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❝you have always been my everything.❞
→ park chanyeol
→ in where he has superpowers, and you are one of the very few people who know (a collaborative series with @soowritings)

Quick pants of breath replaced the sound of the movie that played on the background, long forgotten as the night continued on in a form of a much more pleasurable excitement.

Chanyeol’s hands found their place on your hip, while the other slid up from your hip to your chest to your cheek, holding your jaw and pulling you closer towards him as he kissed you roughly, passion emitting from the way his lips moved against yours.

You were straddling him, sitting on his lap while both of your legs stayed on either of Chanyeol’s side. Beneath you, his desperate want was caressing you, making you shiver at the small satisfaction and push your hips towards him, enjoying the friction made.

Although he really wanted to, Chanyeol contained his moans in fear that people would find out the naughty act you both were starring on. What meant to be a movie date turned into something much more intimate than planned out. It started the moment you felt his warm hands crawling up your thighs, lightly pinching the inside of it when it got closer and closer to your core. You couldn’t let him have fun without you, so you took the risk and placed your hand right about him, palming it through his shorts. Though the both of you seemed to tense, there were no regrets in picking the seats at the very back of the cinema, hiding your sinful touches and soft whimpers from the audience.

“You’re amazing,” Chanyeol said in breathy voice, the deep tone of his voice sounding much more sexier than it usually was. A smirk played on your lips as you kissed him, your hands gripping onto his bicep and neck, feeling the muscle beneath his skin and the warmth radiating from it. He groaned into your lips when you grinded your hips against his, enjoying the feeling of bliss.

Before you say anything, you pulled away from him, taking into sight his swollen lips and his messy hair with the help of vibrant lights coming from the screen as the movie played. You were out of breath, but not just by losing yourself in Chanyeol’s lips but by also in the way he looked at you as you sat on his lap, hands now on his shoulders to find balance, your hair equally as messy as his and lips probably more swollen than his when he softly took them between his teeth, biting your lips gently before swiping his tongue over them.

Short and almost inaudible moans may have escaped your lips just at the sight of him, it only hit you now that the popular hot business major who was more of a cutie was now yours and more specifically, beneath you, breathless as you continued pushing your hips against him, your core feeling his hard want. His head rolled back, his neck resting at the very top of the chair, eyes closed as the pleasure took over his tall frame. “Only for you, baby,” you whispered into his ears, nibbling on the lobes of his ear, licking them softly before leaving a trail of kisses from his ear to his neck. You sucked the skin of neck, calling out the hot blood that ran in his veins.

The moans and whimpers did leave your lips. His hands were working on you, one on your breast, massaging it beneath your shirt and bra, taking your nipple between his two fingers and pinching it, while the other has resting on your thigh, his thumb caressing your inner thigh, slowly finding their way to your front, rubbing against the sensitive area, pushing your euphoria further into its limit.

His name left with every moan, whimper, and groan that seeped from your mouth, and you could tell he liked it as his own lips spilled out your name in a growl, his deep voice now heavily raspy.

You were too lost at the moment, you didn’t realize that heat coming from his hands, his neck, and his body. Maybe it was just the immense exhilaration you’ve created in a heist to orgasm, that beautiful white hot bliss.

It never occurred, not even when your shirt was no longer on your body, its material nonexistent as you continued to please yourselves. The thought only hit you when Chanyeol’s warm hands were against your skin, the heat from his hand radiating to your cold body.

“Chanyeol,” you said, confusion mixed into your lust filled voice, “where did my shirt go?” Chanyeol’s trail of kisses abruptly stopped, however, his hands remained on your waist, warm and comforting despite the lack of coverage from the unknowing audience.

Chanyeol muttered curses beneath his breath, his hands now on his lips, his fingers playing against each other as he bit his lip in concentration. He was very conflicted for some reason. All that has happened was your shirt getting lost… for no reason at all… except one. “Chanyeol?” His name came out like a question, wondering if he was still sane and still had his wits to answer.

His eyes darted across the cinema, looking like he was searching the area for any signs of danger before placing his attention towards you. In his eyes, a deep fire flashed behind those deep brown colors, pulling you into a trance as you stared at it, slowly leaning towards him, your lips attracted to his and the warmth he provided. “I have to tell you something.”

“What?” You sounded like you didn’t know what was happening like as if you’ve never noticed this type of thing before, but Chanyeol was wrong. “I know you’re not like me,” you told him, sitting on his lap diligently like a kid, explaining to him how he was such an idiot that he could keep his powers hidden to you.

“Chanyeol, you always leave burnt handprints on our mattress after every time we do it, and you always also seem to be too warm even at the coldest places. Like please explain to me how on earth were you so warm when we were at the ice skating rink after your Economics lecture yesterday. I know you have powers, Chanyeol. Although it defies each law of our universe, I will accept you as a person with a heart, mind, and soul. I just wish you were open and honest to me about it.”

Somehow, your hand ended up in Chanyeol’s, seeking warmth in the comfort of his hidden flame within him. The only response you received from him was a steamy kiss, almost returning you back to your original intentions as the back of a theatre. “You’re so fucking amazing, Y/N,” he said, smiling as he pulled away from your lips.

“I’m not sure how the hell you’re taking this so well, but damn, I’ll take it. If only I wasn’t so afraid of revelation, I would have told you everything.” The fire within his eyes reflected a sad and mellow color of blue, his hands slowly losing their heat. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you about this absurd talent of mine, and it’s not just me who has these special talents. The othe-”

You butted into his statement, “Oh, is that why the room always seems brighter whenever Baekhyun laughs?”

Chanyeol let out a small giggle, unable to comprehend your calmness despite the insane topic of unreal supernatural powers given to him and the rest at birth. You joined him as you’ve realized every weird event with him and his friends were all connected to their own unique powers. You laughed even more when you’ve realized one thing.

