10 random things about me

I enjoy green tea rather than coffee but I can stomach latte or mocha and enjoy food that are steamed not cooked - I like eating things raw or half-cooked

I prefer things organised - I have a mild case of OCD and I’m a perfectionist and neat freak

I major in Pharmacology - my family members are artistic, I don’t take math cos I can’t stand it - my blood is more towards Art and Music

I have 5 sisters and they all are a rambunctious bunch 

My friends can’t understand my strange behaviours - I’m always thinking of the unorthodox  

I am ambidextrous but I prefer using my left hand

I have quite the sweet tooth and I can survive the day just by eating a bar of chocolate and drinking green tea  

I’m a pretty decent cook and I experiment with food often

I have an IQ of 130 and my mind work with theory and analysis better - I have a good memory

I don’t speak much but when I have a pen in hand, words will flow across the papers 

Tag, you’re it. Here’s the simple rules: List 10 things about yourself and tag 10 people in it. And no tagging back — Got this from hyungvia