to panick. Will knew how much you hated crowds and promised you he wouldn’t leave your side. Now everywhere you turned it was a different stranger elbowing you out of the way. You were spinning, searching for that boy. After five minutes of being bounced back and forth, you collapse on a bench, trying to calm down. Tears were coursing down your face, but not a single person stopped to see if you were okay. “Y/N!” You look up to see Will running towards you. You stand up to wrap yourself into his arms, shrinking into his embrace. He pulls back and takes your face into his hands and swiftly kisses you. The kiss is warm, worried, longing. Will pulls back, realizing what he just did, but you just wrap your arms around him and bury your face into his shirt, grinning.

A/N: Sorry Dana’s was so short, I just felt like I would have messed it up if I would have added more to it. ~Em

Cole Smut Imagine

(Warning: sexually graphic writing.Squirting. Masturbating. Handjob. Rough sex.)

“Baby, are you ready yet? If we don’t leave right now we’ll be late and you know how anal Gabe is about punctuality.”

You rush down the stairs, stuffing things in your purse and praying that you wouldn’t fall over in your heels. “Yes, yes, I know. Here I come.”

“Wow.” Cole says. You glance up and he looks as if he is undressing you with his eyes. You had put on a new dress that was tight, short, and red. Cole’s three favorite things. “Maybe we should be a little late to dinner.” He says reaching for your hip and pulling you closer to him. His hand slides and cups your ass, he squeezes hard, biting down on his lip. Mmm. He looks so sexy when he does that. He pulls you closer, pressing his hips into yours.

“Cole, we’re gonna be late.” You say, though you really wanted to give in.

Cole smirks. “Fine. But-,” he pulls his keys out of his pocket and drops them over your shoulder. “How about you pick those up for me, princess?” You smirk right back and turn around, his hand still glued to you and bend over right in front of him making sure he gets a good view of your ass in your new lingerie. “Unf.” He groans, pressing himself against you harder. You pull away quickly.
“If we don’t leave now, we’ll never leave.” You say and rush out the door.

“I can’t wait till we get home. ” Cole says as he struggles to keep his eyes on the road. You had hiked up your dress just enough and he had nearly killed you guys twice trying to peek. You yanked it above your hips and put your hand on the part of you that was begging to be fucked. You rubbed yourself through your thong. “Holy shit, baby.” Cole breathes, looking undone. You smirk and reach inside your underwear, massaging your clit. You moan, as you stick a wet finger inside and begin to pump. As you go faster and faster, your breathe grows more hitched. You can hear Cole muttering ‘holy shit’s and ‘oh my god’s which only makes you more heated. “Say my name, baby. Cum for me, baby.” He groans rubbing his crotch through his pants.
“Cole..fuck…yes..” you moan. And you repeat his name over and over as you feel yourself rising. “Oh! I’m gonna cum!” You shout and your walls come crashing down. You climax hard as you rub your pussy furiously. Your massaging slows as you come down from your high.
“I cannot wait to fuck your brains out, baby.” Cole says finally as your breathing slows, his eyes seeming much darker than usual.

“And if it isn’t the lovely couple. Nice of you to show up.” Gabe snarks as you and Cole walk up to the table. Cole rolls his eyes.
“We’re like five minutes late, dude. Chill.” he retorts. Dana snorts as we fill one side of the table by ourselves. Gabe scoffs as Alex rubs his shoulder, warning him to calm down. Conversation between the boys drones on, ranging from sports to music to food. Bored and looking to have some fun, you place your hand in Cole’s lap. He looks at you, puzzled but he continues his conversation. You start unzipping his pants, but his hand catches yours. He gives you a look of warning. You smirk and continue unzipping. Cole brushes you off. Its not until you have snaked your hand into his underwear and start palming his balls that he realizes you mean business. A slight smirk appears on his face as if to say ‘game on’. Under the tablecloth you slowly inch his dick out of his underwear, sliding your hand along as you pulled for extra edge. Cole fidgets in his seat but continues on talking. Your hands are already wet from touching yourself as you slide your hand up and down his member. His breath hitches in the middle of his sentence. “Fuck,” He mutters under his breath.

