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Updated Masterlist

(Last update: Nov. 20 2017)


1 - Your Dream College and How He Reacts | Part 2 

2 - He Gives You Reassurance 

3 - Stay With Me (Dana)

4 - He Takes Care of You / Babies You 

5 - He Gives You a Present 

6 - Break Up 

7 - He Does Something Sweet 


1 - Visiting (Luke) 

You visit Luke but things don’t really go as planned 

2 - Almost is Never Enough 

Inspired by the song by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes

3 - He Makes You Feel Bad/Insecure (Calum) (Michael)

4 - The Little Things (Cake) 

5 - Argument (Calum) | Part 2 

6 - Happily Never After (Ashton) | Part 2 | Part 3 

Inspired by the song by the Pussycat Dolls in which Ashton cheats on you 

7 - Marry Me (Luke) (Michael) (Calum) (Ashton)

Inspired by the song by Train 

8 - Fell Out of Love (Calum)

Calum has to move out to LA and leave Y/N making him think that in the future he’ll move on from her 

9 - Stupid Bet (Calum) | Part 2 

Y/N finds out her relationship was built on a bet Calum took when they were still in school 

10 - I’ll Give You Space (Michael)

Y/N overhears Michael call her clingy 

11 - Whipped (Michael)

Luke, Calum, and Ashton tease Michael for being whipped for Y/N which causes him to be rude

12 - Every Day (Calum) | Part 2 | Part 3

Calum and Y/N have been distant for the past 2 months and Y/N calls it quits in which Calum decides to send her flowers every day for every day he loves her 

13 - This Needs to End (Luke) | Part 2 

You’re Ashton’s little sister who started to date Luke, but Ashton finds out and tells Luke to break up with you or he loses his friendship with Ashton.

14 - First Date Failure (Michael) 

Your first date with Michael resulted in you getting an allergic reaction and he has to rush you to the hospital. 

15 - Not Really My Scene (Ashton)

Ashton takes you to a party but it’s not really your type of scene so you leave and he feels bad.

16 - Lack of Affection (Calum) 

You’re not into showing a lot of affection in public and you don’t know that it bothers Calum, until you accidentally curve him one day and he talks to you about it. 

17 - “But I Changed For You Cause You Promised…” (Luke) | Part 2 

Song request based on Cleveland, Oh by Little Brother. You meet and end up dating Luke who has a reputation of being a bad boy, but throughout your relationship you managed to get him to be a better person. Although, every relationship goes through rocky phases. 

Harry Styles

1 - Paper Hearts | Part 2 

Inspired by the song Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly (**Part 2 does not correspond with the song**) 

2. “Where were you when I needed you?” 

Inspired by a prompt from this list in which you feel your relationship with Harry is one-sided when it comes to supporting each other

3. Don’t You Remember | Part 2 | Part 3 

Inspired by the song “Don’t You Remember” by Adele. Going through a rough patch with Harry actually resulted in something you didn’t expect.

4. Clingy | Part 2 

You unintentionally go through Harry’s texts where he said you were being clingy.


IM5 - Zero Gravity

May 2015 Snapchat Masterpost

May Snapchat List:

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Alex Aiono ~ alexaiono

Alx James ~ alxjames10

Andrea Russett ~ andwizzle

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Noah Pierce ~ bhcfidhbbdud

Brandon Calvillo ~ bjcalvillo

Christian Leave ~ christianisms

Christian Collins ~ weekly-chris

Crawford Collins ~ crawfordcollins

Carl Chiasson ~ carl_chiasonn

Caspar Lee ~ casparlee1994

Jc Caylen ~ chamclouder

Chris O’Flyng ~ chrisoflyng

Cody Johns ~ codyjohns

Colby Brock ~ colbyvlogs

Cole Pendery ~ coleim5

Conor Richard ~ conor-richard

Corey Bowler ~ coreybowler

Danny Edge ~ dannytheedge

Lia Marie Johnson ~ dappyhays

Devin Hayes ~ devinhayes

Dinah Jane ~ dinahdime

Jake Foushee ~ drfoosh

Eben Franckewitz ~ ebenfranckewitz

Bryant Eslava ~ eslava

Ethan Dolan ~ ethandolan8

Thomas Sanders ~ foster_dawg

Frankie Grande ~ frankiejg8

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Lilly Singh (Superwoman) ~ iisuperwomanii

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Selfie C ~ xxselfiecxx

Zendaya Coleman ~ zendaya_96

Alyss ~ alyssisme

Cole Smut Imagine

(Warning: sexually graphic writing.Squirting. Masturbating. Handjob. Rough sex.)

