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A Wonderful Adventure

I stopped using this account months ago because of a very specific personal reason which was completely unrelated to my love for Coldplay and Jonny. However, THE PAST FEW DAYS HAVE BEEN ABSOLUTELY INSANE AND I NEED SOMEWHERE TO VENT ABOUT IT! 

I don’t really know where to begin or how to explain properly what happened recently. After years of saving, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to follow Coldplay for the last 5 dates of the European leg of the A Head Full of Dreams Tour in Cardiff and Paris. A few amazing things happened on the tour, so I thought I’d make a post explaining them. 

By now, I’m sure you all know about the incident at Coldplay’s Dublin gig a couple of weeks ago where Jonny got hit in the head with a bottle while he was performing on the C-stage. It really upset me as someone who looks up to Jonny a lot, both physically (because he is part giraffe) and as a musician. There was a massive outpouring of love across social media towards him and it made me really happy because he’s such a sweet person and deserves love and respect, rather than things like that. But the idiot who did it is just that; an idiot. They pale in comparison to the hundreds of people who were showing love towards him. 

The day after the concert, on Sunday 9th July, my friend Alycia (@coldplay-kid) was coming to my house as we were leaving for Cardiff the next day to see Coldplay. I was in my room blasting A Head Full of Dreams as I tidied it. I was also scrolling through Twitter and I noticed that Jonny tweeted a fan saying that he was okay after what happened in Dublin. I replied telling him that I couldn’t wait to see him nail his guitar solos in Cardiff:

I also tweeted about how British he is because he said thank you twice in his tweet before I went back to tidying my room. A few minutes later I picked up my phone because I noticed it was lighting up with loads of notifications. I went on twitter and loads of people were mentioning both me and Coldplay. Then I realised that Jonny had tweeted me! 

I started completely freaking out and my mum came in asking what happened! I went around telling everybody in the house that Jonny had tweeted me. I really don’t know how he found the tweet because I didn’t reply to his tweet for 25 minutes and in the one he replied to I didn’t even tag the band’s account! I guess he was lurking on Twitter or stalking my account (!) It was incredible because Jonny tweets very rarely and tweets fans even more rarely. I always used to tweet Coldplay asking them to check whether Jonny had the correct password and working wifi because of how infrequently he tweeted! I feel really honoured to have been one of the few fans that he has ever tweeted. I never ever thought he would reply, especially because I didn’t tag the band in it and they don’t follow me! It was such a funny tweet and it makes me smile every time I read it. Still hasn’t sunk in, to be honest. 

After the tweet, I thought my week couldn’t get any better…but then the concerts happened. 

Cardiff Night One (1/5)

I was going to the first Cardiff show with Alycia and our three other friends, Amber, Hannah and Laura. We all decided to make signs for the band. I wanted to make one for Jonny and settled on one that said “Jonny Buckland Defence Squad”. After what happened in Dublin I thought he deserved a supportive sign. The plan on Tuesday was to run to C-stage and to hopefully get on the barrier and get them to notice our signs. After almost three hours of queueing in the pouring rain, we managed to get C-stage barrier! Here’s a picture of all of us with our signs before he concert started:

The first part of the concert was amazing, but we were waiting in anticipation of them coming to the C-stage. Finally, the lights went down and The Guesthouse and Amazing Grace played. We knew it was time.

The first song they played on the C-stage was In My Place and as Jonny was playing the opening riff, he started turning around. He saw my sign straight away! He nodded at me and started beaming and even bowed his head like he was a bit embarrassed, bless. It honestly made me SO happy because Cardiff was the next show after Dublin and the last time he was on the C-stage something was thrown on him, but now he had a positive sign just for him! 

Here’s Jonny noticing the sign on the video I took:

Immediately after Jonny saw it, Guy saw it and smiled at me and then Chris came over to him and started looking at the crowd and he also saw the sign and laughed! I was in heaven. During the rest of the set, Jonny looked at me a few more times, still smiling, which was just amazing. They really are so close on the C-stage. I didn’t think it could get any better but boy, was I wrong. At the end of Us Against The World, Jonny took his guitar off and put it down on his stand. He walked straight over to me, beaming, and put his hand out towards me. I tried my best to reach over the barrier but then he mimed throwing something at me. I was shaking so much I couldn’t quite take in what was happening until it was over. He threw his pick at me and it landed just in front of me on a coat which had fallen off the barrier! He was trying his best to get it to me and absolutely beaming at me as he did it. It was such a special moment. He even waved goodbye to me as he left. I found pictures on Twitter of the moment a couple of days later:

(There’s also a video).