“What’s wrong, Cole?” You ask, feigning innocence. Cole laughs.

“Nothing, baby, just got something stuck in my throat.” He replies slickly.

“You really should eat moister foods. They slip right down my throat.” You say with a false smile, still pumping him.

“I bet they do.” He smirks again. Your friends around the table note this exchange with odd looks, but brush you two off. You continue rubbing your hands up and down his shaft, wishing you could take him in your mouth. You could tell it was getting harder and harder for him to contain himself. He found himself nervously tapping his fingers on the table. He leaned over to you, pressing his lips against your ear. Just the heat of his breath made you horny. "Princess, if you don’t stop now, I’m gonna cum.“ 

So you pull your hand away and get up from your seat, heading towards the bathroom. Thankfully, the bathroom is a one-person restroom. As you check your makeup in the mirror, Cole barges in and grabs you. He yanks your dress up from behind and pulls your panties down. He bends you over the counter and with one quick motion sticks two fingers in you and begins to pump slowly.

"Your pussy looks so pretty from behind, baby. Tell me who made you this wet, princess?” He says, taunting you. You look at him through the mirror.

“You did.” you moan as you feel his fingers inside of you. He grabs your breast with his free hand and starts squeezing.

“What was that, sweetie?”

“You did, Cole!” You say louder as he begins to pump faster.

“That’s right, baby. But I’m not gonna let you cum just yet. I want to be inside you.” He says and pulls his finger out of you. You sigh, disappointed. “You want me inside you right, princess?” You nod vigorously. “Okay, baby. I’m glad there’s a mirror so you can watch me fuck your brains out. ” He says, unzipping his pants. He pulls it out and slides into you, watching your face as you moaned with pleasure. He pumps himself in and out of you, heaving deeply, watching you in the mirror which only seemed to excite him more.

“Harder.” You breathe. And he heeds your demand. Hitting your g-spot with each thrust as you begin to fall apart. Your walls tighten around him and release with a shudder. You moan loudly as you feel juices squirting out of you. Cole pulls out, releasing onto your back and rubs your pussy furiously as you continue to squirt. He grips your thigh so hard it almost hurts, but you know that if he wasn’t , you would’ve fallen over from the uncontrollable pleasure.

As you felt yourself calming, Cole grabs some paper towels and begins to clean you up. He wipes your heat and you shivered at his slightest touch of him. Its super sensitive now. He pulls you panties back up and your dress down, and starts to help you stand up.

“You okay, sweetie?” He asks cautiously. You nod, still trying to control your breathing. He smiles. “So much for waiting until we got home, huh?”

Visiting the boys on the set of Band Camp! Requested by anon

A/N: I’m excited about this! In this, you are dating the member and you are visiting all of the guys :)

Your bags were in the trunk of the taxi as the car made it down the street to Todrick’s house. He had called you to see if you could surprise the guys on set. Once you had paid and tipped the driver, you walk up the steps, placing your bags on the ground, and ring the doorbell. Chester answers the door in his Wilfred persona. He lets you in and drops his character and hugs you.
You can hear the guys going through a scene in the kitchen and your heart flutters. It had been three months since you had actually seen Cole in person.
Tiptoeing, you walk to the doorway where Todrick spots you and makes eye contact. You put a finger to your lips as you walk up behind Cole. Once you are almost on top of him, you wrap your arms around his waist and rest your head against his back, causing him to jump and turn his head.
“Y/N!” He exclaims, the others echoing. Your engulfed in a huge hug and you smile, knowing you are finally with your boys again.

Dana’s parents were going to go visit the guys on the set of Band Camp, and they asked you if you wanted to tag along. Dana had known that his parents were coming, but you were a surprise.
“Love you too son. Oh, and we have a surprise for you,” his father says into the phone as he smiles at you in the rear view mirror. Your heart races as you think if the boy you love.
The car ride seemed like it took forever, but once you pulled up to Todrick’s house, you feel like time is going by fast. Dana was sitting on the steps and looking at his phone, but looked up as he heard the car. He saw his parents in the front, but thankfully he hadn’t seen you yet. Your phone buzzes with a text from him.
’ Wish you were here :’( ’
His parents get out and greet him. Once they have their bags, his mom makes a motion to the back seat. As he walks toward your door, your face is aching from smiling.
When he opens the door, his jaw drops and immediately he takes you into a hug. You sit with him for what seemed like hours when you hear the silly conversation of four teenage boys walk out of the house towards the car.
“Y/N!” Cole shrieks. Gabe comes sprinting towards you and shoves Dana out of the way, pulling you into a mass of boys.