“Baby, are you ready yet? If we don’t leave right now we’ll be late and you know how anal Gabe is about punctuality.”

You rush down the stairs, stuffing things in your purse and praying that you wouldn’t fall over in your heels. “Yes, yes, I know. Here I come.”

“Wow.” Cole says. You glance up and he looks as if he is undressing you with his eyes. You had put on a new dress that was tight, short, and red. Cole’s three favorite things. “Maybe we should be a little late to dinner.” He says reaching for your hip and pulling you closer to him. His hand slides and cups your ass, he squeezes hard, biting down on his lip. Mmm. He looks so sexy when he does that. He pulls you closer, pressing his hips into yours.

“Cole, we’re gonna be late.” You say, though you really wanted to give in.

Cole smirks. “Fine. But-,” he pulls his keys out of his pocket and drops them over your shoulder. “How about you pick those up for me, princess?” You smirk right back and turn around, his hand still glued to you and bend over right in front of him making sure he gets a good view of your ass in your new lingerie. “Unf.” He groans, pressing himself against you harder. You pull away quickly.
“If we don’t leave now, we’ll never leave.” You say and rush out the door.

“I can’t wait till we get home. ” Cole says as he struggles to keep his eyes on the road. You had hiked up your dress just enough and he had nearly killed you guys twice trying to peek. You yanked it above your hips and put your hand on the part of you that was begging to be fucked. You rubbed yourself through your thong. “Holy shit, baby.” Cole breathes, looking undone. You smirk and reach inside your underwear, massaging your clit. You moan, as you stick a wet finger inside and begin to pump. As you go faster and faster, your breathe grows more hitched. You can hear Cole muttering ‘holy shit’s and ‘oh my god’s which only makes you more heated. “Say my name, baby. Cum for me, baby.” He groans rubbing his crotch through his pants.
“Cole..fuck…yes..” you moan. And you repeat his name over and over as you feel yourself rising. “Oh! I’m gonna cum!” You shout and your walls come crashing down. You climax hard as you rub your pussy furiously. Your massaging slows as you come down from your high.
“I cannot wait to fuck your brains out, baby.” Cole says finally as your breathing slows, his eyes seeming much darker than usual.

“And if it isn’t the lovely couple. Nice of you to show up.” Gabe snarks as you and Cole walk up to the table. Cole rolls his eyes.
“We’re like five minutes late, dude. Chill.” he retorts. Dana snorts as we fill one side of the table by ourselves. Gabe scoffs as Alex rubs his shoulder, warning him to calm down. Conversation between the boys drones on, ranging from sports to music to food. Bored and looking to have some fun, you place your hand in Cole’s lap. He looks at you, puzzled but he continues his conversation. You start unzipping his pants, but his hand catches yours. He gives you a look of warning. You smirk and continue unzipping. Cole brushes you off. Its not until you have snaked your hand into his underwear and start palming his balls that he realizes you mean business. A slight smirk appears on his face as if to say ‘game on’. Under the tablecloth you slowly inch his dick out of his underwear, sliding your hand along as you pulled for extra edge. Cole fidgets in his seat but continues on talking. Your hands are already wet from touching yourself as you slide your hand up and down his member. His breath hitches in the middle of his sentence. “Fuck,” He mutters under his breath.

“What’s wrong, Cole?” You ask, feigning innocence. Cole laughs.

“Nothing, baby, just got something stuck in my throat.” He replies slickly.

“You really should eat moister foods. They slip right down my throat.” You say with a false smile, still pumping him.

