Made this at around 4am and basically it’s just how I imagine Jack’s family. [except for his other 2 siblings]. He was really close to his Uncle James more than he was his father but adored his mother in every way. He was also close to his Aunt Mary. She made the best apple pies in the village and always made he didn’t get into too much trouble. His sisters and brother were his pride and joy.

            — [☠]; Tap, tap, tap. The echo of his heavy boots against the pavement was the loudest sound around the nearly empty street at such late hour, perhaps it was past midnight already. The evil thirstily searched for new victims to lead into delicious sin. Drug addicts in a lonely alley? More, more, more, die, die, die. What could be next? Oh, it smelled like something very fresh at the distance, a young man with smooth pale skin. And so, he began to approach, thinking and thinking; so many ways of corrupting the innocence he exudes. However, the mask made out of a charming grin covered his devious intentions. “Beware, kid. It’s a dangerous hour to be out.”

“I’m here!” Said Wyatt, ducking under Derek’s arm casually to sneak past inside into the loft, a backpack slung over his shoulder, various buttons pinned to the fabric of it, mainly those with superhero logo’s on them.  Wyatt just loved his superheroes, that much was obvious.  "So I brought some movies and junk- and, do you even have a DVD player?“ Questioned the boy, brows knitting together, "ah- guess it’s not too big of a deal if you don’t, we can always figure out something to do." 

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“I noticed that.” the alpha murmured, glancing after the boy, eyes getting caught on the button on his backpack. It was all too obvious why he had invited them— after that text message exchange they had. But Derek tried to remain as casual as the teen was. They probably wouldn’t. No. He followed him. He had actually filled up the fridge for the weekend, but he wouldn’t point that out right now either. “Uh, yeah I do.” Maybe he should return that one to Isaac. They hadn’t greeted each other probably and the werewolf was greedy, so he planted a peck on the teen’s cheek as he passed him, strolling towards the couch and dropping himself on it.

untitled ||

Wasn’t California supposed to be sunny this time of year? Spring time and daylight savings and all that shit? It wasn’t supposed to be fucking freezing. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought that maybe snow was going to start falling from the sky. But of course it wouldn’t–not unless some supernatural bastard was to blame for it. Though all things considering, whatever was going on in this place possibly couldn’t be changing the weather.

One thing at a time, Dean, one thing at a time. Remember the last time you tried going about things all gung-ho and Sammy was being Sammy and told you this was a bad idea? And then you, being you, said it was going to be fine? Yeah, fine. Everything turned out fine and even now Dean had to face it all alone.

It was too bad, those eight years with Alana and Wyatt seemed like they could have kept going. They weren’t exactly normal, but hey the Winchester was hardly one to talk, hiding who he really was, what he really did–it didn’t matter that his feelings toward the two of them were genuine.


Shaking his head, Dean continued down the road, dressed in that too familiar suit, FBI tucked in the inside pocket, face set and radiating with as much charming confidence as he normally did, none of which were true at all, headed toward the home of one Karen Hildes. It was just the beginning of a hunt, nothing much to go on, so maybe this chick could shed some light on whatever was going on.

But just as he rounded a corner, just two houses away from his destination, the figure of a boy–teenager–stopped him in his tracks, a feat in and of itself if anyone had anything to say about it.

What the hell was he doing here, though? This was California, not fucking Minnesota–skinwalker maybe? Shapeshifter?

It didn’t matter, though, since despite how much his head was trying to catch up with what he was actually seeing, his heart–damn that thing–and mouth clearly had other plans.


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The howl startled Wyatt, he hadn’t seen Jack turn into a wolf.. and didn’t know it was Jack, so when he turned.. the brunette was startled to see a white wolf. “… uh… nice wolfy?” [ bahahaha nice wolfy omfg. ]

Thank god. He was glad to see Wyatt. He was certain Wyatt would recognize him. He swayed his tail through the air unintentionally. Nice wolfy? He felt and urge to roll his eyes. Good going Wyatt, I’m sure that works when you meet a real wolf. He wished he could at least speak!

