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The Artemis Fowl books advocate for the environment, deal with misogyny in the workplace and the need for feminism, and has some of the best character development arcs like ever over the span of eight books. Also, there’s magic and fairies with guns and time travel and a whole lot of sarcasm and really no downside to reading them

I’m not the same person you fell in love with, nor will I ever be that same person again. My heads gotten a tad darker, and my hearts’ gotten a tad colder, but I still know who I am. There’s a lot that’s changed about me, yes, but the way I look at you and want to grab your hand every time you’re around has never changed. My love for you has never changed darling.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#58)
falling for you was like walking across a frozen pond on a cold winter day. every step across that pond was a day closer to getting my heart broken. knowing that at any second I could fall. after that last step, the ice below my feet gave in as I fell through. the water flooded through my body leaving me numb, just like your kiss. I gasped for my last breathe of air just like the night you ended what we had. I started sinking to the bottom, everything is silent and dark. just like the nights I stayed up till 2:00 am thinking about you. blood slowly stopped running through my veins. finally my heart stopped beating, just like the day I first laid eyes on you.
—  turns out you were colder than the water 
( @still-holding-on-to-you )
Like Before • Jeff Atkins

Jeff Atkins x Reader

Prompt: You and Jeff were prone to breaking up and making up throughout your three and a half year relationship. This time, however, you knew it was different unlike the others; but you refused to let this be the end of you two, and you’d be damned if you were going to let Jeff Atkins walk away with your heart clenched in his hands.

Warnings: A broken heart and a cute Jeff Atkins.

3,010 words x

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Ephemeral [1]

(adj.) - lasting a very short time; short lived 

Member: Namjoon 

Genre: Angst, some sort au that is tbd, romance(?) 

Words: 1.5k 

Summary: There is a man in your dreams. You don’t know what he looks like or what his name is - you only know the sound of his voice. His voice. His voice follows you where ever you go. These dreams are your only source to see him, yet these dreams feel so real. 

A/N: Hi everyone! Here is my new series, Ephemeral. I know I’ve kinda left things on a bad note with Fernweh as I took it down, but hopefully you will enjoy this series. I feel much better now and I have a good feeling about this story. I hope you guys enjoy Xx 

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“Don’t be afraid Y/N—“

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(GIF not mine)

Imagine that upon first meeting Thranduil, a dignitary within his court speaks of you with condescension and insults you heavily in Sindarin. Believing that you couldn’t understand him, because you are not of the Elvish lands, though born to an Elvish parent.
Unbeknownst to those before you, you had been listening and indeed, understanding everything the men had been discussing. Particularly what had been said about you, firing back a string of Sindarin so polite and yet so venomous, the nobleman shrunk down beside his king.
Thranduil was thoroughly amused and made no attempt to defend his fellow elf.


(Everything said after the initial greeting will be Elvish, until someone speaks directly to Etain, then it will be specifically noted)

Note: Etain (eh-tayn)

Warnings: Mentions of mixed blood/race. Mentions of prostitution and thieving.

“My king! I present Etain of Oban! Sent by Lord Elrond to be reunited with her people.” Was the cry from an anonymous guard before the mentioned Elleth.
Etain didn’t take her gaze from the throne, didn’t dare look away from the king. Lest he see some sort of weakness on her behalf. Though she didn’t falter in her strides to stand before the throne, the floor seemed to pitch and sway beneath her.
Etain had always been so sure of herself. Why now, did she question her place in the world?
Perhaps, she thought dryly, it was that icy gaze of the Elven King. Regarding her as one might a tiresome child.

Standing before the throne, no longer surrounded by guards was no different. In fact, she thought, it was worse.
Etain had to stand alone before King and Council, waiting for some sort of cue from any of those on the steps in front of her.
When Etain received none and the noblemen continued their fervent discussion, she simply waited. There was no resentment. No irritation.
Immortals of a certain age either gave no regard for how time passed for others. Or they simply didn’t care. They had eternity. They were patient. They could wait.
Etain had already decided that she would bear no mind to the challenges of her character - for she knew that their ignoring her presence and speaking in a language they assumed she didn’t understand was just that.

