Actual advertisement from 1951. Cold War propaganda is so bad it’s kind of hilarious. Your scheme for world domination is doomed to failure!

“Don’t look for physical differences when you try to spot a Communist. Communists are all kinds of people in all walks of life and all races.
A Communist is someone who believes in the Russian form of government, whereby those who govern own everything and control
all the activities of all the people.
A Communist is loyal only to Soviet Russia. As a member of the Communist Party he is dedicated for life to the protection of the U.S.S.R. and to the establishment of Communism throughout the world.
A Communist will usually deny that he is a Communist. There are many Communists who are not in reality card-carrying members of the party.
But both types of Communists carry on the same work, although the second type cannot let it be known that he is a member. His real value to the party is in indoctrinating those unsuspecting people in key positions with government agencies, schools, unions and churches with Communistic philosophies.
When a Communist goes to work on you tell  him that you are onto him and his dirty game.
Tell him, further, that you think it is your patriotic duty to make his activities known to others and to the police.
Tell him that you know no tactics are too low for a Communist: lying, cheating, betrayal, ruin and even murder. But be sure to tell him, too, that America is on the alert and that his scheme for world domination is doomed to failure.”