Mist (는개)
  • Mist (는개)
  • Cold Cherry (차가운 체리)
  • Mini Album “Circle of Life”

Artist: Cold Cherry (차가운 체리)
Song: Mist (는개)
Album: Mini Album “Circle of Life”

Cold Cherry just never disappoints. The group that consists of 2 members, Kim Bbal Kang (김빨강) and Yu Hyun Jin (유현진) is back with another mini album called “Circle of Life”. This song probably stood out the most for me in this album as I rarely hear them sing a very emotional and heartful song.  Their vocal suits perfectly with such heartful songs that I could somehow feel their emotions flowing through this song.

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  • 전화해줘
  • 차가운 체리
  • 차가운 체리

전화해줘 (Call me back) by Cold Cherry

The kind of song that stays stuck in your head all day. At least for me.
Simplicity at its best. It’s really easy to just strum on the guitar the whole time but letting the chords sustain like in this song gives a nice relaxed vibe.

Click here for a live performance.

soldierspade asked:

hi! could you recommend a few songs with dark and sad themes? thank you!

Hi there!
My personal recommendations for this one would probably be:
Cold Cherry - Mist 
Have A Tea - Sad Waltz
Papertree - Butterfly < this one is the absolute dark one

If you’re looking for more, you can try listening to Casker’s songs as well.
If what you mean by dark is songs with eerie and haunting kind of feeling, you can check our previous recommendations by one of our admins, Jane, right here.

Hope you like it! :)

- Jess

Running (뛴다)
  • Running (뛴다)
  • Cold Cherry (차가운 체리)
  • Cold Cherry (차가운 체리) EP

Artist: Cold Cherry (차가운 체리)
Song: Running (뛴다)
Album: Cold Cherry (차가운 체리) EP

Cold Cherry is an indie trio formed in 2009. This group consists of a vocalist, a guitarist, and a drummer. However, somewhere around this year, they signed a contract and released another album under CJ E&M Music Entertainment. The members are Yoo Hyun Jin (유현진), Lee Yoo Han (이유한), and Kim Yong Sang (김용상). The melody in this song is pretty simple; they keep repeating the same melody over and over again but that’s what makes this song addictive. The flowing melody somehow never fails to soothe and relax my mind.

I Like It (그래 좋아)
  • I Like It (그래 좋아)
  • Cold Cherry (차가운 체리)
  • Single "I Like It (그래 좋아)"

Artist: Cold Cherry (차가운 체리)
Song: I Like It (그래 좋아)
Album: Single “I Like It (그래 좋아)”

I feel like I’m being serenaded when listening to this song! The vocalist, Kim Yong Sang (김용상) aka Kim Red (김빨강), does a stupendous job of singing very softly and sweetly, allowing the listener to relax and enjoy the acoustics.

Click here to watch the MV.