Etain wasn’t sure how long she had stood before the throne, but tried to ease the discomfort in her feet by shifting her weight slightly. To her toes. Then her heels. Then foot to foot. Only subtle changes. Just enough to keep her blood flowing and to stop Etain from passing out.
King Thranduil spoke to his council without moving his attention from the Elleth “What do you know of her?”
“My lord?”
“The Elleth, what do you know of her?”
“She is of Oban. A small city. Raised only by a mother. A widow. Human. We…do not know of her father. Simply that he must have been an Elf.” The man speaking gestured to her, “Her eyes and ears give her away to any that gaze upon her. But…the rest is clearly of her mother’s blood.”
Thranduil knew the man spoke of her physical build. The King studied her a moment. This Elleth was tall for a woman of any race, though not uncommon for an Elf. Her figure was most definitely not of a she-elf. Instead of lithe and lean, her figure was full and strong. Curved in the way most men admired. It was most definitely telling of her parentage.
As the King studied her, he noticed that she was not, in fact, looking at him…but through him. Thranduil knew she had been waiting for some time and he vaguely registered that Etain was shifting about to stay upright. Were this a dire matter to the Elleth, she would have brought attention to her presence.
Her casual demeanor in the current situation irritated him “Etain of…Oban,” the men in front of him sniggered as they moved aside. “Why now, have you come to us?” When the Elleth remained unresponsive, the King called again “Etain.”

It was when she began the fifth round of her exercise that she became vaguely aware of someone calling her name. Etain focused her attention and when she noticed all eyes on her, Etain knew she had missed something important.
The greasy smirking of one councilman in particular told her as much. His next statement confirmed it. The fact that he chose to speak Sindarin more so “Do you see, my king? A mixed blooded creature, such as this one, could not hope to be accepted here. They’re errant. Soft-minded. Oft’ weak willed and feeble when compared to their…kin”. The Ellon was so fair that such disdain could not seem possible. Yet it dripped from his every syllable.
Etain felt her patience wear incredibly quickly when the King hummed with his half-hearted agreement. But she made no move to correct the Ellon. Not when the gaze of the King was so focused on Etain’s every move.
Instead, Etain smiled. A smile, she knew, had brought more vicious men to their knees. “I apologize, King Thranduil. I became lost in my own thoughts. What was it you asked of me?”
The King couldn’t form an answer before that same Ellon began spout Sindarin “This only confirms it, my king! We must turn her away. Who is to say that her father was of Mirkwood? He could have been any Elf of any land, of any time! What’s worse, is the mother! A human! A mortal! And she could have very-well been of a rather…dishonorable standing in such a city as Oban. Do we truly want a child of such breeding among us? To thieve and whore as much as her dam?”
Etain’s pride took the hit terribly. Fire lacing her veins as quickly as the insults fell from the Ellon’s mouth.
Etain didn’t throw her hands up. She didn’t cry. She didn’t raise her voice. But when she spoke, that Sindarin rolling elegantly from her lips…the room fell quiet. “I would like to think that I have shown patience thus far. I would like to believe that I have been nothing but respectful. To the King and those of his court.” Though the volume of her voice did not rise, the words slid past her teeth like blades from their scabbard. Quiet. Cold and sharp. “Respect that was not returned from the moment I entered this room. You all gathered before me, turning your backs and speaking of me and my apparently obvious character flaws right before my face. Speaking of me so openly because you believed me too naive or stupid to understand my mother-tongue.” The Elleth’s steely eyes pinned the councilman, her tone growing colder still “Calling me errant. Soft-minded. Weak willed and feeble. Then going so far as to insinuate that I must thieve and whore because of my mixed blood and insulting my mother in the same breath.” Her lip curled back and Etain all but snarled “Never would I have thought those who represent the King to be capable of such contempt.”
After a pause…Etain smiled. But it wasn’t happy. It wasn’t warm. It did not reach her eyes. “Perhaps Councilman, it should be you your King should be concerned about. Because you clearly know a great deal of thievery and debauchery. Enough to identify such character by a mere glance.”
The Ellon began to shrink back and Etain knew that if Elves could blush, this one would be a rather ugly shade indeed.
“Do not stake claim to knowledge you have no basis for nor claim to.” Etain returned her attention to the elven king only to find him watching her already, a smile on his lips so small she hadn’t been sure it was there to begin with.
Perhaps, the King thought, there was more to this Elleth than a pretty face.