I put the torch on my phone on and refused to take my eyes off the pick until I had it in my hand. Infuriatingly, I was slightly too short to lean over the barrier fully and pick it up. Amber even offered to pick my ankles up so I could lean down and get it! Eventually, the stewards returned and I managed to get one of them to pass it to me (but not before she sent it flying as she thought I meant the coat…very stresssful). I finally came back to consciousness about halfway through Up&Up as I was in such a state of shock (and stressed over getting the pick)!

I still can’t process what happened and don’t know that I ever will. I wrote on the reverse of my sign “P.S. Can I have a pick please :)” and after Jonny had seen my sign I flipped it over. I intended to hold it up at the end for one of the Roadies to possibly notice, I never thought in a million years that Jonny Buckland would throw me his own pick on stage! I haven’t seen him do that to a fan recently. I feel so lucky and grateful for everything. 

Here’s me at the end of the show, pick and sign in hand (I look like a deer in headlights):

We also all got given picks by one of Coldplay’s roadies, Hoppy, who told us to come to the A-stage at the end because he didn’t have any with him at the C-stage. It was such a sweet thing to do. He really went out of his way to make our night special.

Cardiff Night Two (2/5)

On the second night in Cardiff, Alycia and I both had VIP Early Entry meaning we would be near the stage. I thought we were on Guy’s side for some reason, but when we got to the stadium on the day we realised we were actually on Jonny’s! I was over the moon. We already agreed that we wanted to stand near the A-stage, so it now meant I would be close to him again. After a messy entry, we managed to get on the barrier a little bit along from Jonny. We were both ecstatic with our spot. I brought the sign with me to the stadium, but I wasn’t sure whether to hold it up or not. I felt a bit awkward doing it again, so I had it at my feet on my the barrier thinking I would use it during the concert if he didn’t notice me. It wasn’t needed at all! As soon as the band came onstage for A Head Full of Dreams, during the opening verse, Jonny saw me and smiled at me. I think he remembered me from the night before. I was so happy. I made so much eye contact with him throughout the concert and there really is nothing like having his infectious smile aimed directly at you! During the Paradise remix, I was jumping up and down like a woman possessed. It’s one of the highlights of the concert for me, it’s so fun live. Jonny saw how much I was dancing and smiled at me again! He also smiled at Alycia and I during Fix You when he started his guitar solo because we started cheering him and dancing to it. I caught another moment on camera during Adventure of A Lifetime. They have monkey graphics on the screen and as a joke, I pointed at the screen and screamed “HARAMBE!!!!”. I looked up towards the stage and Jonny was looking at me and laughing. I mouthed something like “oh my god” and face palmed in embarrassment and he kept smiling at me. I don’t know if he heard what I shouted but he was definitely looking at me and smiling so that was pretty awesome. 

Here are a few screenshots of that moment:

At the end of the concert, Rob Brydon and a couple of others came out to sing the Welsh National Anthem. I noticed Jonny learnt it on guitar which I thought was really sweet. It was amazing to see him at his “home” show. Just before the bow, he came and stopped in front of us and applauded us. It was just incredible. I couldn’t get over the unbelievable couple of days I had. But I still had three more shows to go!

Paris Night One (3/5)

Luckily for Jonny’s mental health, I had seats for this show. I knew I was high up but I didn’t realise I was right on the back row! I had an amazing view of the Xylobands:

The Jonny Buckland Defence Squad was also still going strong at the back, as seen in this video I posted on Twitter.

I enjoyed a more chill gig and I think you need to see it from near the back to really appreciate all the special effects and effort that goes into each and every show.

Paris Night Two (4/5)

For this show I had normal standing. Feeling kind of insane and pretty exhausted, I headed back to the Stade de France at around 8am (after getting back to my hotel at 1am) and met up with my friend Ginnie. I spent the day queueing with Ginnie and her friends in thirty plus degree heat which was exhausting. Doors opened at 5pm and we managed to make it onto the second row, right in front of Jonny as our gate was on his side. I was pretty much directly behind where I had stood on the second night in Cardiff on the barrier. It was an amaaazing spot.

