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the calendar // panic! at the disco

Okay but don’t listen to the Scientist by Coldplay if you are discouraged | depressed | anxious for no reason | well of course there’s a reason | recently let down by someone you love | emotionally conflicted | unsure of your path or meaning in the world | PMSing | having a bad day | feeling unworthy | a bunch of other negative bullshit | basically just don’t listen to it

((ok so i actually posted this a few weeks ago on my insta but i realized i never posted it here so here we go))

ok fun story about this, this started off as a quick sketch at the table at macaroni & grill but i couldn’t finish it before we left so i took the piece of the paper with the unfinished drawing home with me and i was finishing the sketch but then i decided to listen to a Coldplay marathon and it started turning into a more realistic drawing and then it went to tHIS AND I’M NOT EVEN GOOD AT SHADING OR COLORING (ESPECIALLY WITH PENCILS) DO YOU SEE WHAT COLDPLAY DOES TO ME IT’S LIKE CREATIVITY CAFFEINE 💙💜💚💛❤💚💙💜🎨☕

[P L E A S E do not repost without giving me credit. I’d prefer if you asked, but giving me credit is enough. 💕]

I’ll always look out for you,
That’s what I’ll do. x