I feel like there could be a part 2…let me know!

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Hey! Could you do an Raphael (shadowhunters) x reader with #1 #4 #18 #38 #47 #48 from the january drabbles? Its okay if not all of them are im if they dont fit ❤ Reader is a male Shadow Hunter but kind to the down worlders but also very good with fighting but also loves a book every now and then? Thank you both!

Raphael Santiago - “Boo!“


You closed your eyes and were barely able to contain the scream that was about to escape your lips. Until you realized that maybe letting it out was exactly what you needed to do to make him regret it.

“O, come on! You’re a bad ass shadowhunter!” He shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “Can you please stop screaming?”

“Why don’t you come over here and make me?” Even though you had gotten used to your boyfriend being a creepy vampire lurking in the shadows of New York, you had not grown used to his constant attempts to scare the hell out of you, just because you were a great fighter.

“Did I scare you?” He placed his hands on your shoulders and his bright smile and the twinkle in his eyes made it impossible not to forgive him immediately.

“Yes, you did!” You crossed your arms over your chest and pouted. “And you knew it!”

Raphael’s grin widened and he shrugged his shoulders. “I would say that I was sorry, but I’m afraid I am not. I have never been sorry about any moment we shared together.”

“I could have done with quite a few less heart attacks.” You rolled your eyes and Raphael let out a loud laughter. “I’m still surprised you fell in love with me at all. There are not that many impressions worse than my first one.”

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” Raphael curled his pale white hands around your neck and pulled you a little closer towards him. “But at least it made you stand out.”

You raised your eyebrows. “It made me stand out? Fainting is what made me stand out? I’m a bad ass shadowhunter with a huge book collection and fainting makes me stand out? Mister Santiago, if you are trying to make up for the terrible start of this date, you are not understanding the process of making up at all.”

“Would you prefer a more human approach?” Raphael pressed his chest to yours. “Do you…” He hesitated for a moment. “Well…I mean…” He almost trembled over his own words as if there was a part of him afraid that you would say yes in the end. “I could give you a massage?”

This time it was your turn to laugh and you shook your head. “Your human approach is not what makes you stand out, Raphael. Don’t even bother, please.”

“Then what did you have in mind?” He pressed his forehead to yours. His skin was, as always, slightly colder than yours, but still you enjoyed his hand caressing your cheek.

“I know that you’re a vampire and have qualities you haven’t shown me yet.” You bit your lip when you realized what you were saying. “And no, I didn’t mean it like that! I’m an innocent, cute boy if you’re not a demon causing havoc, I wouldn’t make such demands!”

Raphael was however smiling and his voice was barely a whisper. “No one needs to know that you’re not as innocent as you look.” He paused for a moment and his nose brushed yours. “I’d love to fulfill wishes like that.”

“Good to know, but I was actually thinking about something else.” You locked your gaze with his while your heart started racing in your chest. “I want to watch the stars on the roof of the empire state building.”

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had.” Raphael spoke softly, before he smiled at you again. “Of course I’m in.”

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Jon x Sansa - 20) running away together

“Where will you go?”

“Where will we go?”

The market was bustling. Shouts of merchants and patrons alike filled the balmy afternoon, languages from across the Free Cities traded along with the wares; the strong smell of spices, fish, salt and smoke hung heavy in the air.

A shipment of exotic animals had arrived the night previous, and Sansa carefully navigated her way around the sea of children that had gathered around the elephant pen. It was all too easy to be swept away in the river of bodies that flowed through the port city if you let it, dropped off in some alley or an unsavory district, but she had no such trouble today. Hadn’t, if she was being honest, in a very long time. Today she took her usual route through the stalls, nodding here and there to familiar faces, some friendly, most not.

