coldtothebones: graphic meme

Wrestling Meme

[10] – Favourite Male Superstars

[10] – Favourite Female Superstars

[9] - Favourite Attires

[8] – Favourite Finishers/Submissions

[7] – Favourite Entrances

[6] – Favourite Champions

[5] - Favourite Tag Teams/Stables

[4] - Favourite Rivalries

[3] – Favourite PPVs

[2] – Favourite Promos

[1] - Favourite Hall of Famer

feel free to tag me in your posts, i’d love to see what you create!

Ships Meme

So Michaela is helping me come up with a multi-fandom ships meme. Because I wanted to photoshop but no memes I came across really made me want to do them all the way through.

○ a ship i never thought i’d ship
○ a ship from my childhood
○ a canon ship that i adore
○ a ship on an actual ship
○ a ship in which one half is dead
○ a genderswapped ship
○ a ship my friend coerced me into editing
○ a warrior ship
○ a time-traveling ship
○ a ship from a book
○ a historical ship
○ an ‘opposites attract’ ship
○ a ship so non-canon it physically pains you
○ a recently made canon ship
○ a crossover ship

kpop graphic meme

so, i have made a kpop meme, mostly because i couldn’t find the old one i was doing (and which i hadn’t done anything on for six months). but ya, here it is.

  • one agency
  • two tattoos
  • three colors
  • four fashionistas
  • five hair colors
  • six photoshoots
  • seven concepts
  • eight bodies
  • nine music videos
  • ten biases

of course, you can alter this any way you want, like have seven dancers instead of visuals or whatever. yeah… okay, bye. (have fun!)

» my graphic rp meme

  • eleven of someone else’s characters
  • ten of your own characters
  • nine character hometowns
  • eight favorite faceclaims
  • seven character family members (npc or not)
  • six one true pairings/ships
  • five character instagam profiles
  • four significant quotes
  • three important friendships
  • two character families
  • one character you will never let go of


After seeing a number of these floating around I’ve taken elements from quite a few to create my own, which goes as follows…

  • 10 otp’s
  • 9 of your own characters
  • 8 plot ideas
  • 7 character tropes or archetypes
  • 6 characters not your own
  • 5 brotp’s
  • 4 memorable moments
  • 3 universes
  • 2 families
  • 1 favourite character