You were shirtless, your bra exposed to the curious eyes of the world or more specifically, the audience as the credits rolled on the screen. Chanyeol caught up to the idea without you having to say anything, his eyes once again lost in concentration. The next thing you know, a big comfy shirt was on your body, and your hands could feel the hard lines of Chanyeol’s abs.

“Well, I can’t let others think that my girl is open for viewing,” Chanyeol said, raising from his seat as he held onto you, making sure your feet were firmly on the ground before releasing you from his strong hold.

The people’s eyes were now turned towards Chanyeol and his toned body. Each muscle was mesmerizing as his movements made them flex before your eyes… and the audience’s.

The familiar overprotective feeling of yours resurfaced, and you tried to cover him by placing your back directly against his, making sure it remained that way until you’ve reached his car which thankfully wasn’t far.

This time, the heat surging through your body was of anger and was your own, created by jealousy and anger at the selfish eyes of young women in the crowd. You slapped Chanyeol’s thigh as soon as he sat down on the driver’s seat. “Idiot! Next time you’re thinking about doing that, you better think again. You also have to learn how to have better control over your powers. I can’t go topless every time you get horny, Chanyeol!” You scolded him, although your cheeks were burning out of embarrassment. Chanyeol merely chuckled, his deep voice awakening your lust to complete your unfinished business.

“Okay, baby, but first,” his hand traced your thigh’s skin, lighting fires within you as its warmth drew closer and closer towards your core, your breaths started to sound like whimpers, your hand squeezed his shoulder beside you while the other held onto the soft cushion of the car seat, Chanyeol’s eyes burned with a red hot flame, and an all too familiar smirk appeared on his lips, “let’s finish something we’ve already started.”

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Can you please recommend me some really long fics? Thank you💕

Sure! Just in time for SCAWeek too :) I’ll list these by writer, and most of them will be Steter but a few will also be polyamory and I’ll specify those.


Make Your Own (Buns in the Oven)

Stiles opens his mouth a few times, but no words come out as he feels tears welling up again. He takes a deep, shaky breath, exhales slowly to calm himself enough to do this.

Peter waits, brows furrowed in worry as he watches Stiles.

“I think I’m pregnant,” he finally says, “And I don’t know what to do.”

Or the one where Stiles is a human incubator and Peter is not the baby daddy (until he is).

it’s not the color i came in

Stiles is a bit of an anomaly among the Omegas he knows, or everyone on the spectrum really.

For him, heats are about comfort and safety, and not at all about sex.


Bittersweet Creek

When Stiles finally steps off the westward trail to California, he’s the last of his pack. He starts building a den, but then he finds a dying man next to a burnt-down house and it turns out he’s not really much of a settler, after all.

The Time Travel Grammar Book

The story that was supposed to be about time-travel, but is really a stealth AU of the first two seasons where Talia’s a struggling single mom, Peter’s the eponymous teen wolf, and Stiles, Scott and Lydia…are time travelers (so that part’s not totally inaccurate).

The Sphinx of Beacon Hills (Stetopher)

Stiles is a sphinx, and he’s winging his way to visit his buddy Scott when a storm drops him in Beacon Hills, the craziest, crankiest, coldest place ever. And somehow, he ends up with a bunch of werewolves.

Dead Men Tell No Tales (Steterek)

Sociopathic mercenaries Stiles and Lydia pick up some Hales in the middle of killing Kate Argent. They’re not rescuers.

Movement in Alpha Major (Stetopher)

Peter Hale, thirty-four, shady but successful human lawyer, knocks on his nephew Derek’s door one night because he’s just been bitten by a werewolf. Somehow, this ends up being a lot more awkward than one would expect.


Set the Sun, Rise the Moon

Stiles wakes up a werewolf, with no memory of how it happened. Understandably, he panics.

“He wasn’t supposed to come home,” Stiles whispers. He knows Peter can hear him even with the shower running. “He woke me up and I remembered and I panicked…”

“Your father,” Peter says, and it’s not a question.


Sympathy for the Devil

Stiles gets a job as a hospital orderly and finds himself becoming strangely attached to the catatonic man on the long-term care ward, and finds out that there’s a lot more to Peter Hale than there seems…

Get Off (Me)

Stiles hates being left behind with Peter while the pack is fighting monsters, because he never knows exactly what Peter will get up to.

Devil of Mercy

Peter’s heard people talk about what it felt like when they saw their mate for the first time, from those who actually believe in the mystical bullshit. Like a magnet, like gravity. Peter just feels… sharply curious.

Call My Name

After moving to Beacon Hills, Stiles starts having recurring dreams of a man in some kind of prison, who needs his help. Things get so bad that he ends up in Eichen House, where he finds out that the man is real.


Save Me

Peter is the Alpha.
He’s nobody’s savior.
Not his pack’s. Not his town’s. And not that kid’s.
But sometimes salvation goes both ways.

Infinite Space

Stiles needs Peter’s expertise to help stop the latest threat to Beacon Hills.
And, as the pack falls apart around him, he might even need Peter for more than that.


The Hale Wolf Sanctuary isn’t just for wolves.

It turns out it’s for Stilinskis as well.


Baby Boy

What the heck is FetLife?

Stiles is too curious for his own good, and he can’t help himself, so he joins a website advertising to be a good place for “kinksters.” He just wants to be nosy and see what total strangers are up to. Then he meets Peter, who wants to be called Daddy.

Could Stiles be his baby boy?

Pigments and Pentacles

“One–” He stabbed the needle right through skin and cartilage, pulling a loud squawk out of Stiles.

Stiles sucked in a few quick breaths then started to laugh. “You son of a bitch,” he snorted. “You said on three.”

“I lied,” Peter replied, smiling down at him.


All In A Spin

Stiles can’t really talk anymore but, with Peter, he realizes he doesn’t have to. Even if their spoken communication consists of one swear word and stuttered syllables, they understand each other. And that’s what counts.


If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out

Commander Stilinski looked like he fell out of a propaganda video, his armor still smoking as he pulled off his helmet and handed it off to First Officer Argent. He had a few bruises down his neck but his smile was bright.

“Glad to see you safe and sound, Mr. Hale. I’d hate for Derek to lose a member of his family.”

“I told you,” Derek snapped at his superior, “he’s not worth this, Commander.”


Spark of Dark

After being abandoned by Scott, Stiles feels empty and tired. Sick of life. Until Peter re-enters his life and makes him want to live again.
All of a sudden he’s not so alone anymore…and neither is Peter.


Out Of The East, Never See The Sun Rise

In the beginning, there are three absolutes.

One. Stiles is a god, forged of starlight and collapsing galaxies and he is eternal.

Two. Peter is human, fragile bone and viscous blood and he is temporary.

Three. Stiles and Peter are in love; love that claws its way inside one’s heart like fish hooks; all encompassing love that is beautiful but dangerous.

Stiles is a god. Peter is human. They love each other.

Three absolutes.


You Had Me at Canapes

Stiles doesn’t mean to sneak into the Hale wedding, and he certainly doesn’t mean to have cliche coat-room sex with the bride’s uncle, but what had happened, happened, and it wasn’t like he could just leave. At least, not until he got to have some of that cake.


Naughty Hookers (Swathed in Wool)

Stiles is happy with his store, his hobbies, his friends. Peter’s just trying to figure out how to raise his nieces and nephew without fucking them up too badly.

Paths cross.


Runes and all kinds of things

Enough is enough. Stiles is tired of being always a last choice when he always tries to do his best for his precious people, so they better get their act together or face being left behind.


The things in the Argent’s basement get nearly fatal, the Sheriff finds about the supernatural, Allison can have a wicked, wicked mind and Peter Hale appears to be everywhere.

Oh, and Stiles can’t seem to stop breaking the laws of physics with his magic.


Worn Out Shoes

When the dead rise, and the world comes to an end, the McCall Pack must learn to live in this new world, or die in the attempt. This is the story of the end, and of the year that follows.

Proposing To Strangers

At the end of a strained relationship, crime novelist Stiles chooses to hide from the world inside a bar with far too many motorcycles outside it for comfort. Here he’ll meet the man of his dreams, eat food and propose marriage, all within the first five minutes.

Peter doesn’t know who this kid is, but he’s cute and looks like he could use a break. So he feeds him. He’s not expecting a marriage proposal, but with what comes after, he doesn’t really mind.

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale

This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”


Do You Like to Hurt? (Then Hurt Me)

Stiles shows up at Peter’s apartment, drunk and horny. Peter almost does the right thing—before it all deteriorates into a voyeuristic power game and Stiles has a mind-shattering orgasm. Things snowball from there.

Whiskey is My Kind of Lullaby

Peter is a simple saloon owner on one of the outer planets between the Aaru Belt and the Olympus Galaxy. He’s done with trouble. Done with adventure. So fucking done with rustlers. That is, until a cute young outlaw named Stiles wanders into his bar. Peter has this problem where he can’t seem to resist charming narcissists (perhaps because they remind him of himself). And when said narcissists turn his life upside-down, the worst part is he’s not even that upset about it.

Gamer Trash

Neither of them is aware of it, but Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident.

Heatstroke (The Strongest Thing I Ever Felt Was Feelings For You)

“Dear god,” Peter snorts. “Alphas and their obsession with bodily fluids. Do you really find the narration of biological processes arousing?”
“You mean you’re not into the idea of smelling like me for days after this?” Stiles grins.
“I don’t know about days. I’m sure the birth control hormones will flush it out after about twenty-four hours.”
“You—what—I thought it suppresses your heats how are you—?”
“I like sex. So I take the pill that gives me shorter pseudo-heats. I’m still infertile. You gonna cry about it?”

(Or the one where Peter is a strong, independent Omega who don’t need no Alpha, but maybe he starts to like having Stiles around anyway).

Blow your mind with these 50 facts about Universe
  • Saturn would float if you would put it in water.
  • If you would place a pinhead sized piece of the Sun on the Earth you would die from standing within 145 km (90 miles) from it.
  • Space is not a complete vacuum, there are about 3 atoms per cubic meter of space.
  • Only 5% of the universe is made up of normal matter, 25% is dark matter and 70% is dark energy.
  • Neutron stars are so dense that a teaspoon of them would be equal to the weight of the entire Earth’s population.
  • The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon but is 400 times further away from Earth making them appear the same size.
  • The star Lucy in the constellation Centaurus is a huge cosmic diamond of 10 billion trillion trillion carats.
  • Seasons last 21 years on Uranus while each pole has 42 years of sunlight followed by 42 years of darkness….

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Get the door it’s Dominos.
Any Delivery Charge is not a tip paid to your driver. Please reward your driver for awesomeness. Our drivers carry less than $20.
What’s the coldest place you’ve ever been to?

you have more hands than a child
trying to catch the cool rain / which,
in february, holds just a second too
long in the sky / as if deciding whether
or not it’s time to come down. or

if this is another day for staying in
bed. & you say / “not everything is
pathetic fallacy / the weather is not
about you / the sky is not always
about you.” / & maybe not but I’m not

the only one who prays for winter
anymore. when I talk about grey
clouds / I picture you on my window-
seat / a replica marble david we
had to break in half to fit inside
the display case. & I try and talk

about the window even though we
both know there’s nothing to say.
just like how / when the snow
piles up past the door you can
turn the handle / but there’s nowhere
to go. I want to talk about the dark

& the colour & the faint
blue of your fingertips. / but you
remind me of something you did
last night / when the ice was just
starting to form and the coldest

place in the house / was the 3
centimeters between my reaching
hand and your broad back. you like
the sternum before the first incision
& the oak before acorns start to

grow. you climbed out of bed in the
untouched morning to look at something
pure. listen to me—I’m trying to tell you
something important / about how
much this youngness hurts.