Life among the Volantenes was good. Different, yes, but more importantly: safe. As safe as life could ever be for another lost daughter of Eddard Stark, poisoner of known royal bastard and dead king, alleged sorceress, and whatever other madness that had been stitched to her name since she’d fled Westeros.

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although cang du’s stoic demeanor is genuine, that is to say, not a front, he does have his own way of processing emotions. he’s a self-conscious individual when it comes to things that don’t have to do with intelligence or prowess in battle. when insulted, it hurts. when he acts a fool, he feels ashamed. he’s just really good at keeping his chill.

he reacts in private, if his Feeling™ hasn’t been sufficiently buried by the time he’s alone. he’s not a crier, but he does sigh heavily like a teenager. he gets upset with himself, he paces, he kicks furniture and stubs his toe and it hurts and he feels like an idiot for not just using his power to stop that from happening.

despite his ability to feel emotions more than it appears he does, he’s not great a expressing them. social interaction is always a challenge for him as it is, but if asked for an emotional response he’ll probably trip over his words. if things don’t go as he’s expected them to, he gets frustrated. again, he’s really good at not showing it.

Grim Fandango Sentence Starters

  • I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.
  • I need a lead on a rich, dead saint.
  • Ah, the big, golden door to mediocre management. 
  • Do I have to explain your job to you again? 
  • Oh, man. Did I come in on a Saturday again?
  • You’re not too big. The cars are just too small.
  • Hey, I got all the lip I need. I get it from you.
  • I squeezed down one of these tubes, like a pixie!
  • I have to confess… I never killed anybody.
  • You must come with me, young ones, for I am the Grim Reaper.
  • This looks nothing like Robert Frost.
  • All my friends are lonely widows and Frenchmen.
  • You smell like bacon and oppression, man.
  • Well, this isn’t the kind of progress I was hoping for.
  • Is everything okay with your eyebrows?
  • I promise to call for help at the next phone booth I walk by.
  • I just can’t bring myself to jump into the giant pit of uncleaned kitty litter.
  • I have to go. That sound makes me want to kill somebody.
  • I just locked an open door… strange, yet symbolically compelling.
  • Is there an engine that can resist the love in these hands?
  • As a rule, I never touch anything more sophisticated and delicate than myself.
  • I’m chasing a woman I met once and can’t forget.
  • You’ve got a weak attack and no follow-through.
  • Well, it’s good to know they recycle oil out here at The End of the World.
  • I knew we should have checked this side of the mountain before we walked up.
  • Okay, but if you hear a loud explosion anytime soon, the trip’s off.
  • It’s amazing how a little touch of human remains can brighten up a place.
  • Through this dark portal, an innocent man shall pass and arrive on the other side, innocent still, but colder of heart.
  • My computer gives me instant access to our database of deadbeats.
  • It’s hard to really panic while you’re wearing that little sailor suit.
  • Give me some booty and I’ll buy our way out of here.
  • Nobody knows what’s gonna happen at the end of the line, so you might as well enjoy the trip.
Some Reylo for your earholes!

angst, pining, fluff, dark, light, the whole kit and caboodle. i worked my butt off on compiling this list of songs that speak Reylo to me! I listen to a lot of music, mostly stuff that isn’t mainstream, but hopefully you can find something you like. bonus points if you can make it through the whole list! without further ado…

“Winter” - Daughter [indie] (x)
When we were in flames
I needed you to run through my veins
Like disease
And now we are strangers

“Terrible Love” - The National [indie] (x)
It’s a terrible love and I walk in with spiders
It’s a terrible love that I’m walking in
It’s quiet company

It takes an ocean not to break

“Unmade Bed” - Sonic Youth [post-punk/indie] (x)
Can you unlock this door babe
Will you just undo the chain
Will you take your time before you mix up love
His love and pain
Lonliness lays down his head
wants to get you high, better take it now
A man like that’s like an unmade bed
Stained eyes searching for another way out

