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OUTFIT: Sweater Around The Waist Trend

Let’s Get Waisted!

It might be 5 o'clock somewhere but fashinz are totes looking like it’s the 90s right now. The tying a shirt or sweater around your waist trend has really exploded and literally everyone is doing it. Kanye, Bad Girl RiRi, street style icons, and even some of this season’s menswear designers have been seen showcasing this 90’s fad for F/W14 and TBH I ain’t really mad at it. I mean I get the practicality of it. It’s a great way to battle the ever changing weather without having to carry around an extra layer because that extra layer is already built into your look. For this outfit I used a long cardigan that almost appears to be a “skirt” layered over my dad jeanz, pero like it’s not so you can calm down, okay? But like you can literally do this with any shirt. Uhm hello, remember plaid and the whole grunge era? There’s your inspiration. Now what do you say, shall we get waisted this season?


Kenneth Cole Jacket//  H&M Cardigan  //  Proper Blend  T-Shirt  //  Big Star Jeans  //  Vans Shoes


so @shadyvox secured me a copy of mixcraft; i’ve been playing with it on and off to learn the ins and outs of the program. so far i’ve made a couple doodles and wip versions of themes for my characters, but this is getting closer to the finished product :U 

this is a theme for Illibera, the capital city that a good chunk of the plot takes place in. it’s an overrun gross polluted mess, home to the largest manufacturing plant / refinery of adelphium on the planet. half of the city is encased in a giant dome to protect the more affluent from the smog, while those in the slums (like rahleigh) are left out in this junk on the day to day.

i haven’t done sample / reconstruction based work in quite a few years so i hope this turned out at least a little for what i’m going for ;u;