Eliel Vera, My Last Thought Before We Skidded Off The Road
for the prompt “driven snow”, @nepenthenet

The King and the Lionheart

Requested? Yes. “Can I have a Robb Stark imagine? It doesn’t matter what to the prompt is honestly, maybe just have super angst? I’m just glad to find someone that does Game of Thrones imagines honestly :)”

A/N: I wrote this at school so I’m sorry this sucks!!!! It’s my first Robb imagine so please give me some feedback on it! Hope you like it! 

Pairing: Robb Stark x Female Reader

Warnings: mentions of rape, angst, blood, violence, death and lots and lots of FLUFF.

Prompt: You are betrothed to Robb, but he doesn’t want you because you’re a Lannister. He claims you are a lion, not a wolf. And he could never allow himself to love a lion. At least, that’s what he thinks.

Word count: 1616, someone got excited…

Of course your father was going to do this, you didn’t expect anything different. Tywin was desperate to sell his younger - and unmarried - daughter. You knew you were soon to be betrothed to some lord or prince, you just didn’t expect to be betrothed to him.

“Father you have to be out of your mind! He’s gonna hate me, he’s a Stark!” You pleaded. “Please marry me to anyone but him, please father, anyone!”

Your father always claimed you were his favourite, you were the only kind Lannister who owned a soft heart in all Westeros, you thought he would at least marry you to a kind man.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but I must marry you to the eldest Stark, I’m sure he will be a great husband to you. I personally dislike them but unfortunately, it’s the best for our realm and for our family. I heard he’s more of a Tully, if you understand me. Please, relax and let’s not discuss about this anymore, you will marry Robb.” His words, final.

You and Robb didn’t talk much, your wedding ceremony had just ended and you were officially a Stark. He didn’t seem to like you, he gave you cold glares and only talked to you when necessary. More of a Tully my ass, you thought.

You and Robb married in Winterfell, the cold weather seemed to soften with your presence, allowing you to dress beautifully for the occasion, but he didn’t seem to mind how you looked, and unfortunately you couldn’t help but feel upset about it. He was handsome and kind to everyone, well, everyone but you, and you wanted him to like you, the way you were starting to like him.

After the ceremony, you and Robb went to bed, you undressed him slowly and put his sleeping clothes while he observed you calmly. You were already in your sleeping dress and you both laid on each side and put the covers on. You observed how inside the room everything was much warmer, the hot water that ran down the walls and the amount of blankets kept you perfectly warm and you thanked the Gods for that. Winterfell was surely the coldest place you’ve ever been to and you would have to get used to it, but thankfully your new house was warm enough.

You kept observing your surroundings when something called your attention, Robb observed you.

“Why did you opt for marrying in Winterfell instead of Kingslanding?” He shortly asked, his northern accent thick. That was your wedding gift from your brother Jaimie, he made sure you would get married wherever you wanted and you chose Winterfell, your new home.

“I thought that since I was soon to become a Stark, I should get married in my future home, get used to the area.” You said softly, surprised he was even paying any attention to you, but of course, nothing is perfect.

“You’ll never be a Stark.” He brutally said, almost spitting those words. “You can be one legally, but you will always have the Lannister blood, you will always be a lion, never a wolf. And wolfs hate lions.” And with that he turned to the other side, not waiting for an answer. 

You felt like crying, you felt like running back to your family in Kingslanding - they were cold blooded, full of anger and hate, but they loved you too much to be any less than kind to you. Even Cersei was a doll to you - you suddenly missed the sun and the gardens in your previous home, you went to sleep with a broken heart and wet cheeks.

Robb heard you quietly softening your sobs on the pillow as he felt his heart break as well, he didn’t want to hurt you, but he just couldn’t accept the fact he didn’t absolutely hate you, that he fancied you and knew you liked him back; he wanted you to hate him, so he could hate you. His Stark pride was too strong for him to let himself fall for a Lannister.

As time went by Robb became softer around you, he knew it was useless to fight, you were so sweet and kind to him no matter how rude he was to you, he couldn’t help himself but melt onto your loveliness. He still gave you cold glares and tried his best not to talk to you, but when he did, he wasn’t rude. Which was a start.

He still didn’t apologise for what he said on your wedding day, and you were still sad about it, every time he was kind you were reminded of his previous words, you could never be loved by him, he was just nice to you out of pity. But you kept being kind, he was your husband after all, you preferred to live in a nice ambient than in a full of tension one.

Robb went hunting after breakfast, kissing your forehead lightly and staring warmly at you before leaving. You went to the market shortly after him, but on the way you were stopped by a group of hungry men, who felt no mercy for you and dragged you to the nearest alleyway. No one around, they started trying to undress you. They were going to hurt you and you knew you couldn’t fight them all. You kicked and screamed but no one seemed to hear, “Stop moving, bitch” one of them shouted at you, hitting your cheek. 

Then your stomach, and then your legs. After a while you just stopped feeling, you just concentrated on the taste of blood inside your mouth as you tried to breathe and scream. “Forget her she’s screaming too loud, someone’s gonna get us.” A blond man warned. They decided that if they freed you, you would tell on them so they figured they should kill you, to please “everyone.”

They all held you on the snow while one of them came behind you and placed a knife on your throat. That was it then. 

The snow already crimson from your blood, you closed your eyes tight, hoping it would be soon over. You thought of how happy Robb would be if he could marry again, someone that wasn’t a Lannister, and you stopped fighting, waiting for death.

You felt blood splashing on your face, it was warm, certainly a different feeling. However, the pain never came. Is that how it felt? Is that how it feels to die? Numbness? It didn’t make sense, you tried opening your eyes but all you saw were dead bodies, all the men, dead. The blood wasn’t yours, it was theirs. You were alive.

Instantly you felt two arms wrap around you as you felt yourself falling, dizziness blurring your vision, but you would recognise that smell anywhere. Robb. He saved you. You were too weak to ask why, you saw his face in front of you as he held you close, immediately reaching for his curls, feeling their softness, wanting to make sure you could still feel, if you were really alive and this wasn’t paradise. 