“Undo” - Bjork [electronic/indie] (x)
You’re trying too hard, surrender
Give yourself in
It’s warmer now, lean into it

“Brainy” - The National [indie] (x)
You might need me more
than you think you will
Come home in the car you love,
Brainy, brainy, brainy

“Just Like Honey” - The Jesus & Mary Chain [post-punk/shoegaze] (x)
Listen to the girl
as she takes on half the world
Moving up and so alive
in her honey drippin’ beehive

“Where The Lines Overlap” - Paramore [pop-punk/alternative] (x)
No one is as lucky as us
We’re not at the end but
we already won

“Run Forever” - Emma Ruth Rundle [indie folk/dream pop] (x)
If we both get caught then we run forever
Just as soon
Just a force passing through
Just as soon as a little blood that’s missed
Just as soon as a kiss
Wait for me just like that

“My Beloved Monster” - Eels [indie rock] (x)
My beloved monster is tough
if she wants she will destroy you
but if you lay her down for a kiss
her little heart it could explode
She will always be the only thing
that comes between me and the awful sting
that comes from living in a world that’s so
damn mean

“Kissability” - Sonic Youth [noise rock/post-punk] (x)
You’ve got kissability
You could be a star, it ain’t hard
You’re driving me crazy, you smell so sick
You’re driving me crazy, give us a kiss

“Dig” - Nothing [shoegaze] (x)
You could throw a sheet
gently over me
I can make believe I’m a ghost
Scratch your name into me so I cannot forget
Dug a whole inside of me, stayed there till the end

“Don’t Change” - INXS [pop/post-punk] (x)
Resolution of happiness
Things have been dark for too long
Don’t change for you
Don’t change a thing for me

“Waiting Game” - BANKS [dark pop/r&b] (x)
Baby I’m thinkin it over
What if the way we started made
it something cursed from the start
What if it only gets colder?
Would you still wrap me up and tell me
that you think this was smart

“Cocoon” - Bjork [electronic/indie] (x)
Who would have known
that a boy like him
possessed a magical sensitivity
Who would approach a girl like me
who caresses, cradles his head
in her bosom

“Digital Bath” - Deftones [nu metal/alternative] (x)
You move like I want to
To see like your eyes do
We are downstairs where no one can see
New life, break away
Tonight, I feel like more

“Passenger” - Deftones [nu metal/alternative] (x)
Roll the windows down this
cool night air is curious
Let the whole world look in
Who cares who sees anything
I’m your passenger

“Forever” - Esbe [trip hop/electronic/pop] (x)

“Obstacle 1” - Interpol [indie rock/alternative] (x)
It’s in the way that she walks
Her heaven is never enough
She puts the weights in my heart

“Obstacle 2” - Interpol [indie rock/alternative] (x)
I’m gonna pull you in close
I’m gonna wrap you up tight
I’m gonna play with the braids that
you came here in tonight
I’m gonna hold your face, and toast the
snow that fell

If you can fix me up we’ll go a long way
(take my love in small doses)

“When We Escape” - Minus The Bear [indie/alternative] (x)
You must be an illusion
Can I see through you?
When we escape
it’s with a white line
We’ll both align
And now we lay this close
catching measures of the pulse

“Consequence” - The Notwist [indie pop] (x)
You’re the color
You’re the movement and the spin
Could it stay with me the whole day long
Leave me paralyzed, love
Leave me hypnotized, love

“Fineshrine” - Purity Ring [electronic/dream pop] (x)
Cut open my sternum and pull
my little ribs around you

“Drumming Song” - Florence & The Machine [indie pop/alternative] (x)
As I move my feet
towards your body I can hear this beat
it fills my head up and gets louder

“Postpartum” - Taylor McFerrin [electronic/downtempo] (x)
I want to love you
but something’s in the way

“Place In My Heart” - Taylor McFerrin [electronic/downtempo] (x)
Your heart just keeps on pumping
Our heart must keep  on popping
I say heart keep on–stop
I say love keep on trying

