this happens every single morning until the day they all move out. after that, Chara’s forced to break into Frisk’s house before the ritual can commence

truly their most heinous crime is being a morning person

Friendzone Advice From Barry Allen:

Captain Canary Son: So…Cisco was telling me that you were in the Friendzone with Iris for years before you two dated.

Barry *sets coffee mug down*: Mhm; what about it?

Captain Canary Son: How did you get out?

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And what about you, Mr. President? Should i respect you? A man who could have arrested his son’s killer, but traded that chance for a cheap roll in the hay. That is why you spared me. Yes, so that you could buy your way back in my daughter’s bed. I’m just cash to you. A wrinkled dollar bill thrown at the foot of a stripper… You learned all about that from your daddy!

Rowen Pope


Drawing yuu and mika when I was supposed to be studying for exams may not have been the best decision ever, but it did wonders for my stress levels