“My love, you’re so hurt, I shouldn’t have left you by yourself like this I’m so sorry” He was desperate, holding your face and forcing you to keep your eyes open. “I’m so, so sorry, my little lion, you’re going to be alright, okay? I promise you, we will be alright.” He said, more to himself, pleading the Gods you would be perfectly fine in only a few days. The pet name gave you some strength, a lion? No, you wanted to be a wolf.

“I thought- I wish I was a wolf.” You said softly, almost choking in your own blood. It made him frown. “Maybe you would love me if I was a wolf, wouldn’t you my Lord? Wolfs can’t love lions so you can’t love me. I guess this was- this was supposed to happen. So you can marry someone who can truly be a Stark of Winterfell.” You said sadly, understanding why this was happening to you.

He shook his head negatively, softening completely, looking at you so lovingly it seemed you were in cloud 9. You traced your shaking fingers through his cheeks, feeling his beard and how his face seemed wet, and it wasn’t the blood from the men.

“I never meant that, my love, you should know I never meant it. I was a coward, afraid of how good you were to me. Listen, baby- I’m going to make up for it but you have to breathe for me, alright? Those were all lies- you are a lion and that’s just how I want you, that’s just how I need you to be. I don’t need a wolf, I need you, my little lion, and I love you…I love you, I love you- I don’t care about anything else, I love you.” He kept repeating it over and over again, he needed you to believe in him, he needed you to be yourself and he needed you alive. “Please, don’t you die on me, love, I didn’t love you properly yet and I intend to.”

He was sat on the snow with you laid on his chest as he rocked back and forth, in a soothing pace. He held you so gently yet so tight you felt this could be really paradise. Caressing your hair as he repeated how much he loved you - his queen, his lady, his lion - you knew you were going to live. And as your nose bled on his warm chest, your muscles sore from the fight, you were happy, your heart had stopped hurting.

If you liked this, check my masterlist to read my other one shots ♡

You can read part 2 here.

Victory in Anticipation (Coldwave) - Chapter 3

Fic: Victory in Anticipation (Ao3 Link) - Chapter 3/3
Fandom: Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Norse Mythology
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart
Sequel to Victory in Waiting - read first

Summary: Leonard Snart is dead and his soul has gone to Valhalla, the home of heroes, and that’s the end of the story.


Not quite.

Warnings:  references to genocide, torture, animal cruelty; Norse mythology appropriate torture shown on-screen


Len’s so cold he can feel it in his bones.

He’s lost feeling in his fingers long ago. He used every minute of the head start he got, walking the crooked ways in the shadows where even Heimdall has trouble seeing him, but cat-fur-cloak or no, he can’t hide forever and eventually the alarm was raised. The hounds caught his trail some while ago – he’s not sure how long, time doesn’t seem to work right here in the place between the worlds, the mountain stream that drizzles down the gigantic tree roots that Ed called Ygg-something – but they only found the clothing he took with him in the pack. He left it half in a frozen lake, the one with the strange moving shapes under the water. Dead shapes.

Draugr, if such a term can be applied to creatures that weren’t human to begin with.

Jötunheim is –

It’s a graveyard.

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I'm new to the steter fandom, can you rec some of your favourite or fan favourite fics?

Ugh there’s just so many, but this is a question I’m always willing to answer XD I’ll try to rec fics from a variety of writers, and if you like them, you can check to see if they’ve written others :)

Proposing To Strangers by moonstalker24

At the end of a strained relationship, crime novelist Stiles chooses to hide from the world inside a bar with far too many motorcycles outside it for comfort. Here he’ll meet the man of his dreams, eat food and propose marriage, all within the first five minutes.

Peter doesn’t know who this kid is, but he’s cute and looks like he could use a break. So he feeds him. He’s not expecting a marriage proposal, but with what comes after, he doesn’t really mind.

it’s not the color i came in by nezstorm

Stiles is a bit of an anomaly among the Omegas he knows, or everyone on the spectrum really.

For him, heats are about comfort and safety, and not at all about sex.

Baby Stilinski-Hale by Triangulum

“You’ve been avoiding me,” Peter says. Stiles just shrugs. “Are you going to tell me why, or do I have to guess?” Stiles would love to glare at him and snark back like they always do, but her nerves are just too frayed and she doesn’t have it in her. Peter seems to sense this and frowns, his face morphing into one of concern. “Stiles..?”

He takes a few steps closer, slowly as if he’s trying not to startle her and that makes her want to let out a hysterical laugh, but she keeps it in. He sets his hand on her shoulder, the other going to the side of her neck. He frowns at the way her pulse is racing, as if he needs to physically confirm what his ears are already telling him. She lets him touch her, knowing without even needing to think about it that he won’t hurt her. She does let out a bitter little laugh at that. Well, physically he won’t.

“What is it?” he asks and the genuine concern in his voice almost breaks her. He leans down and stares into her eyes, their faces so close, and she sees his nostrils flare. “You smell…different.”

Well, that’s her cue.

“I’m pregnant,” she whispers.


The one where Peter gets Stiles pregnant and is a big old softie about it.

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Amazing Pictures From The Coldest Inhabited Town On Earth

Welcome to the tiny village of Oymyakon, Russia, regarded by most as the coldest permanently inhabited place on earth.

Temperatures there average around -58° F during the winter months, with the record low reaching -96.16° F in 1924.

Jack's personal space / comfort zone / interaction / physical contact - Analysis

(Because I wanted an excuse to make some RotG screenshots/edits AND do a thorough analysis that’s been on my mind for a while. I’ll be referencing the frames I’ve posted in my discussion below, though I’ll also mention a bunch of other instances or scenes.)

This is inspired by a post I saw a while back that pointed out how Jack stood separately from the Guardians in the Warren when Bunnymund had Sophie in his arms – how even after helping them reconnect with their love for children, he still wasn’t truly a part of their group. So then I thought, this is a theme that carries strongly throughout the entire movie - and it pivots around the fact that Jack has been essentially alone for 300 years and unable to touch or interact with anyone.

