It took over a year, and I never thought I would ever reach this point, but THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I’m so happy to be a part of one of the best fandoms EVER. 

 Name: clodplaye (run by me: PJ).                                                                      Blog created: July 21st, 2015.                                                                          Post count: 5,289.                                                                                              Derp edits made (including videos): 218. 

With that being said, of course I have some shoutouts:

First, if you didn’t know already, my best friend irl (@mintymarco) convinced me to make this account, and without her, this blog wouldn’t even exist right now, and neither would my derp edits. You can all thank her later.

Now, I would consider @mxvinyl/@tys-florals as one of my best friends. Jordan and I created our accounts within a week of each other basically. She was one of my first followers, and I would like to thank her for being so absolutely wonderful and supportive of my blog.

@armyofone/@dronesforhands for also being supportive and also one of my first followers. Ray is probably one of my best friends on here, and thank you for inspiring me to make more Coldplay covers again! Also, everytime you put the tag “clodplaye’s amazing work”, it makes me feel so happy that you like my edits! 

@geekleyweekley, Sam, you’re absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for reblogging and liking what I post and also for being one of my friends on here! ^_^

My biggest fans and friends for also being awesome: @petitpoptarts, @flamingplay@anirudhiyer19992, @heart-as-a-weapon@coldplayfeels, @dontyoushiverx, @iwantedyourtruth, @aguyfullofstars@usuk112, @violafortin@waffle42, @foolsgoldthunder, and @a-sky-full-of-drones!! <3

And the biggest shoutouts go to the blogs I admire the most: @buckin-love (you were literally the first person to follow me and I still can’t believe you do! I love your beautiful work!), @coldplaymania, @coldplay-kid, and @philharvey; thank you all for following me and being huge inspirations for me. The things you all do and make really keep me going, and I appreciate you!

And now, some other Coldplay blogs that I follow that you should probably check out too if you haven’t already:

#: @-42nd-coldplayer

A @adreamaway, @a-head-full-of-coldplay@allcapscoldplay, @amyrosemartin42@anti-sheep-jonny, @apple-moses-martin, @armyofcoldplay, @army-of-memes, @a-rush-of-coldplay-to-the-head@arushofswifttothehead, @askyfullofstarss@a-sky-full-of-twiglets@at-the-speed-of-sound

B @bassandtaste, @believeincoldplay, @bitches-please-w-coldplayers @buckin2377 @bucklando, @bycoldplay

C @callitmagic42@carkidswhiteshadows, @chrisandannabelle, @chris-campaign, @christophercado@coldplagic@coldplay (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT ;)), @coldplaybot, @coldplayeveryday, @coldplay-fan-blog, @coldplaygifs@coldplayglitch, @coldplaygraphics, @coldplayismagic, @coldplaylogic, @coldplaymusc, @coldplay-music-collection, @coldplaymyaddiction, @coldplayingparadise, @coldplayproblems, @coldplays, @coldplaysparachutes, @coldplayt, @coldplayurr,@coldslaying, @comeonlovestaywithme, @concretecanvas 

E @everglow42 

F @filiprasmusson, @findyourselfalone@flockofbirbs (your art gives me life; thank you so much!), @fuckyeahbuckin,  @fuckyeahcoldplay, @fuckyeahguyberryman, @fuckyeahphilharvey (someone needs to make a fuckyeahchrismartin, willchampion, and jonnybuckland PLEASE)

G @guyberrymanfeels@guyberryyum, @guysberryman 

H @hymnforthecoldplay

I @iheartcoldplay@imcoldplayer@in-my-coldplay-head, @it-such-a-shame-for-us-to-part

J @jonathanbuckland, @jonnyfuckland

K @kanyes

L @littlewhiteshad0ws, @lostcoldplayer

M @mosesmartin-applemartin@mrsberryman88, @mxylotos, @mylox, @mystrawberrysky

N @nannicoldplayer@natalielavida, @newscoldplay (ALSO IMPORTANT TO FOLLOW)

O @ohchrismartin, @oleolecoldplay 

P @pardonthecoldplay, @pfofie@princessesofchina (you’re one of my favorites as well :))

S @sehnstars@she-ran-away-in-her-sleep-and@singin-out, @strawberryman-swing@straw-berryman-swing@stuckinreverse-c@swallowedinthestars

T @the-consulting-coldplayer@thegirlwho14@tilcoldplaycome 

U @upwiththebirds

V @violet-hills@vivalacoldplay, @viva-la-coldplayers@viva-la-turner 

W @walkthecoldplay, @we-llbeglowinginthedarkk@weliveforcoldplay@will-champion, @whereiwantedtogo

X @xyloto

Y @yeahilovecoldplaysowhat

Again, thank you all so much for 1,000+! Couldn’t have done it without any of you.

I still can’t believe this. I started this blog as a joke, but it turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Stay awesome people, and I will continue to run this blog and make edits for as long as I can! <3

With love, 





























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these are all my favourite blogs and you should definetely follow all of them if you don’t already.
and if i’ve forgotten you then you’re not important enough..