[M/V] 차가운 체리 (COLD CHERRY) - 나는 너였어 (It Was You)

His present (Saizo)

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It had been raining for a few days, the sound of the raindrops, the gloomy skies, and the cold weather had only made her feel even longing to the warm that she missed so much. She slid open the door, watching the raindrops falling from the sky, she couldn’t help but wonder when will he be back.

Mindlessly, her hand started rubbing at her slightly little bump. Since the day Saizo had left, Yukimura had become an overprotective brother. He had forbidden her from almost every single chore, leaving her only to knit the clothes for the soon to be born …

“How long ? ” she asked. “A year or two ……” he replied, not wanting to hide the fact that he will be leaving for quite a long time. He didn’t want to go, not when he had someone he dearly loves, not when he knew the existence of his child but he didn’t have a choice. She just gazed up at his scarlet eyes and gave him a smile. “ We’ll be waiting …”

“Milady !!” The voice of the maids dragged her out from her dream state. “ Are you alright ? ” one of them asked. “ Just a little tired ” she smiled. She stood up and walk out from her room, ignoring the sound and the concerns that she needs to rest more. She didn’t really want to stay in the room, not when he’s not here. She watched the brown leaves falling, feeling the cold breeze. The cherry blossom, the tree of promise that she vowed under, to always stay by his side was now a bare tree. But she knew he will keep his promise, and she will keep hers.

“You really are a little dumb, aren’t you ….” Saizo tried to embrace her, even though his arm was too weak to do so … A man who once known as the harbinger of death, a man who stood alone and showed his heart to no one had vowed to fight and protect her till death. He isn’t the cold and heartless assassin but he is her angel that swore to keep her as his little lady for as long as he as lived …. she embraced him back, clinging on to him and keeping the warmth that she ached so long. “Saizo …. don’t try to take the world alone anymore …. I’m always here for you …. always, ” she told Saizo softly as they both fell down and down at the mercy of the gravity …

The cries of her three-month-old daughter brought her back to reality. She carried her daughter and tried to hush her with a soft lullaby. She slid the door open and welcomed the cool night breeze as she hugged the little bundle, gazing at her lovingly. The moonlight shone brightly at both of them, giving her the comfort she needs. “Daddy will be home soon…. He promised us ” she whispered to her child and she answered back with tiny little giggles. She smiled sadly at her and trying to stop her tears from flowing down. She missed his touch, his smile, the passions, and desires.

She really did miss him.

“Saizo ……” the tears flowed down as she failed to conceal her feelings that she had hid from others. A pair strong and familiar arms embraced her from behind, the same familiar warmth pulled her against him. Hot tears continued to flow down her cheeks as she turned her head slightly to face her husband. “You’re back .” She smiled back at him.

He smiled back at her lovingly, gazing down to his little family.

“I’m back … little lady. ”

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Hi, hi!!! You are seriously THE best!!! Can you imagine the Chocobros reaction if their s/o (fem, if that's okay!) proposed to them, instead of the other way around?? Ooooh my goodness, my heart melts just thinking about it!!! Thank you so so so much!!!! Xo I love your blog!!

*squeels excitedly for all eternity*
I swear, anon, this might just be the most precious fluff request I’ve gotten to date. My face was a blushing MESS when I read this.

When I was younger, I spent every Friday night bingewatching wedding shows on TLC. Suffice to say, I aboslutely adore proposals and all that warm and fuzzy marriage buisness.✨

Thank you endlessly for all of the support and love for the blog - I can’t tell you how much it means to Leigh and I!

Without further delay, let the Valentines week fluff fest begin 💜

Note: the s/o is implied to be fem


Song: “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron and Wine

  • One would think that when proposing to the prince of Lucis, only an extravegant affair of fresh flowers, imported chocolates, and a sky written message would do
  • Nobody would have guessed that the seemingly simple proposal Noct’s s/o planned, one leagues behind a royal engagement, would have meant so much to him
  • Love’s a funny thing… isn’t it?
  • Around 3 am on a starry summer night, Noct and his s/o found themselves tangled up in a bubble bath, surrounded by dimly flickering candles, loosely strung christmas lights, and floating rose petals atop soapy water
  • The skylight window above provided a stream of delicious moonlight that cast a hazily euphoric glow on the couples bare forms
  • Swaddled in warmth and comfort, Noctis held his s/o lovingly in his lap, running water softened hands along her body, tracing her curves thoughfully, as she pressed occasional kisses to his collarbone and neck

