Flash Episodes with Leonard Snart

Season 1:

  • episode 4
  • episode 10
  • episode 16
  • episode 22

Season 2:

  • episode 3
  • episode 9

Season 3:

  • episode 4 (Flashback + hologram)
  • episode 16 (Speedforce apparition)
  • episode 22 (???)

Follows a 6th-episode pattern within a season, except where we didn’t see him for the back half of S2 and they missed 3x10 (all likely due to Legends taking priority).

Edit: these are episodes where he’s part of the plot (misses 1x23 and 2x01)

anonymous asked:

So i walked into the training room and magnus was in there using the sword that taako always has on his back and he was destroying all of the training dummies. Like, hecking the shit out of them. So, he spots me and immediately said "DONT TELL TAAKO!" But he had already sliced my dear Dertha the Dummy in half (Yes i was dating a training dummy don't judge me). So, this is for you taako, Magnus has your raging flaming intoxicating partying hollering something-or-other-ing sword of doom.