You were sitting behind the cameras at Todrick’s house, tears streaming from your eyes, your tummy aching from laughing so hard. You had to be silent, but watching the guys was priceless.
Todrick called five, and the boys all relaxed and turned on some music. David strutted up to you, looking quite ridiculous in the costume they had him in. “Would you like to dance, m'lady?” He tipped his hat and donning the most ridiculous accent.
You accepted his hand and twirled around with him. Before you knew it, the other guys had paired up with each other and were mocking you, Cole and Will square dancing, Gabe and Dana twerking. Suddenly, the music was cut off, and Korey walked in with Todrick. Todrick’s face was stony, lips pursed and shaking his head
“Did I saw y'all could stop?” He broken into a smile and started the music again, joining the dance part that had started.
David pulled you close and winked. You blushed and got on your tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek.

This week, the boys were “getting jobs” for Band Camp. Your eyes lit up when Gabe walked out of your bathroom with a red polo shirt and work pants. Snickering, you made note if the way he had hastily tucked the shirt into the pants.
“Ha ha very funny.” He rolled his eyes. You both walked out of the room and got in the car with some of the other guys. Once arriving on location, you were prepped for a small cameo and given an order to memorize.
Once your boyfriend was situated behind the counter of this burger place, the cameras started to roll. Your cue was coming up, so you gathered yourself and walked up to Gabe.
Placing your order, you wink at him, making the edges of his mouth turn up. After a long day, you all eat at the restaurant, and Gabe splits a milkshake with you.

You woke up with a text from Will, saying ‘hi sweetie! We’re filming at Todrick’s today! Love you ’
Little did he know that you were visiting your aunt that lived down the road from Todrick. You got up and started getting ready, excited that you were going to to surprise Will. Wearing a shirt he got you for your birthday, you tell your aunt where your going.
Walking up the drive way where Todrick lived, you saw Will coming down towards you, absorbed in his phone, oblivious to you. When he was barely three feet from you, you clear your throat, causing him to jerk his head up.
His eyes widen as he hugs you. After nearly squeezing you to death, he tells you to jump on his back and run you to the house, down the halls, and to where the guys were. The all hug you and once the commotion calms down, Todrick speaks up.
“So I’m guessing you didn’t bring the trash bins back up.” He says smiling at Will.

Watching Scary Movies blurb requested by anon

Cole: So I imagine that Cole would challenge you to a night of scary movies and he’d be all cocky and tease you and say things like, “aw babe, we don’t have to watch this if you don’t want” when you’d jump even the slightest amount but then later that night he’d be in the bathroom washing his hands during a movie break and you’d walk in thinking he saw you but when he turns around and sees you he gives out the highest scream ever produced by a man so you’d end up teasing him the rest of the night

Dana: I think that Dana would have rented about 5 different scary movies, going from terrifying to cheesy, and that’s how you watched them and at the last one you were laughing but when you turn to look at him you’d see that he had his eyes covered and his face was pale and when you asked him what was wrong, he’d just say that he was really afraid of lumberjacks so when he was asleep you’d change every electronics background picture to a lumberjack and you woke up that morning to a very upset Dana pouting besides you and he wouldn’t stop until you pecked him on the cheek

David: Since David likes scary movies, he’d be the kind of guy to tease you about it and when you two finally decide to watch some, he’d poke at you but also make sure you were okay and during the scene where the first introduce the bad guy, he’d look over and see you covering your eyes and he’d bring you closer and snuggle with you and you’d sit like that but then the most intense part would show up and he’d find you hiding between him and the back of the sofa and so he’d sit you besides him again and tell you when a scary scene was going to happen so you didn’t freak out too much