“Clavicle” - Alkaline Trio [pop-punk/alternative] (x)
Been on top of the world
since about 6 months ago
Marking the first time I laid eyes on you
I lost all train of thought as I entered the room
Saw what looked like really good food then I saw you
And so did you

“He She” - Oneohtrix Point Never [experimental/electronic] (x)

thanks to @knights-of-ben-solo for requesting Reylo tunes, I’m glad I’m not the only one with Reylo playlists hahaha

one: i should be doing anything else. i keep spending sunday afternoons half-asleep on our old couch, behind the wall of cubes, with one of the blankets tucked around myself (i always get colder when i’m still). time passes and passes and i’m drifting in and out of it trying to focus on one thing, one thread, one story. it’s a pity i can’t focus.

two: i banished my inner critic (you know, the one who sounds like logic itself, snapping up every time i fail or i succeed or i say something or i drop something or i- to tell me i’m nothing, i’m a //// /////, i’m so /////// //////, i should just give up) (the one i’m always yelling at, inside my head) and now it’s only a distortion in the air, locked up in a golden bubble and hanging in a dusty gray attic in the furthest wing of my mind. my center’s got a necklace, a crystal one, and it lights up blinding bright every time the critic tries to get out (which it does, too often).

three: there’s a star in my head now, right in the middle, suspended a few feet above the ground. it’s warm and soft and lovely, the light gentle on my face where i’m lying in a lush green meadow that stretches on to the trees.

four: the sky was a neon blue this morning. now it is all white.

five: yesterday i went to the park with my best friend, and it sounds so mundane (it wasn’t. i hope you can tell.). we climbed two separate trees- first, my favorite tree from when i was little (it’s got these amazing green leaves now, spreading out and over us like some kind of sky. we passed a bar of chocolate back and forth and i thought i wouldn’t know what to talk about, so it felt nice to find out i was mostly wrong.). second, the wide thick tree at the back of the small dog park (we’re across from each other and we’re both dressed for summer, with nothing more important to do (that’s a lie. i hope you can tell.) than stand here in the tree, watching the small dogs run and run and run.).

six: yesterday i found a big thick book- ghost towns of the west- lying on a trash can in the park. it’s filled with black and white photographs, and i think that’s the most fascinating thing, to look at something that’s gone forever, to walk through a set of wooden skeletons and believe they were once real.

seven: i miss

—  most powerfully magic//ast.


cang du’s scar is from adolescence. he was an intelligent child but his instructors often grew frustrated with him for his pedantry, his anti-social behavior, and his inability to connect with his peers. one day he stayed behind as the others went out to relax in the outdoor courtyard.

he was reading an epic tale, one of his favorites. he’d read it before.

“cang, please, everyone else is outside, it’s time to go.”


“are you listening to me?”

he was. but he could not respond. the army was fighting their uphill battle against impossible odds, and he was nearly at his favorite part.

“cang du!”

he turned away, making himself small.

“what is the matter with you?

many things, but no one would tell him. he turned the page.

“why can’t you just be like a normal child and go play?”

it escalated, and he remembers every word she said. he remembers her engagement ring, how it blinded him in class when she’d gesture on a sunny day. he remembers how it struck his face like a knife, the fine-cut diamond ripping through his young skin. the gold band (fourteen-karat. her fiance was a banker) flew through the air and landed with a singing-sound on the floor of the classroom.

he tells people, when they ask, which they don’t, that he received it in battle.

“that’s when i started being a good soldier.” a good child, a normal child.

i am that wonderful brand of tired where u cant do anything but also cant sleep so u just sort of. exist. vaguely


The weather’s getting colder, and my heat happened to go out last week, so… here you go.

It was around noon when you realized the house felt colder than usual. You usually kept the house warm- a bit too warm for Harry’s liking, unfortunately- but it seemed the temperature had dropped drastically since that morning when Harry left for the studio.

You hastily unwrapped the blankets covering your legs and set your laptop aside, and ran to the closet to look for a sweatshirt. Immediately, your eyes landed on the perfect one- Harry’s Packers sweatshirt that was fuzzy and warm on the inside. You quickly slipped it on, the warmth finally soothing your cold skin. Even after being washed, the sweatshirt still smelled just like him.