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soft dom! seokjin

(THIS WAS ALL DONE LAST NIGHT, ON MY PHONE. BASED OFF OF @bxebxee ’s soft dom!seokjin. literally just oral sex, and exhibition, and fluffy at the end)


soft dom seokjin coming home from home, muscles tensed, nerves wrecked, just over all exhausted. He walks in the kitchen to see his pretty baby girl making some food, in her normal house clothes, because you know, she’s at home. but every time she leans over a little bit her shorts rise up, and seokjin can’t help but enjoy the view—a little too much, to the point where he can see himself fucking her until she screams his name like he knows she can.

It’s been a good five minutes until she notices her seokjinnie. She smiles and tells him “I’m making food for you!! It’s almost done!” Poor seokjin, he knows she is just being so innocent and caring for him, but he just can’t shake off his filthy thoughts. So he inquires her to “Come here baby, I missed you”. She giggles and goes on “I know, I missed you too. But I need to finish.” He shakes his head and walks closer to her, taking in her natural scent. He kisses patterns along her neck.

Her little moans and whimpers, God she knows what to do to drive seokjin crazy. She tried to shimmy out if his grip: “Jinnie, I wanted to make you food.” her complaints soon shut down after his takes her lower lip between his teeth and tug it. “Wouldn’t it be better if I ate your tight, wet pussy baby? I bet you’re dripping all over your shorts.” His hands slide down to the front of her baby blue shorts, rubbing her clit through them. “Seokjin, fuck you’re making a mess”
Her eyes blow up wide at his request, “S-seokjinnie I-” His pink, plump lips form into a small pout. “Baby please, I just wanna see.” She knew that seokjin valued her nude body like the finest, more precious piece of gold in the earth. So she obliged, only wanting to make to him happy, and to get herself off. Seokjin smiled at her and dropped to his knees, her face was the epitome of confused, to soon be replaced with shock when seokjin strips her bottoms off with his teeth.

After being stripped naked by seokjins mouth, she sits herself on top of the table, while seokjin sits infront, having a perfect view of his beautiful, most precious baby girl. Whose body he admired and fucked the most. “Go on baby, daddy’s watching” Her fingers slowly worked her clit, feeling the already sticky mess of her wetness from before, she bites her lips and moans softly as her other hand peaks her swollen nipples. Seokjin sits there, hand stroking the front of his dress pants

“Hmm, baby what are you thinking about?” She huffs out and moans louder when her fingers start pushing in and out of her pussy. “Y-you daddy, in thinking about you fucking me” her back meets the cold cherry wood as she continues to fuck herself. “Is daddy fucking you with his cock, fingers, or tongue baby girl?” She whimpers out his name, the pleasure becoming too much, its starting to get hot, her senses are not taking her side. “J-just come here and eat me out please”

Seokjin licks his lips, looking at his masterpiece. All fucked out, needy, and dripping just for him. His pretty little girl, a shaking, whimpering mess. Her fingers going in and out of her cunt at relentless speed begging “P-Please please, daddy I need you” Seokjin kneels down in front of her, taking in her tight, pink pussy. He moves her hands away and slowly, kisses her folds, his tongue making zigzag patterns around her clit, sucking the swollen bud.

“Damn baby, I could eat you every hour of the day if I could” Seokjin comments, “you’re so wet for me—shit” His plump lips sucks harshly at her clit, pulling it lightly. He knows she’s about to cum, by the way her legs are quivering, her hands pulling at his amber locks so tightly he can almost feel the burning sensation in his scalp. Her moans get louder, her pleas become more incoherent, “I-p-please I need, fuck” Seokjin hums at her unintelligible request.

He halts his tongue swirling inside her to only replace it with his agile fingers, “baby you’re gonna cum? Are you gonna make a mess all over my fingers and the table?” She nods her head furiously. “Yes yes yes, I’m cumming, please let me cum Seokjinnie” He pinches the inside of her thigh lightly, “then do me a favor and fucking cum” Seokjin can feel her tighten around his fingers, watching his babygirl come down from her high has been the most erotic thing he has seen. His eyes dilate from the image presented in front of him, he can’t help but to steal a kiss from her. Tongues intertwine, teeth clashing together. Her pulls back and tucks the strands of hairs behind her ear, and lets out a gentle.

