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J. Cole Interview with Angie Martinez Power 105.1

I just sat here and watched this entire interview. If you are not a J Cole fan or you feel some type of way about him, please watch it all the way through. This brother is hands down my favorite rapper right now. This goes beyond the album to his intellect. I didn’t know he was the president of his black student association, I didn’t he had views of how the industry is like he does, I didn’t know that was his first time performing Be Free on letterman and I just didn’t realize how dope he is. Very powerful interview and worth your time

I realized the monetary, the material, even the success - the things that you place your importance on never can never satisfy you because they never end. There’s no amount of money that will ever make you stop if money is all you care about…If you place your importance on appreciation, love is enough for everybody’s life right now if they just take the time to look.
—  J. Cole