You let your hair down to fall around your face so it would warm your neck, and threw on a pair of flannel pajama pants. It seemed like it was still getting colder; the temperature inside was most likely close to the temperature outside, which was definitely undesirable.

You finally decided to venture downstairs to check the thermostat; maybe Harry had shut the heat off on accident and it could be fixed by a quick press of a button. When you got downstairs, it was clear that it wouldn't be quite as easy as you hoped. Muttering something about it being broken, you glanced at the clock and were relieved to see that Harry should be home shortly. Surely he’d know how to fix it, and even if he didn’t, having his body heat would definitely help a little.

The door opened a few minutes later, and you met Harry in the hallway with a fuzzy blanket wrapped around your body.

“It’s like the fucking Arctic in here.”  He whispered, running a hand through his hair that was a bit tousled due to the wind outside. You wrapped the blanket tighter around your body and nodded while he kicked his shoes off.

“The heat went out.” You muttered, trying to keep your teeth from chattering.

He walked over and pulled you into a hug, rubbing up and down your back while he kept you squeezed tight against his body.

“Baby, you’re shivering.”

He kissed the top of your head and pulled away, inspecting the outfit you’d thrown together to keep warm.

“That’s my sweatshirt.”

His little grin was enough to let you know he liked seeing it on you, and he wasn’t the least bit angry that you’d obviously gone searching through his drawers to find it.

“Smells like you.” You smiled, looking down at the sweatshirt that nearly reached your knees.

“How about you go upstairs and get nice and comfy in bed, I’ll try to fix the heat, and then we can watch a movie and cuddle. Sound good?”

You immediately smiled, nodding and running up the stairs to get the bed set up with some warm blankets and pillows before he joined you. A few minutes later, you were satisfied by how the bed looked cozy and inviting and slipped under the covers to test it out yourself. You were settled just in time for Harry to return, holding two mugs of hot chocolate.

“I had to call someone about the heat, they won’t be in until tomorrow.” He huffed, handing you a steaming mug that was just warm enough to heat up your hands without burning them. You shrugged, picking up the remote and beginning to flip through the channels on the television to find something to distract both of you from the cold.

“You look cute in my sweatshirt.”

Looking down to hide your blush, you shook your head and giggled. He threw his arm around you, pulling you close to his body so you could practically feel the heat radiating off of him. It was one of the things that always amazed you- how warm Harry always was despite the actual temperature of the air. He was like your own personal furnace, and in times like these, it came in pretty handy.

“Have I told you yet how adorable you look in my sweatshirt?”

You turned your head to glare at him playfully, and softly smacked his arm.

“I think you may have mentioned it, yeah.” You joked.

He laughed and squeezed your hip gently, nuzzling his face into your hair. He pressed a few light kisses to your head, causing you to look up at him with a smile plastered on your face.

“You like the sweatshirt on me that much, huh?”

He nodded, one side of his mouth curving upwards in a smirk. You finally decided to watch a re-run of Friends and tossed the remote aside; there was a good chance you and Harry wouldn’t be paying much attention to the show anyway. After a few minutes, Harry’s warm hand was resting gently on your stomach under the sweatshirt, and you swore you felt even warmer under his touch. In fact, if you hadn’t already known the heat was broken, you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

He continually pressed soft kisses to your head and kept his hands on your body at all times. He’d say it was meant to keep you warm, but knowing him, he just wanted to have his hands on you no matter the occasion. And if he had an actual excuse to do that- well, even better. You tilted your head up innocently, but before you knew it, his lips were attatching to yours hungrily.

In that moment, when your lips were moving so rhythmically together, the cold was long forgotten. The only thing that mattered was how he still tasted fresh from that mint he’d sucked on nearly an hour ago, and how his hands were gently resting under the sweatshirt he claimed to love so much on you. When you were both completely out of breath from the needy kiss, you finally pulled away to meet his eyes again. He smiled, that famous smirk he was known so well for, and held onto the fabric of his sweatshirt covering your body.

“Warmer yet?”