At first, of course, Jack doesn’t get too close to the Guardians. (The only reason they caught him in the first place was because he let down his guard, acting cheeky and casual around Bunny. Of course he didn’t like being manhandled by yetis, shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal, but that was the only way they would’ve gotten him to the Pole with minimum fuss. North may have no concept of sarcasm, but he’s always practical.)

At the Pole, the closest Jack voluntarily gets to one of them is Sandy, when he kneels down to pay attention to Sandy’s symbols. (See the post I made here earlier today discussing their relationship.) Otherwise, he stands fairly far apart from them. Except for, of course… when they themselves invade his personal space, which in Toothiana’s case is just plain weird, in North’s tense (when he backs him up against the door) and also weird, and with Bunnymund, just plain tense. Jack doesn’t oppose it - after all, he’s not used to it and tends to just go with the flow anyway, even with the Tooth Fairy’s fingers digging around in his mouth or the Easter Bunny breathing heavily into his face - but he’s not exactly over the moon about it. (Pun intended.)

He reluctantly agrees to the sleigh ride, and doesn’t mind the company there, as he’s in his element (literally - wind and cold), plus he gets to poke fun at Bunny too. Once they’re near Punjam Hy Loo, then the first voluntary physical contact he makes with someone so far in is Baby Tooth. I find this pretty symbolic, believing firmly that she’s his sister reincarnate and all. She’s the first one he willingly reaches out to and assists – which is, of course, the reason why he was chosen by MiM in the first place.

Then at the palace, after Baby Tooth leaves his side, Jack’s relatively alone again. He doesn’t feel comfortable joining the others in comforting Tooth. The distance is palpable; he’s a whole level lower, a platform away, even Pitch ends up closer to him than the others are at that point. Until, that is, Bunnymund jumps forward right after Pitch insults Jack, actually pushing Jack aside to get at the Boogeyman. It’s hard to tell how Jack feels about this, but as Pitch said, he’s currently a ‘neutral party’. He feels no less poorly about Pitch compared to Bunnymund right now.

Down at ground level, it’s the first time Jack actually tries to understand and connect with what it is the Guardians do – specifically, Tooth. He crouches a little closer to her, walks along with her on the water as she explains the meaning of the mural and her job, and even lets her touch his shoulder. North, Bunny and Sandy are currently very far away, just a blur in the distance; it’s a pretty personal moment for him right now, learning that he may really have memories after all. Once excitement sets in, though, he flies off - perching an equal distance from all of them, but still separate by being on that rock.

Come tooth collection time, things really start to change. He’s pledged himself to their cause in exchange for getting his memories back (which is actually a problem in and of itself; he should really have done it in a purely selfless way, which is why he’s had trouble being seen/believed for so long). So of course, he chats a bit with Tooth, competes with Bunny, and by the end, is in cramped quarters in Jamie’s bedroom. Tooth gets pretty close to him and touches him again when they again share a quiet moment together (note - these sort of moments are a big reason why I ship them, I could go on about Rainbow Snowcone all day but nvm). He seems to be part of their group when Jamie awakens, until reality harshly sets in again and it’s like he’s really not there at all. He’s still so different from the Guardians, even while standing in their midst.

True to character, he’s happy to dive into the fray all by himself when he spots the lone Nightmare – except this time, he’s not alone; Sandy makes the choice to follow him, and Jack’s incredibly comfortable flying and fighting alongside him. And again he charges forward alone, with nothing but his sheer will powering him, when Sandy - perhaps his only friend amongst the Guardians - falls, and then he’s back on the sleigh again after having his full weight lifted by Tooth (think about it - he most likely weighs more than her), Bunnymund actually clustering closer to him in concern. He’s not properly conscious, though, and by the time we get to Sandy’s memorial…

… Jack is nowhere in sight. This always surprises and confuses me - but I guess Jack is just too hurt and alone, and again too much of a stranger, to be able to share such a personal moment with the Guardians. It’s the only scene with the Guardians (after he meets them) where he’s completely absent, feeling terrible about the fact he couldn’t do anything to save Sandy.

He’s understanding more now. He’s walking forward with Tooth and North, agreeing pretty readily to go ahead with helping out for Easter. He charges forward in sync with them when they’re surprised by Sophie, but then moves quite far away again to perch on a mossy boulder when he realises just how clueless they are about kids. He only gets close to them some time later when he sits next to Bunny; I suppose he also wanted to give them space, give Bunny the time to connect with Sophie without interfering. And then as North and Tooth crouch around Bunny and admire the sleeping girl as well, Jack’s distance is pronounced. He didn’t seem so far away when just sitting beside Bunnymund, but with the others there, the contrast is striking; he’s still alone.

He willingly carries Sophie all the way back to Burgess (I know he’s technically not supposed to be able to touch her, but it’s my headcanon that he can still physically interact with beings like animals or very small children, especially if they’re unconscious/sleeping, as children don’t yet have the necessary level of awareness; it’s why so many kids have an 'imaginary friend’. Anyway.) And Baby Tooth is still with him at this point. Again, symbolic for the sibling-connection. She always flies close to him, right until Pitch distracts him and snatches her away. It’s almost like… she’s his last lifeline, his only connection to what he is and what he can possibly be, and in one master stroke she’s taken away from him and replaced with his memories. (Same difference, no?)

He finds the Guardians, Bunnymund comes an inch within punching him in the face. An understandable reaction, but still, it really, REALLY stings, even if it didn’t meet its mark. The knowledge that Bunnymund actually could have laid a hand on him and really hurt him, that he accidentally let down one of the only beings in the world who had started to have faith in him… of course it’s shocking. Of course Jack sheds a tear in this scene and nowhere else. His happy facade has finally broken.