“I love you”


Whether you need some liquid courage for the night, something refreshing to quench your palate, or something comforting to warm your heat, Turkey has got you covered on drinks. Here’s a list of beverages you can find in Turkey. 

Yeni rakı is the top rakı brand in Turkey. Turks consume an average of 1.5 litres of rakı per capita per year. 

  • Rakı: As one of the top choice alcohols in Turkey rakı can be seen everywhere. This aniseed based drink generally has a 40-45% alcohol level. Similar drinks are popular in the Balkans, and to a lesser extent Iran and other Turkic countries. Rakı is so popular in fact, it is considered the national drink in Turkey.  Rakı turns white when water is added. Due to this it has gained the colloquial title of “aslan sütü” or “lion’s milk”. In Turkish culture lions are seen as symbols of bravery and courage, hence implying it is a drink for strong men - it is popular among all types of people however. It is a popular pairing with fish and red meat dishes.  

Ayran is best served frothy. 

  • Ayran: Ayran is yogurt drink mixed with salt and cold water. It is usually paired with grilled meat dishes. Nomadic Turks have consumed ayran since before 1000 A.D. and some theorize that Göktürks had invented it when trying to improve the taste of bitter yogurt. Similar drinks are popular in Western, Central, and South Asia. 

Turkish coffee in a typical coffee cup with a side of lokum (Turkish delights). 

  • Türk Kahvesi: Sometimes confused as being a type of coffee bean, Turkish coffee is actually a method of preparing coffee. Roasted coffee is ground into a fine powder then simmered with water in a pot (cezve). The grounds are left in the coffee. A good cup of coffee should have a thick layer of foam on top. The coffee is typically served with biscuits or sweets and a glass of water. Turkish coffee is popular across the Middle East, the Balkans, and other parts of Europe. Turkish coffee has an interesting role in Turkish culture. At one point it was so popular in the Ottoman Empire that it left a mark on Turkish vocabulary. Breakfast is referred to as kahvaltı meaning under or before coffee. The colour brown is kahverengi meaning coffee colour. When a suitor visits a girl’s home with his family, the girl serves everyone Turkish coffee but puts salt in the potential groom’s drink. If he drinks it easily it is suppose to be a sign of his good temper. Kahve falı (tasseography) is also popular in Turkey. People read your fortune by interpreting the coffee grounds left at the bottom of your cup after you turn your cup upside down on a saucer. Most people do not take the fortune seriously but treat it as a fun tradition. 

A tray of black tea served in typical tulip shaped glasses on the shores of Üsküdar with Kız Kulesi (Maiden’s Tower) atop the Bosphorus in the background. 

  • Çay: Çay is by far the most popular drink in Turkey. Turks drinks tea so much and so often that they actually boast the highest average consumption of tea per capital in the world. I’ve made a previous post about tea in Turkey that goes more in-depth, you can read it by clicking here. Below are some of the more common types of tea found in Turkey.
    • Black Tea: At every corner you’ll hear people clinking their spoons against the rim of tulip shaped glasses as they mix some sugar into their black tea. Black tea is the most common type of tea in Turkey. Much of the tea is sourced from Rize, a lush green province on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. 
    • Nane Limon: A common herbal remedy, mint lemon tea is usually drunk to relieve stomach ailments, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and to lower stress. 
    • Ada Çayı: Another popular herbal tea, sage tea is drunk to relieve upset stomachs, relax muscles, relieve sore throats and other cold/flu symptoms, and even reduce menopausal symptoms. 
    • Elma Çayı: Sometimes apple tea is thought to be the most popular Turkish tea by foreigners. This misconception stems from the fact that apple tea is typically served to guests and foreigners in tourist areas because of its sweet taste. It is not an everyday beverage for most Turks. 

A warm cup of salep garnished with cinnamon and coco. 

  • Salep: Salep is a thick warm beverage made from orchid root flour, sugar, milk, and cinnamon. It is commonly consumed in fall and winter. Salep and similar drinks can be found in many former Ottoman territories. 

Glasses of boza waiting to be served. 

  • Boza: Boza is a thick drink made from fermented wheat topped with cinnamon and roasted chickpeas. Boza was traditionally a fall/winter drink because it had to be kept cool in order to prevent spoling; however, with the invention of refrigeration it is now available year-round. The drink is believed to have originated from nomadic Turkic peoples in Central Asia as early as the 6th century B.C. 