Gabe: I think that Gabe and you would watch the movie and of course it’s be scary, but he’d play it off and use it as an opportunity to get closer to you, and by the end of the night you are practically sitting on top of him and you two would go to bed and you’d be freaked out and couldn’t sleep and when it’s finally time for you to get up, you glance over at Gabe and you’d see the bags under his eyes and you two would swear to never watch scary movies before bed

Will: Well precious little Will would choose a movie that didn’t sound that scary because he was concerned for you, his little princess, and so when you two would watch it, you already knew what would happen, having seen it twice, and the movie would go on and there was a scene where the murderer broke into a house in the middle of the night and so you two would be fine and you’d both get in bed and snuggle up to each other when there was a noise in your apartment, like the fridge running, and Will flipped and was like, “What was that is there anybody there hello please don’t kill me or my girlfriend please” and you’d just laugh and snuggle even closer to him to make him feel better

Accidental Turn On

Cole: You roll out of the bed that you share with Cole in his shirt. You love how you can wear his shirts like a dress. Walking into the living room, you see him on the couch, messing around with his phone.

“Good morning, Cole.”

“Morning, love.” He replies without looking up. You walk in front of the couch to where your dogs are sleeping. Bending over to pick up one of their toys, you hear Cole catch his breath. You turn around to see him wide eyed, blushing and squirming around a bit on the sofa. “Uh, Y/N, um… You’re not wearing any pants…”

“Yeah, so?” You ask him. You two lived together for crying out loud, it’s not the first time he’s seen you not wearing pants.

“And… Uh…” You realize what he’s trying to say. He’s turned on.

Dalton: It’s a normal day, you’re over at Dalton’s house watching tv in his room.“Y/N, I’m boooooooooooored.” He says, flopping across you.You sigh and start running your fingers through his hair. He closed his eyes and his lips parted ever so slightly. You absentmindedly let your fingers trail down his neck to his collar bones. Over the television, you hear him sigh lightly before he jolts upright. “AHH! Y/N! Stop!”

“What?” You look at him and wonder if he lost his mind.

“I-I-” Dalton blushes, the color rapidly gaining in his cheeks. You get the gist and slowly lean over and kiss him gently on the cheek before getting up and walking out of his room. Before you shut the door, you turn to see him staring at you with his jaw open. He’s turned on.

Dana: You two are cuddled together, Dana fast asleep holding you. You listen to his heartbeat, the steady rhythm calming you. You trace hearts over his, the skin bare. You watch as his eyelids flutter open, a small smile playing over his feature.

“Babe, what are you doing?” He asks, disoriented from sleep still. You prop yourself up and place your hand on his chest. Leaning up, you kiss him slowly. You pull back and he tries to follow you. Cuddling with him again, you hook one finger in the waistband of his boxers, your other hand tracing light circles on his chest. You feel him tense beside you, finally realizing what’s happening. You turned him on.

Gabe: You see Gabe sitting with his laptop in his lap. Walking over, you lean up against him. You kiss him on the cheek to greet him.

“Hey, babygirl. I love you.” He says to you.

You say nothing as you put your head in crook of his neck, inhaling the scent of his cologne. One of your hands is resting on his heart, the other is interlocked with his. You slowly blink your eyes a few times before you hear the breath catch in his throat. You pull back and look at his fave. You can read it all in his eyes; you turned him on.

Will: You pad into the kitchen of your apartment. You see your boyfriend Will standing over the stove making you a surprise grilled cheese.

“I must have died and went to heaven! Grilled cheese AND an angel?” You tease. He smiles down at you, planting a kiss on your forehead.

“Hello beautiful." You walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist, slipping your hands up the hem of his shirt. Your cold fingers meet his hot skin and he gasps a little bit. "Y/N, your hands are like ice!”

“Yeah, but they are warming up now, because of youuuu.” You whisper-sing to him. You lean your head against his back, listening to him hum a song with a sweet little melody. You start to sway and he follows. Slipping one hand into his front pocket, you move your other to massage a knot in his back. You start to massage it and he turned rigid. “Uh, Will?”