I managed to set the record for the quickest Jonny notice ever! As the introduction was still playing and he walked onstage, before he even picked up his guitar, he saw me and smiled at me. I was over the moon before the first song had even been played!

The concert was incredible. During ETIAW me and Ginnie stuck confetti to our foreheads because we were so sweaty. Jonny and Will saw and looked a bit confused but amused:

I didn’t film much of this show because I just wanted to enjoy it and it was beng filmed anyway.

Here are a couple of pictures of Jonny I took:

After the concert as I was walking out of the stadium, I saw a piece of paper on the floor and for some reason I decided to pick it up. It turned out to be a setlist! I looked around to see if anyone had just dropped it but it seemed that no one had. I couldn’t believe my luck!

(Yes, they were supposed to play Miracles….I want to fight them).

Paris Night Three (5/5)

After a wonderful day spent exploring Paris with some lovely Coldplayers on Monday, it was time for the last show. For the final show I had VIP Early Entry once again. I go to the stadium around 10am and queued with Ginnie and her friends in thirty four degree heat. I also met a really sweet fan, Mathilde, who was attending her first Coldplay show. I decided to join her and her brother on the B-stage. We got barrier right opposite the steps.

The heat was so intense, I probably would have fainted if I didn’t have the barrier to lean on and access to water from the stewards. I saw so many people that had to leave the crowd, some in tears. It was so sad.

After the longest five hours of my life waiting in the stadium in the suffocating heat, Coldplay finally came onstage.

When they came to the B-stage I held up a sign that said “PLEASE PLAY MIRACLES” but sadly they didn’t see it. Jonny noticed Mathilde’s sign which thanked them for coming to Paris and told them to come back soon and gave her a thumbs up!

I thought Jonny wasn’t going to see me but then near the end of Magic he saw me, grinned at me and we nodded along to the music together. I was over the moon once again for the umpteenth time that week.

Here’s some pictures of them on the B-stage:

I thought my night and the tour couldn’t get any better, but once again I was wrong.

During Charlie Brown, I noticed one of the roadies coming around the barrier with things in his hands after they were taking the instruments off the B-stage. I saw him hand something to a girl a bit further along the barrier from me and when I realised what it was, I freaked out. He saw and came and passed it to me!

I now had Will Champion’s drumstick which he just used on the B-stage right in front of me! I felt like the luckiest girl on earth! But the concert wasn’t even over! I had been drumming along with my stick all night to the songs (as I play drums) and during A Sky Full of Stars the camera guy saw me and filmed me for pretty much the whole song! I was on the screen so much! I was a sweaty, frizzy mess but I was so happy I didn’t care.

When the band walk to the C-stage, they had to walk down the steps in front of us. On their way there I was too in shock to do much but I did pat them all on the back. Jonny and Chris saw Mathilde’s sign, asking for a hug because it was her first show and both shook her hand! It was amazing to be so close to them and Jonny kind of leaned over to me to get to Mathilde (I was dying). Will also picked up a green AOAL balooon that was in his way and hit it into the crowd!

One of the highlights of all the concerts happened to me on the way back from the C-stage. I decided to stick my hand out for a high five. Guy and Will came past first, Guy just kinda ignored everyone but Will went past smiling at people on the barrier.

Then Jonny walked past. He saw me, grinned at me, came right over to me, took my hand and gave it a firm handshake. I filmed the moment, you can’t really see much but you can hear our hands clap together and me laughing hysterically before squealing like a pig. I’m 97% sure he recognised me throughout the tour, but this made me believe it even more! To me it felt like a thank you and goodbye. It was the perfect way to finish my last show of the tour.

I’m not sad everything is over because I’m so overjoyed this happened to me. I’ve spent a few hours typing all this up, with a grin on my face as I did so. I can’t believe my luck. I got two picks, a drumstick, a setlist and countless special moments with the band onstage. I’m so lucky to have had the chance to attend these shows. I can’t describe the feeling this band gives me. I admire them as musicians, human beings and everything they stand for.

Thank you to all the crew that work so hard every single day to make this amazing tour possible. The eight shows I attended last year and this have been some of the happiest days of my life.

And finally,  Guy, Will, Phil, Chris and Jonny: thank you for everything. I’ll see you soon.