A glass of  şalgam among a table of food at a restaurant in Istanbul.

  • Şalgam: This sour drink is made from turnips (şalgam), pickled red carrots, salt, spices, and fermented wheat. It is commonly served along side rakı. Şalgam is sometimes used as a hangover cure. Adana touts itself as the home of şalgam. 

A chef pours gravy on top of a plate of iskender kebap served with a bottle of Şıra (top left corner) at a restaurant in Kadıköy.

  • Şıra: Şıra is a highly sweet non-alchoholic fermented grape drink. It is usually served with iskender kebap, a specialty of Bursa.  

After an advertising ban on alcohol in 2013, Efes put out these ads as a way around the law.  The picture on the left reads “Görmesek de biliriz.” meaning “Even if we don’t see, we know.” The one of the right reads “Ne bu şişe?” meaning “What is this bottle?”. The company wanted to show that they could still generate sales because of how iconic the Efes beer brand and its bottle shape is in Turkey. 

  • Bira: You can’t talk about drinks in Turkey without talking about beer. Beer is the most consumed alcohol in Turkey, accounting for 63% of all alcohol consumption. The largest beer company in Turkey is Efes Pilsen, dominating over 80% of the market. Since the AKP took to office, the government has attempted to lower alcohol consumption by levying heavier taxes, restricting sales, censoring advertisement, and imposing partial drinking bans (by area). However, consumption hasn’t been affected much by the policies and is generally on a slow trend upward. 

Red wine is poured into a glass looking out at the hot air balloons and beautiful rock formation in Cappedocia. The area is one of the largest wine producing regions in the country and historically had some wine production when Christians used to live in Central Anatolia.

  • Şarap: Anatolia has a long history of wine production and is thought to be one of the oldest wine producing regions of the world dating back 7000 years. Even when Islam was introduced into Anatolia, the tradition continued not just among the Christian communities (for whom it was permitted) but among Muslims despite attempted bans. At one point even the Hanafi school of thought, the leading basis for Islamic law in the Ottoman Empire, allowed for the consumption of alcohol. Hanafis later changed their position on this subject disapproving it. Red wine is the most common wine in Turkey. Alcohol consumption varies in Turkey. The Marmara and Aegean region boast the highest percentage with 20% and 18.8% of people consuming it respectively, with South Eastern Anatolia having the lowest at 4.7%. Overall consumption across the country stand at about 17%. 

Some of the most popular brands of sparkling mineral water in Turkey. 

  • Soda: The word soda in Turkish is often used to describe sparkling water. This might seem like a mundane beverage to put on this list, but it is commonly ordered off of menus at restaurants and bought from grocery stores as it is thought to help digestion. Though we have Perrier and San Pellegrino in North America, these are marketed as luxury sparkling waters and are not as widely consumed compared to Turkey’s demand for sparkling water.  

A man gets ready to eat balık ekmek (fish sandwich) with a side of turşu suyu.

  • Turşu suyu: Similar to şalgam, turşu suyu (pickled vegetable juice) is a sour beverage made from pickled vegetables ranging from beets, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, onion, peppers, garlic, etc. all placed in chunks in a glass of pickle brine. Also like şalgam, it is sometimes considered a hangover cure. Turşu suyu is typically drunk with fish. 

A cold glass of cherry juice ready to drink on a hot summer day. 

  • Vişne Nektarı: It may seem odd to feature a fruit juice but I wanted to put this one of the list because it’s rarely found in North America, cherry juice. Vişne is sour cherry, and this juice is particularly popular in the west coast of Turkey and in Afyon which is known in the country for its cherry production. 

Glasses of lohusa Şerbeti being prepared to serve up at a baby shower welcoming a new born a few weeks after birth. 

  • Lohusa Şerbeti: Lohusa Şerbeti is as sweet spiced drink. Traditionally it is drunk by new mothers before birth in order to increase milk production. It is also served to guests at baby showers which, in Turkey, take place after the baby is born. 
Hungarian Cherry Soup!

Originally posted by misterlemonzest

Hey, lovelies!

So, this is a bit off topic for this blog, but I owe a proper recipe for my sour cherry soup to the lovely and amazing @laughingcatwrites and I thought I would share it here!

Disclaimer: This is the recipe of how my family makes cold sour cherry soup in Hungary. Honestly, it’s the BEST summer food that ever existed imo. There are many other variants, I’m sure. Also, I know shit about cooking lingo, so feel free to send me an ask if something is confusing!

