coldplay or the fray are recommended

songs i'd recommend for each type

esfp: paramore - hard times
estp: flume - smoke and retribution
esfj: nora jones - sunrise
estj: xxxtentacion - look at me!
enfp: ed sheeran - new man
entp: WRLD - triumph
enfj: glass animals - season 2 episode 3
entj: beyoncé - ego (ft. kanye west)
infp: is there somebody who can watch you - the 1975
infj: the fray - cable car
intj: brand new - mene
intp: honne - i can give you heaven
isfp: chet faker - talk is cheap
isfj: coldplay - magic
istp: partynextdoor - come see me
istj: børns - american money

anonymous asked:

Recommend me some sad songs please, I feel like everything is so wrong rn :/

I’m so sorry you’re feeling sad. That really sucks, and if you need to talk, I’m always here. I’ve got a lot of sad songs because music is what I listen to when I’m sad, to have something to relate to, so here you go, I hope you like these songs and I hope they help:

- Ed Sheeran: Even My Dad Does Sometimes/Autumn Leaves/Everything You Are/Drunk/Lego House/UNI/Give me Love

- Colbie Caillat: Fearless

- Radiohead: Creep (amazing song)

- All Time Low: Therapy (this is the best song for sadness in my opinion)

- Coldplay: Warning Sign

- The Fray: How to Save a Life

- A Great Big World: I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else/You’ll be Okay/Say Something

- Ingrid Michaelson: Over You

- Kings of Leon: Use Somebody

- Nina Nesbitt: The Hardest Part

- Taylor Swift: Baby Don’t You Break my Heart Slow/All Too Well/Last Kiss/If This was a Movie

:) Feel better soon!!