He abandons the miniature North-doll, and all he has left on him is the tooth-box. But the tooth-box is cold and empty to him. Everything is cold and empty to him, so he goes to the coldest, emptiest place on Earth – Antarctica. He doesn’t activate his memories – either he doesn’t want to, or doesn’t know how to. Again, same difference at this point. And the next person who tries to get close to him (both physically and emotionally) is met with harsh screams and icy blows. Jack’s had enough of being close to people, maybe it would be better off if he was alone after all; what’s the point in friendship and trust if he never fails to screw things up?

Until Pitch reveals Baby Tooth and returns Jack’s purpose to him. If anything, Pitch’s two biggest mistakes were a) giving Jack his memories in the first place and b) giving back Baby Tooth. Together, they held the key to unlock what Jack needed in that deep, dark crevasse in Antarctica. Even in gingerly sheltering Baby Tooth in his hands, Jack regretted that he couldn’t make her warm. Even in holding the most important person in the world to him, in his very hands, he felt regret and disappointment at himself. This, guys, is what I call heart-wrenching character development. The boy who hasn’t been able to hold someone he loves for three hundred years still feels bad, even when he can.

What he did for Baby Tooth - giving up his staff for her - was pretty selfless. It’s the only material possession he has. If she couldn’t already see him, I bet that act would qualify as something for him to be believed in for. But that true moment comes soon after, when he saves the very existence of Bunnymund in the nick of time. He doesn’t make Jamie believe for himself. He does it for Bunny. He does it for the Guardians. Because he is still overflowing with compassion, even after he let them down. That is why he rejected Pitch Black’s offer, and that is why he finally earns himself a believer; he’s finally worthy of being believed in. I wonder now if it’s actually partially under the Man in the Moon’s control whether or not Jack could be seen.

From then, Jack is close to Jamie like he was (and still is) close to his sister. He stands beside him and playfully nudges him, he stands protectively in front of him as Pitch Black threatens him. And the Guardians cluster worriedly around him after Pitch knocks him out of the sky; he’s proven his worth, and he’s now their only hope. They have nothing left to lose, and he now has everything - a shining happy future in particular - to lose if they lose to Pitch. From hereon out it’s not 'him’ and 'them’, it’s 'us’. He stands beside them every step of the way and nearly is killed fighting (if it were not for Sandy’s resurrection). And he really is a part of their team as they huddle joyfully around Sandy.

There’s one more step to go, though, and it’s mere minutes away as the sun starts to rise on Easter Monday. Toothiana tacklehugs him - he’s truly at ease now, he automatically places his hands on her waist and probably has some cute thoughts running through his head (at least until Baby Tooth separates them. Imagine her squeaking “Ew mom, hands off my brother!”). And then of course North hugs Jack as well and kisses him on both cheeks, leaving the poor thing pretty dazed but no longer weirded out.

And the best moment of all - we all know it, it’s been analysed so thoroughly - when Jamie runs at Jack but doesn’t run through him. The shock on Jack’s face is plainer than the day that’s just started. He’s finally - finally - able to accept that maybe he’s worth believing in, worth loving, worth being trusted. It’ll still be a rocky road for a while - it’ll take a while for three hundred year’s worth of fear and disappointment to fade away (WHICH IS WHY I NEED A SEQUEL SO BAD GDI DREAMWORKS), but for now, Jack is able to cherish the hug from his first believer.

*rolls around in the eternal feelings RotG gives him*

Headcanon: when Sam shivers he shakes his body like a bird, he can’t control it, it’s just an aggressive shaking that happens to him. Because of this Bucky may or may not have spent a ridiculous amount time figuring out the coldest place to sit and making sure that Sam always sits there so that he can watch him wiggle when he gets cold.

//Warmest Place On Earth//

Requested by @yukifeari . I’m not sorry, to be honest XD. I really love all this Gruvia angst.

Rated: T

Pairing: Gruvia

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 891

The frigid winds of the blizzard lacked any physical effect on Gray whatsoever, but he felt as though they pierced right past his skin, reaching his heart as icy tendrils of the vilest of poisons. His shuddering chest heaved twice and thrice, yet he felt as though he couldn’t breathe.

His fingers trembled as he lifted them before his face. His eyes wide and raw in denial. The crimson liquid tainting the pale of his skin was unmistakable; he’d seen it countless time, on the body of those he wished it less on.

Struggling to crane his neck to the side, Gray watched with building anxiety as the body of Juvia lay before him, a pool of her own blood gathering beneath her. He couldn’t quite believe what he saw as he rose from his spot, limping towards the mess of disheveled, azure hair on the ground.

Gray slowly crouched beside her, and his hand recoiled instantly as it made contact with her skin. There was no response, and Gray feared the worst. Incapable of holding his weight on the end of his foot, Gray let himself sit beside her. He winced at the pain that came momentarily before pushing it away.

Carefully grasping Juvia’s arms, Gray pulled, turning her body. His heart dropped at the sight of her face—blood oozed from not only her chest but her mouth, painting her lips a despised scarlet.

“J-Juvia,” Gray stuttered, swallowing the thick bile that rose in his throat. He gently nudged her, waiting for a response–any sign that life still burned in her. He received none, and panic began gripping his heart.

“Juvia, juvia,” He repeated, his voice desperate. “Please, please, wake up!”


Relief flooded Gray as Juvia’s eyes met his, frozen tears on his cheeks melted with his warm new ones.

“Thank god,” Gray cradled her body to his, breaking into a sob. “I thought I’d lost you, Juvia.”

The silence and sorrow he received from Juvia seized Gray’s felicity at once, and he brought a hand to her cheek.

“Juvia?” He asked, noting her behavior. “Is something the matter?”

Then, right before Gray’s eyes, Juvia’s lips curved into a smile that could rival the sun itself, yet felt as cold as a wasteland of ice.

“Juvia is so, so, happy,” She told him, her body rocking with her sobs. “Juvia will always remember you, Gray.”

“…Juvia?” Gray blinked, apprehensive. “What… what are you talking about?”

Juvia’s frail hand came to rest upon Gray’s chest, where his heart still beat. Serenity crossed Juvia’s features, her head coming to his shoulder. Instinctively, Gray placed a hand behind Juvia’s head to support her.