Okay, so you will need:

  • 1 pound (0.5 kg) of fruit - I usually make it just with sour cherries, but you can use regular cherries or a mix of both. Some people even throw in some peaches and plums! 
  • 1 cup (2 dl) of sour cream - I’ve heard of people using unflavored yogurt, but we put sour cream into everything here, so I can’t vouch for that LOL
  • 2 big tablespoons of flour (I originally told @laughingcatwrites that only one spoonful was needed, but then I realized that I actually use a bigger, wooden spoon at home ^^;;;;;;)
  • sugar - I can’t give you an exact measurement, cause I usually use liquid sweetner, but I think at least 3 tablespoons? This largely depends on how big of a sweet-tooth you have 
  • 1 coffeespoon of cinnamon
  • 10-ish pieces of dried cloves 
  • water

Clean and pit your fruit. You can cut the cherries completely in half if you want to, but it’s not necessary. If you are adding some bigger fruits (peaches or plums), I would suggest dicing them up into smaller pieces so nothing is left uncooked.

Get a smallish or mid-sized pot, put in your fruit. You need as much water that’s covering the fruit with about one inch, or a bit more (depending on how thick you want your soup). Add your sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Pro tip: cloves are annoying to fish out, I usually put them in a tea egg, so they can be removed easily after the soup is done. 

Boil the whole thing. While you wait for it to boil, get your sour cream and mix in the flour. It’s very important that you make it smooth, otherwise the flour will turn into big white lumps in the soup. I usually do it with a fork, but you can of course use a mixer to make it nice and even.

Once the fruit boiled, turn down the heat and take a nice big dipperful of the spicy water out of the soup and add it to your sour cream/flour. Mix it until it’s smooth. The point of this is to warm up the thickening so it won’t get lumpy in the soup. You can add another dipper of the soup water if you want to make sure it’s hot enough.

Once that’s done, pour the whole thing back into the soup while stirring. The soup won’t be too thick just yet, but that’s okay. Now you have to turn up the heat again until it boils once more.

And you are basically done with the cooking part! At this point you can taste it to see if it’s sweet enough, but it won’t taste quite perfect just yet. Wait until the soup cools and then put it in the fridge for a night. The cherries will bleed their flavor (and their color) into the soup overnight, making it a bit more sour and it can even turn a bit thicker while it rests, so don’t be impatient!

I hope you will like it!

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hey pal i hope ur doin okie dokie & that u know that ur a Wonderful and Pure person who deserves the best which includes, but is not limited 2: hugs from a big soft chris; getting 2 try on trevor horns glasses; drinking a cold cherry bepis w/ ur best pal trevor rabbo; owning a Big Soft Chris Pillow (lifesize); painting fun sunshine pictures with jon & carl parl; making spaghetti with the buggles & geoff keeps eating the sauce with a spoon & monching on the cooked nakey noodles. u deserve these ♥

im gonna fuckening cry u send the best goddamn messages & ily

Our Strange Family

I was bored and i wanted to do stuff. So here is a continuation of a previous post I made about Baz and Simon adopting children that you can find here. Let me know what u think! (BTW i can’t wait for xmas and its still so far away but this is gonna be a little xmas-y)


You know? Living at the Snow-Pitch household was one of the best blessings that Cherry and Cody ever got. You never really lived until you saw the love and affection given by Simon and Baz Snow-Pitch. After everything, it was nice to spend days like these in their small apartment in London.

Cody was at the piano, playing Christmas carols that Simon, Cherry, and occasionally Baz would sing along to. Everyone was bundled up in oversized Christmas sweaters with a mug of hot chocolate in their hands. Cherry was leaning against Cody, slowly drifting off into sleep on the piano bench. Simon and Baz copied their position on the couch, Simon feeling the scratchy surface of Baz’s sweater against his cheek. They admired the twins and their many talents. 

The sweaters where Cherry’s doing. Simon was attempting (and failing) to knit some scarves for everyone as the cold weather approached. Cherry begged Simon to teach her and he happily obliged, and soon she was making the family’s winter garments. Sometimes she would paint as well. Beautiful sunsets. Boys with wings. Happy families. Swirls of magic. Each and every picture was neatly framed and hung on the wall, causing Cherry to blush at how overly dramatic her adoptive parents are.

“This isn’t even one of my nicer pieces,” Cherry would protest as Simon paid the cashier for the elegant frame.

