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Jill English is an amazing person and friend. She selflessly gives of her time, energy, and money to everyone around her. She enriches our lives every day - and does so happily without thinking about herself. Well, her van went kaput last week and now it's our turn to show Jill how much she means...

Oh my god. I can’t believe my coworkers did this for me. I was sobbing like crazy when they told me they started this. 

Things might actually be ok. People are actually helping me. Aww man, I’m crying again. This would help me so much. I wasn’t going to be able to have my dental surgery and have a car but I…. oh my god. 

I can’t believe they did this. It’s only 2 people so far, but just the thought, just the THOUGHT that I popped into somebody’s mind in my time of need has me overwhelmed. 

*sobbing some more*

Umm, I guess I can politely ask to share this? I hate asking for help and pride myself on being a stubborn self-sufficient woman, but I really do need help this time.


My first filled cake. It’s a pumpkin pie baked into a spice cake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.
My chemistry when it comes to baking is still off, thr cake sunk and it was a little over cooked, luckily the pie was wet enough that it balance it out.
I made it for a coworkers surprise birthday party, I got so much praise for it I was starting to feel really embarrassed lol.

Paris’s protectors…. always watching over the city.

//because I was sick all day I finally had time to sit and edit photos hahaha! I may be a snotty barfy mess but hey! We have more #LadyNoir photos to show for it!!

[Photo by Jill who is Colderbeast on tumblr!]

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I only have 121 followers, but I thought I would at least try to reach out to some of my fellow tumbleroids.

If you don’t recognize my name we are both probably Supernatural/Photography/Nails/42/90’s Rock/Archer/Doctor Who/HIMYM/420 Fans


My roommate had to quite suddenly move out of our apartment and now I’m trying to come up with the rent by myself.


I only need about $50 and they will give me an extension till my first paycheck from my new job (next Friday). It’s a gluten-free/vegan bakery if that helps inspire.

There isn’t much I can trade except for my photography. I can send a print as soon as I am financially stable and it will be awesome. I swear.

My Paypal is: 

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Thanks agaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn!