Summary: Steve and Bucky are constantly flirting with you at breakfast but you are clueless

Word count: 738

Warnings: None

Enjoy this bit of fluff. It was actually really fun to write - Lucie

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Breakfast at the Avengers mansion was very communal. Wanda and Vision were usually busy setting out cereal or frying up eggs and bacon, Steve making everyone ‘proper’ coffee, as he calls it. Tony or Clint were usually the ones to get up latest, complaining about having to eat the left over cereal or cold sausages.

Only a few weeks before it started. Now, every morning, Bucky and Steve would offer you food or drinks, asking to sit next to you at the table, giving each other the evil eyes when someone said something before they could ask you themselves.

The thing is, you were completely oblivious.

“You look very nice this morning, Y/N.” Steve grinned at you as you took the coffee from his hands, made just as you liked it.

“Aw, thank you!” You laughed, settling down in your usual spot, when a plate of your favourite breakfast was placed in front of you, then Bucky sat beside you. “Good morning, Bucky.”

“Morning, Doll.” He winked at you, causing you to giggle and blush slightly, taking a bite of food. Everyone was buzzing as usual, Clint messing around with Nat, Wanda and Vision sitting down together and being a cute couple. Tony had shuffled in with messy hair, and was now hunched up at the breakfast bar, slowly spooning cereal into his mouth – but you knew that in a bit he would be wide awake, him and Clint annoying people and playing pranks. Bruce, who was currently visiting, was reading something, sipping on the English tea you got him hooked on.

It was very normal – including the constant flirting from Steve and Bucky.

Steve met your eyes from the other side of the table and smiled at you, Bucky whispered little jokes and comments in your ear.

Steve would pass you things you needed or make simple conversation, complimenting you, Bucky would add in his nicknames, ‘accidentally’ bumping his arm into yours occasionally, throwing in cheeky little comments.

Bucky threw his arm round your shoulders as you ate, sitting next to you as always.

“Have you got any plans today?” He asked, causing Steve to look up instantly.

“Not really, I was just going to watch a movie or something. Why?” You asked, completely unaware of the flustered Steve, the others stifling giggles and smiles at his expression.

“Do you fancy going out somewhere. It’s quite a nice day.” Bucky suggested, throwing a smug glance at Steve as you agreed and looked at the blue sky outside.

“Sure!” You accepted. “You’ll have to give me time to wake up though.”

“There are other ways I could wake you up.” Bucky added quietly, wiggling his eyebrows and making you burst out laughing, whacking him gently on the leg. He raised his arms in fake innocence, smirking at you.

Steve, however, was glaring at his old friend over the table, taking a sip of his ‘proper’ coffee and returning his eyes back to the paper. Tony – whom was already annoying Nat by throwing dry pieces of cereal at her – sat next to him, leaning over to him.

“Tough luck cap.” He mumbled. “You had your chances.” Steve raised his eyebrows at the millionaire, who pulled a face before turning round and yelling something at Clint, who began shooting cereal at Nat, Wanda complaining about the mess but smiling all the same.  

Eventually, when you got up to refill your cup of coffee, Cap appeared at your side, pouring the steamy liquid into your mug.

“You’re as bad as me with coffee, Y/N.” He chuckled, and you laughed.

“It keeps me awake!” You retorted, and smirked at you, handing you your drink, catching your eye. You held the glance for a while, until you blushed and looked away. The whole room had gone completely silent, and when you turned round, Bucky was standing up, glaring at Steve. You paused, looking from Bucky to Steve, Steve to Bucky.

“Woah, boys. Chill, you’re as bad as dominant lions.” Nat broke the silence.

“I’m confused…” You trailed off.

“Y/N, are you serious? These two have been flirting with you for weeks!” Clint laughed. You frowned, dumbfounded.

“Oh, wow.” Tony shook his head, smiling at you. “You really are clueless.”

“I’m… I’m flattered.” You got out, placing your coffee on the breakfast bar you stood next to. The two stormed out, different directions, and the whole room burst into laughter.

After that, breakfasts were a little less tense.

It’s Always Been You

For the Wincest Writing Challenge

Round 1: School Days

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Prompt: Teacher’s Pet

Rating: R

Words: 600

Warnings: Underage(Sam is 14-15)

Partner: savannahvonroe

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You taught him to say his first word(which was, of course, for you) and to take his first step(which was,of course, towards you). 

You showed him how to tie his shoes and how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich(so he could eat something besides cold cereal and peanut butter and jelly when you and Dad left on a hunt).

You taught him to ride a bike and to shoot a shotgun. You gave him his first beer and showed him how to hustle pool before he was twelve. 

And you loved every minute of it because that’s what big brothers do for their little brothers. They show them the ropes, right?

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Zodiac Signs as Breakfast Foods

Aries: breakfast burrito

Taurus: corn beef hash and eggs

Gemini: bagel

Cancer: scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage

Leo: fresh fruit, especially citrus.

Virgo: oatmeal or yogurt with granola

Libra: Eggs Benedict 

Scorpio: doughnuts

Sagittarius: cold pizza or cereal

Capricorn: biscuits and gravy 

Aquarius: Omelets

Pisces: pancakes or waffles

Woolie the Spectre of Death

That same podcast.

Every conflict has two sides. We have E_Darkness of the NeoGAF forums to thank for this one… I finally stole some time to make it.


“General Woolie!”

The Anti-Breakfast Food Faction leader looked behind him as he took a bite of his steak. He spat some gristle on the ground and replied, “speak, soldier.”

“Sir! We narrowly evaded Brigade patrols on the scouting run. They’re doubled, sir. There are eggs and bacon and toast on every corner of the capitol’s streets. Pancake snipers line the rooftops! Sausage patty and croissant guards raid homes for supplies and to quell even the appearance of dissent. Cold Cereal Tanks comb the streets by day, and Oatmeal Tanks patrol at night. All sensitive targets are guarded by OJ Mechs 24/7.”

General Woolie tore off more of the steak with his teeth. “So? They’re doing just what we expected.” He began to chew.

“Yes, sir. But, we’ve spotted something else. Andrews, hand it to him.”

Andrews rifles through her pack and produces a poster-sized piece of paper. She hastily fumbles it into the General’s outstretched hand.

She barks, “they’ve posted these all over the capitol, sir!  They are everywhere. For every poster we managed to put up, three more are plastered right over them!”

“Sir! They mean to steal the hearts and minds of the people.”

Woolie tossed the poster as though it were garbage. “We are the people.”

“What are we gonna do, sir?!”

The General hopped onto a nearby footlocker to address the rest of the camp. “All right, listen up!”