cole farrell


Not One Of England’s Finer Performances!

Yes, England Came Away With The Six Nations Chamionship

Yes, England Had A Remarkable Winning Streak Under Eddie Jones.

But I Am Gob-Smacked By The Unsportsmanlike Performances Of Some England Players On The Pitch Today!

Owen Farrell…What The Frack!!!!

Dan Coles…Well, He Does Not Surprise Me…Big PWE!

And Danny Care…Keep Your Cool Man!

Ireland Played Phenomenally!

St. Patrick’s Revenge!!!

Erin Go Bragh, Laddies And Lassies!

I am actually very interested in seeing how the obviously biased expulsion trial in 1x10 plays out.

I want to know exactly what happened the day Cole was poisoned and wonder if the testimonies will shed light on that. I wonder if any of the testimonies will shed light on some potential suspects for us. For example, Archie revealing that he had offered Cole a drink that day or something would place him quite high on my suspects list, despite my reluctance to believe it was him who had slipped Cole the mothballs.

Or will these testimonies be more emotionally fueled with Tess, and maybe even Jo, arguing in favour of Danny not being expelled because of their image of Danny and the minimal evidence against him. Or perhaps the whole soccer team making up some atrocious things about Danny to make the counsel dislike him further so he will be expelled without a doubt.

I really want to know these things since it appears that this situation may not be fully resolved by the time 1x12 finally rolls around and Lacey may find herself indirectly involved. Not to mention that Conny BrOTP will be much more difficult to salvage if things go horribly wrong.