“I- um… You kinda…”

“Oh…” You turned him on.

Cole Fluff

“Okay, I got two double cheeseburgers, a chicken sandwich, one mango smoothie, one Hi-C, one Sprite, 3 apple pies, 3 large fries, and a 5 piece chicken nugget.” You say as you place the large McDonald’s bag and sodas on the table. The boys flock to the food, savagely shoving fries into their mouths without so much as a thank you. “Um, excuse me, where is my thank you?”

“Thank you!” They say, muffled by the food they were shoving into their mouths.

“Whatever…”, you mutter under your breath. Cole, however, hears this and plants a kiss on your cheek.

“Thank you, we were starving.” He says with a kind smile. He has such a gorgeous smile. You smile back.

“You’re welcome. I know once you guys start working you don’t want to stop.”

He smiles and opens his mouth to say something but is cut off by Dana. “Ay, Y/N, let me teach you how to do autotune.”

“Okay!” You say, giving Cole an apologetic shrug. He shrugs back in response and continues to eat his food as you to sit with Dana. You try to squeeze onto the computer chair but find it is not meant to comfortably seat 2 people.

“Dude, just sit on my lap. This is super uncomfortable.” For some reason the first thing is glance over at Cole, but he isn’t paying attention. Hesitantly you shift so that you’re on Dana’s knee. He sighs with relief. You glance back at Cole again and this time he is looking. And by the look on his face, he is not happy.

“Stop it, Dana!” You say as he tickles you mercilessly.

“Admit defeat!”


“Admit defeat!” He says still tickling you. You run away, peeking at him behind the couch.

“Stop it!” You laugh.

“Could you two be anymore obnoxious!?” Cole shouts over all the commotion. You and Dana stop playing around abruptly. Gabe looks up from his phone, startled. Cole never raises his voice. He looks so incredibly frustrated.

“Cole, we were just-”

“Just what? Annoying the shit out of me? Honestly, I am trying to make a beat and you can’t stop acting like a stupid girl for a second and sit down!” He shouts again. You are taken aback. He’s never spoken to you like this. Gabe stands.

“Yo, Cole, chill. They were just playing.” He says.

“Yeah, Cole, chill.”

“All you are is a distraction! You run around looking pretty for us, you’re just entertainment for when we’re bored. Just get out.”

“Why,” you choke on your tears,“ why are you being so mean? I didn’t do anything. Why are you talking to me like this, Cole?” You say as you feel yourself starting to cry. Something washes over his face as he sees how badly he’s hurt you.

“Wait, Y/N-”

“I’m leaving. ” You say, snatching your purse and shoving your way out of the the studio as quickly as you can. As you reach the exit you see that it is now raining, and Cole had been your ride. You groan internally. Did he really mean that? That you were just there to entertain them like some type of monkey?

“Y/N! Wait!”

You roll your eyes, “I can’t exactly leave.”

Cole glances behind you. “Oh. ” he turns back to you. “I’m sorry I yelled at you like that. I just-”

“Do not talk to me like that ever again. I am your best friend not your showpony.”

“ I know, I won’t, I won’t.” He says shaking his head as if he’d made the biggest mistake of his life.

“Then why did you?”

He opens his mouth then closes it again, he shuts his eyes furrowing his brow as if he was flinching away from something. “I was jealous.”

“What? Why would you be jealous of Dana?”

“Because…” He trails off, stopping himself from continuing.

“Because…?” You question mercilessly. You were still very angry but something about him made you a little more forgiving. You, of course, know why.  And suddenly he pulls you close to him, one hand cupping your face, the other at the small of your back. He hunches over and kisses you softly, like a whisper.

“Because I love you.”

“You love me?” you say, shocked. He had never…  but with sudden realization you realize he had. Glancing at you and smiling, always kissing you on your forehead and cheeks, always wanting a hug, never getting angry at you even when you did the dumbest things. How long had he?

“I love you, I love you, I love you. I could say it a million times, and it would always be true.” He pauses, studying your face. “Do you…?”

“Yeah,” you smile. “Yeah, I do.”

I do 5sos smut/imagines/preferences too!