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Eight long years ago, in the city of Ninjago, the fate of the world was played on a single card.

A contest, the most famous of all the continent. The Blade Cup. Groups of Acapela singers from all over the world went to the theater, participating to win the million dollar prize, and the coveted Blade Cup.

But something else was happening that night. Lord Garmadon, under the supervision of his faithful butler Pythor, had entered the contest to win the cup, hypnotize all of Ninjago and rebuild the world at his image. However, the Royal Blacksmiths were there to save them all. The quartet, led by Lou Hence and his manager Wu, brother of Garmadon, defeated the evil artist, sending him to prison forever, winning the cup and a medal to honor. Major awards were bestowed upon the brave Royal Blacksmiths while Lord Garmadon was sentenced to life in jail, leaving his young son Lloyd in the hands of Pythor.

As the child fell into misery, in the city grew a small group of heroes, who unknowingly were destined to defeat the great group of evil in a new rebirth of the acapella. This is the beginning of the Elemental Masters.

Our first hero is Cole Hence, the unique young son of the legend of the Royal Blacksmiths. Everyone in Ninjago had their eyes on him, too much pressure for the little one.

He dedicated his whole life to studying music and dance until he became the best. Unfortunately it was so much pressure to him, due to that he can only sing when he is alone. He suffers from stage panic too. He has managed to reach the last course for who he is, more like for who’s son he is, but it is time to demonstrate his true potential.

Two unfortunate siblings, Nya and Kai Smith. Their parents died when they were very young, with little resources they began to work in their pre-adolescence. Nya was a prodigy of electronics and from an early age worked to pay the daily expenses, and later the studies of her brother and her own. A true example of unconditional affection for her brother. Unfortunately she barely had time to spend with him or her boyfriend. On the other hand, her brother, Kai, enjoys wasting his time, spending his days at school without paying attention. Kai thinks sing and dance is not his roll, but he does not want to disappoint his sister. His true passion is the beatbox, he creates sounds with his mouth like no one has ever heard in their village, and his friend Jay Walker raps to the sound of his music.

Jay lives with his parents in the junkyard where he grew up. Despite the fact he‘s adopted  he loves his parents unconditionally. All of his biological father‘s furtune were dedicated to his parents and his own career in electronics and robotics. Like his girlfriend Nya, his passion is electronic gadgets, robots and computers. They love building and repairing together, but Jay loves something else : rapping. It is the boy‘s passion, he thinks he does it right, but he also think that it is too embarrassing to do it in front of someone besides his best friend.

A lonely android suffers in the dark. Zane Julien ,is the head of the Julien family, once a beloved home-made robotics house. His father, Dr. Julien built him himself, to entertain those who cannot find happiness. Unfortunately Zane’s father died before he could finish Echo, his little brother. So our android must work double-day to pay for the repairs of his younger brother.

A young and lost Lloyd Garmadon, struggles to defeat his ghosts. He is about to enter the new course at the Marty Oppenheimer School of Music and Dance. Being the most hated child of all Ninjago, he was made to live in the attic. Always alone, tragedy seemed to seek him. No one took care of him during his childhood. He wondered every day how his father was, until one day, he stopped. His uncle, Wu, visited him from time to time to train him, knowing that he had dared to leave his tower to go to the new course. Lloyd will have to face everyone’s rejection, but he is not alone. Not this time.