My momma and I went to Coldstone Creamery the other day (where my sister works so we got it all free 😍) and got matching Like Its. I might have gotten the next size up if we hadn’t just had the BEST Mexican food and eaten loads of chips and queso. Anyways, I got Sugar Cookie Batter ice cream with sprinkles mixed in and she got French Vanilla and Coffee ice cream with nothing mixed in because she doesn’t like to live dangerously like yours truly.

Also, how fun are her shoes?? I have a cool mom 😊☺️

When I worked at Coldstone u would not believe how many people left dirty napkins and cups on the tables even tho the trash can was less than a foot away. I hated those people so much

True Taurus Story

My fiancé and I just got back from getting ice cream at Coldstone. (They are expensive but delicious.)

I fell down the stairs with my ice cream. It lands near the bottom and I land somewhere halfway down.

First words out of my mouth - “The ice cream!”

I told my fiancé to save the ice cream. I wouldn’t even let him help me up. I made him take care of the ice cream so it wouldn’t fall out.

(The ice cream was okay. A little on the wall and the floor, but mostly still in the cup.)

Battle for The Angst Crown Round 2: Coldstone Creamery AU


Dan’s hands trembled as he frantically tried to pull the little levers. Nothing happened. He cursed under his breath and glanced back at the waiting customer. They were patiently and politely pretending to not notice how long this was taking. He yanked on the lever again and this time it fell off.


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tales of a delivery driver

People who are the BEST tippers:
* The 20-something manager at a Coldstone who orders for himself and his crew on Friday nights
* A Geek Squad guy who in the many months of delivering to him has never said a single word to me but always tips a $5 or better
* The owner of a nearby smoke shop
* A dermatologist at a nearby practice who orders at noon on the dot every weekday
* The bartender at a nearby pub who not only tips well but orders for his staff too
* A man who told me he was the manager of a Dominos and knows exactly what drivers get put through
* A public middle school teacher who called the store CRYING FROM GUILT because she forgot to add a tip to an online order and didn’t have cash (thankfully we can charge a tip on her card on delivery, but having someone who definitely doesn’t make much money care about food service workers was extremely touching)

People who are the WORST tippers:
* The head nurse at a health and rehab center who refused to tip on a $250+ catering order and called the manager /enraged/ because we didn’t bring plates and silverware (which we don’t carry and aren’t mentioned or advertised anywhere whatsoever)
* A music shop employee who is extremely rude and condescending over the phone (but always chooses to call us instead of ordering online (because I believe he’s a miserable, lonely bastard and talking down to minimum wage employees is the only way he can feel good about himself)) and who has even tried to give our drivers less than the cost of the order as punishment
* The dudebro cashier of a vitamin store who laughs at our drivers when he puts a 0 for gratuity
* A lawyer and his secretaries who both complain about delivery times during LUNCH RUSH and are always rude
* A customer who orders the same thing every time, never tips, and then calls the store to complain that we forgot onions and thus his order should be free (except that we deal with him so much that we have everyone on the shift see the goddamn onions on his sandwich before the driver leaves the store)
* and finally, a hospital administrator who ordered over $2,400 in catering (which took six-seven people since 6 AM to make and two drivers with packed cars to transport) who A) told us to “just pull side-by-side into the patient drop-off loop when you get here” so she didn’t have to walk to meet us (AKA BLOCK IT ENTIRELY FOR ACTUAL PATIENTS), B) had one tiny cart to transport eight catering bags of food and got snippy with us because “I didn’t think it would be so much”, and C) put a big fat 0 on the gratuity that was going to be shared with everyone in the store because “we’re already giving you enough money” despite THE EMPLOYEES NOT GETTING A CENT OF THE ORDER OR ANY COMPENSATION FOR WORKING ON YOUR ORDER FOR HOURS