“Nonsense. This is one of the best yet! You can really see the love you have for this boy…” Simon said.

“Shut up dad!” But it was true. The portrait was of one of the boys in her grade. He had dark skin like chocolate and beetle black eyes and was the handsomest person she has ever seen. He came over one day to work on a science project (Simon would not stop wiggling his eyebrows at them and Baz practically scared the poor boy with the looks he was throwing). It was true, Cherry had a small crush on him. She asked him if he’d let her sketch him, maybe even paint him, and he happily obliged with his charming smile. Simon and Baz never forgot his face and always remembered his name. Wilson. Wilson Rogers, to be exact. 

Simon always pestered Cherry about Wilson. He always asked for every detail up until the point it was embarrassing. After Baz, Simon turned into a hopeless romantic. Baz approved of Wilson, saying that he was actually a decent guy. And almost, almost as handsome as Simon. They practically burst with joy when he asked Cherry out. 

Not only was Cherry exceptionally amazing, but Cody was amazing in a completely different way. Cody was born with musical talent in his bones. It seemed as if every instrument he touched bended to his will and made the most lovely sounds. He had some previous experience with the piano and blew Simon and Baz away when he messed around with the one on display at a music store. 

They where going to get Baz’s violin repaired because a huge crack appeared on the surface. Simon says it was the children, but they all knew Simon clumsily knocked it over with his wings. Cherry and Cody wandered around the store as Simon and Baz talked to the worker about fixing Baz’s prized possession. Cody found himself drifting over to the pianos. He pressed his fingers to the keys and a sharp note cut the air. Soon, a melody rang out.

He remembered the times he auditioned for talent shows and sat on the stage, a bundle of nerves and anxiety. His hands would shake as he reached for the keys. He looked at the audience. This was one of those days he felt particularly down as his parents looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there. Cherry flashed him a smile and a thumbs up. It gave him the confidence he needed and he played his piece, forgeting about his parents and the conversations he overheard late at night about them throwing him out and forgeting he ever existed. 

He won first place that night. It was partially due to his sister pushing him to do things he never did before, but also his sheer determination to show his parents that he was worth something. That somebody cared. 

That night, one of the boys in the audience came up to congratulate him. The boy had a large, dopey, yet charming, smile. His brown, chestnut colored eyes lit up like a rainbow and his golden curls sparkled. He maneuvered himself so he was walking beside Cody, standing like they have been buddies for ages. 

“You did amazing out there,” the boy said.

“Oh it was nothing. It was just a small piece I’ve been working on….”

“A small piece? That was beautiful. It had all kinds of different rhythms and tempos and the notes where so fast… It’s really quite impressive,” the boy said with a satisfactory nod. 

“You sound as if you play…” Cody says, trailing off.

“Oh no. I’d never even thought about trying the piano. Although you make me want to. No, I play the cello,” the boy said with that grin. Something about this boy seemed so friendly and welcoming. Cody liked it.

“That’s interesting. I’ve never met someone who took up a string instrument.”

“Not many people do,” he said with a shrug. “Although, I’m not very good, mind you. I sound like a dying cat.”

“I don’t believe a word of that,” Cody said, eyeing his long slender fingers. They where the fingers of a musician, much like his own. 

“Maybe I should play for you one time, then?” the boy said. 

“Maybe we could play together some time. I heard that the cello sounds lovely with the piano,” Cody says, challenging him. 

“You’re on!” The boy turned to leave, but before he could, Cody grabbed his arm.

“I never caught your name. What was it?” 

“John,” the boy said with a smile, and then left. The boy, it turns out, did not go to his school. Cody never saw John again and he never got to hear him play cello. That turned out to be the least of his worries when his parents kicked him and Cherry out. They found their way to an orphanage. Then, Simon and Baz came in and changed his life forever. 

When he got to school, the first person he saw when he walked into the room was John. John. John was there, his long legs spread out in front of him, a cup of coffee on his desk. Cody wondered if John forgot about that night as he stared into his eyes. Then, John winked at him.

Cody got what John promised. He heard John play. His fingers danced across the strings just like Baz’s do on the violin. Except this time the pitch was lower and the strokes less graceful. John tapped his foot, not really to the beat of the song, but more of to the beat of his own racing heart. 