“I bet they do.” He smirks again. Your friends around the table note this exchange with odd looks, but brush you two off. You continue rubbing your hands up and down his shaft, wishing you could take him in your mouth. You could tell it was getting harder and harder for him to contain himself. He found himself nervously tapping his fingers on the table. He leaned over to you, pressing his lips against your ear. Just the heat of his breath made you horny. "Princess, if you don’t stop now, I’m gonna cum.“ 

So you pull your hand away and get up from your seat, heading towards the bathroom. Thankfully, the bathroom is a one-person restroom. As you check your makeup in the mirror, Cole barges in and grabs you. He yanks your dress up from behind and pulls your panties down. He bends you over the counter and with one quick motion sticks two fingers in you and begins to pump slowly.

"Your pussy looks so pretty from behind, baby. Tell me who made you this wet, princess?” He says, taunting you. You look at him through the mirror.

“You did.” you moan as you feel his fingers inside of you. He grabs your breast with his free hand and starts squeezing.

“What was that, sweetie?”

“You did, Cole!” You say louder as he begins to pump faster.

“That’s right, baby. But I’m not gonna let you cum just yet. I want to be inside you.” He says and pulls his finger out of you. You sigh, disappointed. “You want me inside you right, princess?” You nod vigorously. “Okay, baby. I’m glad there’s a mirror so you can watch me fuck your brains out. ” He says, unzipping his pants. He pulls it out and slides into you, watching your face as you moaned with pleasure. He pumps himself in and out of you, heaving deeply, watching you in the mirror which only seemed to excite him more.

“Harder.” You breathe. And he heeds your demand. Hitting your g-spot with each thrust as you begin to fall apart. Your walls tighten around him and release with a shudder. You moan loudly as you feel juices squirting out of you. Cole pulls out, releasing onto your back and rubs your pussy furiously as you continue to squirt. He grips your thigh so hard it almost hurts, but you know that if he wasn’t , you would’ve fallen over from the uncontrollable pleasure.

As you felt yourself calming, Cole grabs some paper towels and begins to clean you up. He wipes your heat and you shivered at his slightest touch of him. Its super sensitive now. He pulls you panties back up and your dress down, and starts to help you stand up.

“You okay, sweetie?” He asks cautiously. You nod, still trying to control your breathing. He smiles. “So much for waiting until we got home, huh?”

Cole Smut for Anon

A/N: I DID IT oh god here it is love me again. I’ve been really busy lately, guys; this is my last year of high school and I’m trying to sort the rest of my life out. I can’t post as often as I used to. Maybe I might try getting another writer for this blog who can, but for right now it’s just me and there’s a lot happening. And now here u go frickin sleepy sex with Cole Pendery bye 🙃

Sexual Situations Ahead!


You’re tired.

And this isn’t news to anyone. You’ve always been tired; you were born with droopy eyes that wanted to close all the time. You’ve also always been grouchy when you’re tired: cursing out any and every person that dares to stand between you and your surface of sleep. The stress of your life and all of the different things going on, positive or negative, were pulling you down, closer and closer to the comforter.

When your boyfriend Cole tries to even broach the subject of cuddling or moving or anything when you’re this out, you contemplate the pros and cons of your relationship.

The door closes lightly behind you as you trudge into your apartment, toeing your shoes off haphazardly and using all of your effort to get into the living room. You barely register the twinkling lights strewn across the ceiling and the open curtains revealing your little part of Manhattan. The one thing on your mind is the couch with its soft cushions and recliners. You can’t even seem to tell that Cole isn’t anywhere to be seen, which was strange, considering he insisted that he’d be home to see you.

Your body hits the couch, peacoat and all, and you finally sleep.


Cole is a little fucking disappointed.

It took him a long time to put those lights up.

It took him even longer to get the balls to ask the neighbor across the hall for help.

And it sucks because you do look so cute when you’re asleep with the light of the TV reflecting off of the window and then back onto you, with your mouth half open and light snores sounding from your mouth.

You know what else is cute? Cole thinks, “The fucking bath bombs I bought from LUSH this morning.”

