colder in minnesota

That’s What I’ve Got You For

A little Thanksgiving fluff with some fake dating! :)

“I can’t believe you talked me into driving with you across two states to visit your mom and step-dad for Thanksgiving.” Bellamy’s brow turned down as he sulked. “And it’s so cold!”

Clarke huffed. “It was colder in Minnesota. Stop being such a baby!” But she shifted closer to him as much for warmth as to alleviate the strong pull that always dragged her to him.

“Maybe we should ring the doorbell again?” Bellamy asked. They had been waiting on her mom and Kane’s poarch for five minutes.

“Yeah, but they’re either listening to really loud music or they’re not here. Either way it won’t do much good.”

“Neither will freezing our butt’s off out here.”

Clarke sighed. He was right. She just didn’t want to consider the option that Kane and her mom had forgotten about them. Then she perked up. “Wait! I think I hear someone!” Clarke grabbed Bellamy’s hand. “Quick! Hold my hand!”

“Ummm…” Bellamy looked amused. “I already am.”

Clarke blushed. “Sorry! I know this whole fake dating thing sucks but I don’t know if my mom and Kane would have let me bring a friend.”

“I know.” Bellamy gave her hand a squeeze. Clarke’s heart tightened. He knew just how worried she was for her first Thanksgiving with her new step-dad. He always knew how she was feeling, except about the one thing that should be so obvious.

Then the door opened and they were ushered into the house to the warm kitchen with apologies and welcome. The music was just so loud, they were making pies for tomorrow, and Kane was such a spectacular dancer that they were had been too occupied to think about the door until now. They were very excited that Clarke could visit and bring Bellamy too!

Clarke let it all wash over her. She knew that Kane was a good man and she was truly happy for them. It was just so odd to see someone else in her childhood home. But she also saw the picture on the mantle of her, her mom, and her dad. He wasn’t forgotten.

The real problem was how supportive Bellamy was being and how awkward it made her feel. Not that Bellamy was never supportive; he was a great friend (except for that brief period of time when they had hated each other). Now, whenever Kane brought up a new memory made with Abby, or her mom hinted that she was getting older and settling down might be nice, she would feel Bellamy’s arm slide around her waist and squeeze ever so slightly. She knew it was all for sow, but her stomach still clenched every time. And Clarke found herself handing him his wineglass with a kiss on the cheek or putting a hand on his knee when they sat on the couch. It was so natural, but made her feel so terrible that this mini vacation would have to end.

The hardest part was when they finally made their way up the stairs to her old room.

“Do you have everything you need sweetie?” Abby called up after them. “Remember extra blankets and towels are in the closet!”

“Yes, thank you Mom!” Clarke called. “Goodnight!”

“Goodnight darling!”

Clarke closed the door and leaned back against it with her eyes closed. She took a deep breath. “Thank you.”

Bellamy scoffed. Clarke opened her eyes to see Bellamy’s unreadable face a lot closer than she thought.

“For what?” He asked. She watched his chest rise and fall slightly faster than normal.

“For being there for me, boyfriend or not.” Clarke gave him a small smile. “And for knowing exactly when I need it.”

Bellamy stepped closer so that he was the only thing she could see.

“Anytime.” He looked at her through his long lashes. “Seriously.” He started turning red. “We should try being together again. For real.”

Clarke tried to shrug around the pumping of her heart. “Well, there’s always tomorrow?” she asked shyly.

Bellamy leaned in to place a kiss on her forehead. “I would love that.”

Clarke beamed and laced their fingers together.

“But for now could you just show me all the embarrassing pictures of you playing soccer in braces? I would love that too.” Bellamy smirked.

Clarke responded by smacking his arm. “You really know how to set the mood don’t you?” She huffed. “It’s no wonder we didn’t get together sooner.”

“Nah,” Bellamy shrugged. “That’s not me. That’s what I’ve got you for.”

She really couldn’t resist him. She’d never has a chance. Clarke laughed and pointed him towards the pictures.The pull that had dragged her to him had finally stopped tugging. Now it just buzzed happily and let them fall in love in their own time. She should have taken him home with her years ago.