“Juvia should be sad,” She said, fingers rubbing a circle on Gray’s skin. “She should despise herself for being the reason of Gray’s near death. Yet…”

Gray watched, wide-eyed, as Juvia lifted her face to his, a teary smile parting her face.

“Yet Juvia feels so happy Gray would go this far for her. Juvia feels… Juvia feels loved.”

The words that left Juvia’s mouth were caring and tender. But why did Gray feel as if they were parting words—a definite goodbye. He didn’t like the feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Then, Juvia’s lips wavered for a second. It was so fast Gray thought he imagined it. But he didn’t. And he knew it. He simply didn’t want to believe it.

“And this,” Juvia said, her voice barely above a whisper as she pressed her hand to Gray’s heart. “Is everything Juvia could have asked for. This—the warmest place on earth is the best place juvia could have ever wished to die.”

The implication of Juvia’s words slammed into Gray as a hammer forging the blade of the gods, and he froze. It all registered. The wound on Juvia’s body, the blood still flowing unbound and the weakness of her body.

Juvia was dying.

And Gray could do nothing.

All the times he’d pushed her away came back to mind. All the times he’d been grieving the death of a loved one and her warmth beside him, giving him the strength to move on. It had been what made him want to live.

The memories dizzied him, and he shook his head to focus once more.

“Juvia, no! Don’t talk like you’re going to d-die!” He brought her body to he again, embracing her with his heart bare. He felt Juvia’s arm tightening around his neck as they both hiccuped, crying in the embrace.

And like this he realized—this was his warmest place on earth for him, too.

“Gray,” Juvia’s failing voice spoke. “Juvia…” She broke into a pant. “Juvia loves…” With a steadying breath that had gray insides twisting, she murmured in his ear the words he never knew he yearned for until now. “I love you…”

Incapable of speaking, Gray could only close and open his mouth as it registered. By the moment he could move again, he was no longer in the warmest place on earth.

He was in the coldest place on earth, left to freeze in the merciless, claiming hands of longing and grief.

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BBC Robin Hood Series II Starters
  • This is an ambush!
  • You don't say.
  • There's poor people going hungry.
  • So what's it gonna be?!
  • Speaking of our lady-leper-friends, time to go and get the pretty one... and her daddy.
  • If they resist, shall I use force?
  • Get up to speed - use force anyway
  • I have a feeling we're not to welcome in the corridors of power at the moment.
  • Come and join my gang.
  • That kiss spoke volumes.
  • Really? That's not what I heard.
  • That's not fair!
  • You just don't get it, do you?
  • You are not weak!
  • Anyway it doesn`t matter to you.
  • You've always been weak
  • Why don't you just jigger off!
  • Ah, the sanctimonious old fart... and her father!
  • I gather you've been careless with your wood fire
  • You know full well that is not the case.
  • We both know that's not true, don't we?
  • Who cares... what you believe in? Hm?
  • I have a plan, and I will not tolerate dissent.
  • So, you are under house arrest, here in the castle, until I can find some use for you.
  • You think you can humiliate a man at the altar? A man like me and get away with it? You're wrong.
  • Who is the Nightwatchman?
  • I'll make sure to kiss him when I see him for stealing from you.
  • That's your real problem isn't it, you need people to love you.
  • What's he doing? Why isn't he running away?
  • There must be a cure, medicine, yes?
  • I'm not strong. I was being you'd notice you'd love me.
  • I love you. I've always loved you.
  • I want him dead. Whatever it takes, I want him dead.
  • It's too dangerous!
  • No! For once, just listen to me!
  • See you on the dark side. Shoot him!
  • Am I to drown in everybody else's incompetence?
  • Stupid too, so you and he should get on.
  • He also has a weakness for gambling.
  • I've taken my bath six months early for a reason!
  • This world is full of idiots, waiting to be parted from their money. But as you know... the house always wins!
  • I don't trust you.
  • If it were me, I would slap your fickle face.
  • Say goodbye.
  • Let him live.
  • He's a noble and a good man. He must be worth more to you than a sack of rocks!
  • I will kill this man.
  • You will be punished for this. Be in no'll be punished.
  • You saved my life. I'm grateful.
  • I could not watch you die and do nothing.
  • What have you got for me?
  • So what's your proposal?
  • Someone's impersonating me.
  • And the funny thing might be telling the truth.
  • And how am I supposed to believe you any more?
  • Don't kill me. Please.
  • Find me somebody to hang! I want to see somebody TWITCH!
  • At least do me the courtesy of knocking.
  • Get your possessions, you're leaving.
  • I have nobody.
  • Humanity is weakness!
  • Oh gag her, for God's sake. She's pretty until she speaks.
  • Little Robin redbreast is about to become fried chicken!
  • I'm surprised you gave in to his demands!
  • If I wanted a wife, I'd have found one with better legs!
  • I'm not coming back, get over it... and for God's sake, change your clothes once in a while
  • She's not coming back. Move on
  • I assure you I haven't given myself to anybody -- yet.
  • I will always believe that there is a chance for you and me.
  • I need to think.
  • Stop thinking. Come home to me!
  • You burned my home to the ground!
  • If I could take that back -- if I could show you the side of me that wants to build a home, not burn it down...
  • I thought I might never see you again.
  • Don't kill anyone unless you have to.
  • Yeah, what's your point?
  • I am the man with a plan
  • If I'm going to die, I'm going to die by your side.
  • Let's find out who you really are!
  • You... don't... speak to me!
  • Why is nothing ever SIMPLE?!
  • You're safe
  • You saved my life.
  • You underestimate me.
  • I have demonstrated my loyalty. Now I would like your blessing.
  • I'll sing at your wedding.
  • Your heart... must be the coldest place on Earth.
  • You'll have to kill me first.
  • No. We're going to get out of this. I'll do this thing. Then I will have power beyond belief. And we will be together.
  • I would rather die, than be with you