He’s not mad though: he almost never is. And certainly is he not mad with you; you spend hours on hours up, going to class, studying, working. Supporting him when he has to go back to California for months at a time because Babe, the band is doing so well. For the last week he’s been visiting, he followed you everywhere: to class, to Starbucks, to the little shop on the corner of the block where you get your shoes. He knows that his time with you is so limited, and New York is fascinating, and being with you makes him feel whole. You are all nebula and big dreams, Pumpkin Spice and college life. He cannot get enough of you.

Cole smirks when you turn over, your coat forgotten in a heap right beside the coffee table. He strips quietly, his eyes never leaving your face, and just as he’s about to slide behind you, you grunt.

But it doesn’t exactly sound like a grunt.

Cole is stunned for a moment, because he knows how you moan for him in bed; it’s a sound he never wants to rid himself of, so he stares at you incredulously before moving again, this time only getting a step in before you moan again, louder, eyes scrunched slightly as you pull you bottom lip between your teeth. The fact that you’re having a sex dream, right in front of his eyes, that undoubtedly has to be about him, turns him on to no end. Sure, he might have planned a really romantic evening that should or shouldn’t’ve ended with amazing, mind-blowing sex for the both of you, but that was besides the point right now. Cole just wants to make you feel good; you deserve it.

So he slides up next to you, his eyes fluttering when he feels your body against his. He loves being able to be this close to you. You turn again, lazy smile on your lips as you close the space between you and Cole, lips colliding messily. He reaches a hand around your body to pull you closer, hands on your ass as he slots a thigh between your legs, grinding.

“You weren’t here when I got home…” You murmur, leaning on your elbows as Cole shifts on top of you, his hips crashing into yours.

“Was out,” he mumbles, reaching down to the hem of your shirt, “wanted to do something for you…”

Your brain suddenly registers the twinkling lights and scented candles and the bag from LUSH in the corner of the room. Your heart swells with love because your boyfriend is amazing. Cole is your sun and your stars and you feel like shit for ignoring him on a night he had planned for you.

“Oh shit…” You mutter, your eyes threatening tears. He smiles softly at you, leaning in to kiss you again.

“We can still take a bath, if you want…after certain things are done first…” Cole bites his lip as his fingers brush the waistline of your jeans. You roll your eyes and pull him down again, clothes shedding with each passing minute.

It’s a kind of intimacy you’ll never tire of. Cole has never made you feel anything but comfortable and beautiful and wanted. He thrusts in deeply, as if to fill you to the brim and make note of how you feel around him when he’s gone back to California. Your mouth falls open, watching as his hips piston back and forth in a relentless rhythm that’ll leave you sore.

“That feel good, baby? You like this?” He mutters into your neck, placing a rough bite to the skin below your jaw. A loud moan rips through you as you nod frantically, lifting your hips in an effort to get him closer, feel him better. He kisses you deeply, tongues and teeth clashing together messily.

“’M so close, Cole, fuck…please…” You whimper, throwing your head back as his hips pick up impossibly. Cole moans into your ear, his hands bracing themselves on the arm rest behind you as he pounds.

“M-me to, baby, you feel so good, so fucking good, missed you…” He’s murmuring nonsense into your skin in between love bites like he always does. “F-fuck, want me to fill you up, baby? I think I’m gonna, gonna come so hard inside you just like I want to…”

It’s then that the pleasure mounts to something awful, your orgasm ripping through you. Your mouth drops and your hips lock, nerve-endings lighting one by one. Cole follows suit and keeps his promise, pulsing three or four times inside of you. You kiss him through it: his lips, his cheeks, his neck. Cole pulls out and collapses on top of you, his body heavy, but not in a bad way. The streetlights illuminate his face in the best way, a kind of pale you love.

“Love you, Y/N.” He whispers to you, leaning in just slightly to punctuate his words with a kiss to your neck. You hum in agreement, closing your eyes.

“Can we go take that bath now?” You whimper, shifting uncomfortably. Cole nods and stands, offering you his hand as you walk to the bathroom together.

“Cole?” You ask as you sit in the murky blue water the bathbomb has given you. Cole hums from behind you, fingers locking with your own.

“Yeah, baby?”

“It is so creepy when you watch me sleep.”