— [☠]; Tap, tap, tap. The echo of his heavy boots against the pavement was the loudest sound around the nearly empty street at such late hour, perhaps it was past midnight already. The evil thirstily searched for new victims to lead into delicious sin. Drug addicts in a lonely alley? More, more, more, die, die, die. What could be next? Oh, it smelled like something very fresh at the distance, a young man with smooth pale skin. And so, he began to approach, thinking and thinking; so many ways of corrupting the innocence he exudes. However, the mask made out of a charming grin covered his devious intentions. “Beware, kid. It’s a dangerous hour to be out.”

Lucifer has never more wanted to be in a cage, in the depths
of perdition than at this dinner table. Angels didn’t even eat.
But pagans did apparently, pagans and hybrids. But gather–
ing a god, lesser gods, a hybrid and an archangel sounded
like so drunkards joke. Not just that but this was his punish–
ment. Instead of being cast down with his fellow allies they
were granted mercy if the perfect of all archangels were to
mate with another. He hated the idea when it was told.
Hated it more when he realized whom with. All Lucifer
simply felt was anger, but it wasn’t just his anger that filled
the tension in the air. It seemed he wasn’t the only one 
who didn’t want this, well when he looked at the boy’s fath–
er anyway. He skimmed the boy, knew his name was Wyatt
but not much else. Lucifer was far too angry to make a proper
opinion. If anything he had the drink his father invented, any–
thing to make this night a little easier. Angels weren’t meant
to sit at dinner tables and mingle. They were soldiers and this
was not what soldiers were meant to do. But of course, God
wanted to change everything about Lucifer when his  wings
grew strong. Why make him perfect only to change him after? 

The archangel was only watching everything around him. Not
bothering to speak unless he was spoken to and drowning him–
self in wine wondering if he could even feel the effects. It was
a good time as any to learn such a thing anyway. He’s never
been more grateful for Gabriel’s music or his Father’s over–
active mouth that never seemed to shut up because he enjoyed
hearing himself talk, and talk. Eventually the dinner was over
but not the night, no. There was entertainment, or a party. 
Something very human, since he’s studied the loathsome
creatures before. The male was near the window, staring upon
the stars he was so familiar since he was a fledgling. The only
thing that was to him were free, and forever changing to its
own will. That’s all he could want, and being here only denied
him that right, and only made him angry. So he chose wine,
his only brother here was playing the music Lucifer taught him.
Simply because he wasn’t allowed to, only allowed to mingle;
and that. That was something he wasn’t choosing to do, and it’s
working out very well thus far.

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Shocked at the appearance of the boy in front of her, Rosalie’s eyes widened in shock. He looked so much like Sam, and yet, she knew he wasn’t the boy she hadn’t seen in years. Shaking her head to clear her mind, she placed a small smile on her lips. “Hello,” She mumbled quietly, a pink blush spreading across her cheeks. “I’m sorry for stumbling onto your path. I’m Rose.”

☠ i'll meet you on the other side



          The curse is uttered bitterly and Daniel’s finger quickly cuts off the incoming stream of swears following it, the son of Thanatos sucking idly at the bleeding digit.  Polishing your sword while you’re watching other people train is apparently not a great idea like he thought it was.  Awesome.

     He pauses to look around and subtly check whether people were watching his little accident or not, hand hanging from his mouth like a screaming testament to what he’d done.  He’s going to have to go take a sip of nectar or something soon since it’s his dominant hand–and it really sucks to have to get medical assistance before you’ve even gone out to spar.

Jinx and Wyatt// [cool title here]

Jinx made her way down the road, her hands tucked inside her coat pockets, zippered all the way. She was looking at the ground the majority of her walk, till she glanced up for a second and smiled. She took a double take but for sure it was Wyatt. 

She lightly ran over and tapped his shoulder. “Hey old time friend.” she giggled.