Winter's Child || Coldeyesxwarmheart

“Don’t worry Mr. Crepsley–! I’ll be fine! Don’t worry, I promise I’ll be careful! Yes, I won’t stay out long, stop worrying!

The halfa was currently being dragged across the street, this time Wyatt escorting him around. They went to the capital, where the other lived, to explore the city. Since they’d already explored Darren’s home, it was now the other brunet’s turn to return the favor.

After they’d seen his real home, his mom not being there, they’d taken to the heart of the city. Where Wyatt was now hellbent on going to the candy store. Of course the boy just laughed and ran along with him, trying not to be the one who was easily pulling Wyatt over the sidewalk. Although he was having fun, there was an uneasy feeling in his stomach, he’d caught a scent a while back that resembled something he’d smelt before. Kind of like what his van he shared with Evra smelt of, mixed with that of Mr. Crepsley’s tent. Which was never good, he wasn’t up for crossing paths with another vampire without his mentor. "I never thought I’d say this–But slow down! You’re going to crash into someone!” He called out with a laugh, trying to ignore his suspicions.

Journey to the Past I Jack I

The moment Jack opened his eyes, he knew something wasn’t right. Not necessarily in a bad way, just - odd. Have you ever sat on your leg for so long that the moment you moved it, it felt as if there were ants running up and down on it? That’s exactly how Jack felt. He stood up from the base of the tree, stumbling slightly as he did, and took a quick look around. Nothing looked any different. At least nothing he could tell. The sound of familiar voices talking in house in front of him caught his attention and immediately, he flew over to the window. Or at least try to. The moment he tried to go airborne, he fell flat on his face into the ground. Oddly enough it didn’t hurt but it did make him worry. That’d definitely never happen before. Guess he was stuck to the ground for the time being. Groaning, Jack used his staff as support to lift himself up and slowly made his way over to the pale yellow house. He knew where he was. How couldn’t he? He’d been here many times before; the house slowly but surely becoming his new home. But at the moment, it didn’t feel right. Like he didn’t belong there and he didn’t know why. Peaking in through the window, his lips fell into a frown. Isaac. What’s he doing here?, he thought to himself before looking around. His eyes widened in recognition when a small boy ran up and into his mothers arms. Brown hair and piercing blue eyes - “Wyatt?”


Wyatt despite Derek talking again, continued on.  “Cause I mean you have to come back,” said the boy, “I mean– you.. you just have to, okay?” God he knew he sounded like such a girl, and at that minute he knew he should shut up before Derek got annoyed.. but he kept going on.  “Cause I mean, I’m sorry… so..” And there he was apologizing, like he always did for some stupid reason before he went silent and heard the last thing from Derek’s mouth about believing.  And yes Derek had Wyatt’s belief on most everything.. but abandonment? It happened to often for Wyatt to start thinking that he wouldn’t be replaced or left behind and forgotten.  Mate or not.  He paused before speaking again, “…. people.. t-they used to tell me they woul-ldn’t leave me like the others did…” Wyatt said softly, hoping that was self explanatory enough.  “… Dean said he wouldn’t.” And yet he had, abandoned a small child who’d come to love and adore him and accept him as family… leave a boy to spend holidays alone while his mother worked, and to spend birthdays generally alone.  “I.. I just kept thinking what if you got sick of me? I mean everyone does eventually…” But not you, you can’t do that.

“I know. But not me.” Derek promised, still sounding tense and rough, but it was the way he got when he forced actual emotions across his lips and Wyatt hopefully knew that, so he bit the need to stop talking back once more.

“Not me. I thought of you. I missed you. I’m never going to leave you like that.” He was addicted to the teen and three days had already been somewhat of a torture. He needed his scent around to fall asleep. He needed him to stop by and give up on his homework when they were halfway done. He needed him to be an idiot and tell him to get out of his apartment every once in a while when he was brooding. He needed that little mouthy brat to remind himself that no matter how wrong everything got, there would be one right. “—I need you.”