My first filled cake. It’s a pumpkin pie baked into a spice cake with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.
My chemistry when it comes to baking is still off, thr cake sunk and it was a little over cooked, luckily the pie was wet enough that it balance it out.
I made it for a coworkers surprise birthday party, I got so much praise for it I was starting to feel really embarrassed lol.


I only have 121 followers, but I thought I would at least try to reach out to some of my fellow tumbleroids.

If you don’t recognize my name we are both probably Supernatural/Photography/Nails/42/90’s Rock/Archer/Doctor Who/HIMYM/420 Fans


My roommate had to quite suddenly move out of our apartment and now I’m trying to come up with the rent by myself.


I only need about $50 and they will give me an extension till my first paycheck from my new job (next Friday). It’s a gluten-free/vegan bakery if that helps inspire.

There isn’t much I can trade except for my photography. I can send a print as soon as I am financially stable and it will be awesome. I swear.

My Paypal is: 

If you aren’t able to help out, I would appreciate it if you could please reblog this.


Thanks agaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn!