coldplay or the fray are recommended

rosie-winchester  asked:

Hey! I hope you're having a good time and I actually have two questions if you don't mind. Can you please hug Nicki? Like really squeeze her? Just because I can't and she deserves all the love in the world. Aaand since I still haven't caught up with Who I Am Inside... Any suggestions for songs that I can listen to while reading? Thank you guys and have a nice day :)

Conrad: it’s impossible to squeeze her any harder than I already am! *kisses my forehead*
Me: Awww! Love you too, Conrad! Thanks @rosie-winchester! I love you too, you also deserve all the love in the world! The 3 of us send you hugs!
Carter: I love screamo death metal music. I recommend that.
Me: *rolls eyes* at Carter
Yellow, the scientist, and paradise by Coldplay
Never say never, over my head, look after you, and you found me by the fray
The last love song by ZZ ward
I think I’m in love again by Kat Dahlia
Never going to leave this bed by Maroon 5
Begin Again by Measure *Very Relaxing song
Fresh pair of eyes by Brooke Waggoner

These are just some I love ❤️