Cody fell in love with the cello. He loved the deep tones and the fingers that danced across strings. He loved watching the bow glide across them and soon every string instrument reminded him of Baz and John. Soon the desire overwhelmed him. He asked John if he could teach him how to play cello in exchange for piano lessons. John happily obliged, seeing how he didn’t have to ask Cody first.

So they taught each other the basics, going over where to put your fingers on the cello’s neck and what hand did what on the piano. They both formed a strong bond together. A bond that Cody hoped ran a little deeper than friendship. 

It happened when John was at the Snow-Pitch household, having a sleepover there. Baz kept looking between the two, a knowing smirk spreading across his lips. He knew the expressions on the boys faces. They where much like his own when he was hopelessly in love with Simon. The two boys where in love, yet too blind to see it. It’s like when you look at a painting. If you’re too close, you don’t see the beauty shining through. But when you step back, you see a masterpiece. This is what Baz saw. 

Baz pulled John back after dinner and did the most embarrassing dad thing ever. He encouraged him. 

“You two need to stop fooling around,” Baz said bluntly.

“Um… Sorry?” John said.

“I see it in your eyes. You love him, don’t you.”

“I’m sorry what–”

“Don’t play that game. You like Cody and he likes you. Stop avoiding it.” A look of shock passes over John’s face, and then a look of fear. 

“Y-y-y-y-you aren’t going to h-h-h-hurt me a-a-are you?” he says. Baz seemed like the dad that would slap anyone who admitted they had a crush on one of his kids. Instead he just laughed. 

“No. I want you to do it. Make him happy for once.” And Baz smiled one of his (no-longer-so-rare) smiles. The boy looked relieved and went to join his friend. 5 minutes into talking about feelings, and John pecked Cody on the lips, causing Cherry to spaz with joy for her brother. That’s how Cody fell in love. Falling through Minuets. 

For once, both of them felt like they where accepted more than they ever where before. Technically speaking, it was less about Simon and Baz accepting them and them accepting Simon and Baz. They never knew magic existed and now their adoptive parents are/where wizards and one is half dragon, the other is a vampire. A pretty hard thing to get used to, full of a lot of questions and demonstrations, but soon they all came to love their strange family. 

Simon loved hearing Baz and Cody play duets together with smiles on their faces. Baz watched Simon and Cherry get artistic and create beautiful pictures all over the house. They even painted the stars in Simon and Baz’s room. Are a really good representation of them too. It felt as if Baz was there again that night him and SImon saw the stars with magic. Maybe that was Simon’s intention when Baz got home from work on his birthday too see their room covered in blue, black, and white paint, colors coating both Simon and Cherry’s hands. He grinned just looking back at his blushing husband trying to stammer out an explanation. Baz ended up just kissing him, which made Simon melt.

Now, Simon clutched the fabric of Baz’s sweater tight and looked at the teens in front of them. 

“I’m glad we got to do this together,” Simon says.


“Raise children.”

“We’ve hardly raised them. We’ve only been with them for two years.”

“Yet it seems like they’ve grown so much.”

“Yeah. I’m glad though. There is nobody I’d rather have a family with,” Baz says, kissing Simon on the lips. They become more passionate with each passing moment. Cherry looks back at them.

“Ew dads. Can you try not to be so romantic?” Simon giggles.

“I thought you liked romance. With all those movies you watch.”

“Yeah, but you’re my parents. It’s weird.” 

“Whatever. I thought it was exactly like that vampire movie you watched.”


“What? I’m just saying I have my own handsome vampire.” And Simon kisses Baz again. They’re all happy. There is nothing else they could’ve asked for. 

Everything is golden
In summer
But something is missing
This year.
The magic has fizzled out
Like an old can of Pepsi.
The sun feels hotter,
The kids look sadder.
We used to be so curious.
Summer is supposed to be
Sweet tea,
Cold showers,
Cherry smiles,
The hum of cicadas,
A collection of bug bites.
But now it is a ticking clock.
“These are the best years of your life”
But why do they feel so quiet?
Don’t be fooled
By your rose tinted glasses.
Summer is safe
But this summer is different.
This summer is bittersweet,
A faded photograph,
The shadow of a smile.
I hope you never look back.
-“seventeen” by @dreamthievves

White Blood - Stiles Stilinski

White Blood - Oh Wonder

 Said you’d always be my white blood

Circulate the right love

Giving me your white blood

I need you right here with me ☼

Warnings: Lowkey cheating, lil depressing


❀ Gif credit to owners/creators ❀

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