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You think you are funny?

Something comes over her at breakfast that morning. She sits beside Malcolm and listens absently as he explains his latest ideas for updated Camp defenses–chews on a piece of toast, taps her fingers against the table, makes vague sounds of agreement–but she feels inexplicably giddy today, for perhaps no other reason than being alive under a beautiful, sunny sky. 

Plus, Percy’s got a terrible case of bedhead, and his shirt is on backwards and inside-out, and she can’t help but smiling as she watches him, three tables away, falling asleep in his cereal. 

“Sounds good,” Annabeth says, bumping her shoulder into Malcolm’s as she gets to her feet. She tugs her baseball cap from her belt loop. “Show me the plans later.” 

Malcolm sighs. “Because you only heard half of what I said. Don’t cause too much trouble?” 

“You know me.” 

“That’s the problem!” 

She pulls her hat on and slips from visibility, makes her way towards Poseidon’s table, where Tyson is humming along to a song one of the Demeter kids is singing. Percy is too easy a target–his chin rests in his palm, his elbow at the edge of the table, and he’s already nodding off. She sneaks up behind him, safe and grinning beneath her hat, and pushes the at back of his head. 

He face-plants in his cold bowl of cereal. 

Campers around him erupt into laughter as Percy comes up gasping, milk dripping down his face and cereal clinging to his cheeks. He looks accusingly at his half-brother, who raises his hands in innocence, before taking a handful of scrambled eggs and smashing them into Tyson’s hair. The Demeter kid stops singing. Someone gasps. Malcolm–wise, exasperated Malcolm–groans. 

A familiar voice at the Ares table yells, “Food fight!” 

Annabeth is safe from the initial volley. Invisible, she ducks behind Tyson’s broad shoulders, misses a glob of jelly that flies right by her head. She’s content to watch the chaos–Will Solace wields bottles of honey, and Hazel flings waffles like discuses, and Piper is cackling as she shoots sausages from her cornucopia. Goblets topple over and stain the white tablecloths. French toast and bacon sizzle as they land on the central brazier. Campers duck beneath tables and slip around the pavilion and toss muffins at one another like dodgeballs. 

She thinks Clarisse is the one that ends up landing the hit that gets her found. It’s a splatter of strawberry jam, and it lands right at her jaw. She reels back from the force of it, reaches back to catch herself, probably makes some sound of surprise. 

And Percy, ever in tune with her, whips his head to the side. 

She crab-walks backwards, hand after foot, as if that’s going to save her. A huff of breathless laughter escapes him. He stares at her, through her, the smear of jam across her jaw, the only thing of her that he can see. There’s a flash in his eyes before he’s throwing himself from the table. He lands on top of her in a mess of limbs, wrestles his way up her body, pins her to the ground. 

She can’t help but laugh. 

“You think you’re funny?” Percy asks, grinning. He reaches up and pulls her hat from her head, reveals her face in its strawberry-covered glory, kisses her forehead and nose and cheeks until she aches with happiness. “You did this!” 

Annabeth wraps her arms around his neck and rubs her face against his, smears jam across his cheeks, his chin, his mouth. She kisses it, sweet and tart, from his lips. She thinks her heart is going to burst from happiness, from love. “Good morning.”

52 of the Healthiest Superfoods 

  1. Eggs Each egg has 6 grams of protein but just 72 calories. No wonder researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, found that eating eggs for breakfast (as part of a low-cal diet) helps you slim down.
  2. Tomato sauce It’s loaded with lycopene, which makes your skin look younger and keeps your heart healthy. In fact, a Harvard study found that women with the most lycopene in their blood reduced their risk of a heart attack by 34%.
  3. Dried plums (prunes) They’re packed with polyphenols, plant chemicals that have been shown to boost bone density by stimulating your bone-building cells.
  4. Walnuts Just 14 walnut halves provide more than twice your daily dose of alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fat that’s been shown to improve memory and coordination.
  5. Brussels sprouts They have more glucosinolates (compounds that combat cancer and detoxify our bodies) than any other vegetable. For a side dish that will make you wonder why you’ve been avoiding them, slice each one into quarters, then sauté in olive oil with chopped sweet Vidalia onions.
  6. Acai juice A glass or two of this anthocyanin-rich berry juice can dramatically boost the amount of antioxidants in your blood, say Texas A&M University researchers.
  7. Apples They contain quercetin, an antioxidant that may reduce your risk of lung cancer.
  8. Bok choy This calcium-rich veggie can protect your bones and may even ward off PMS symptoms.
  9. Steel-cut oats Because they’re less processed than traditional oats, they’re digested more slowly—keeping you full all morning long.
  10. Salmon You’ll get all the heart-smart omega-3s you need in a day from just 3 oz.
  11. Avocados Their healthy fat keeps you satisfied and helps you absorb other nutrients. For a new twist, brush a halved avocado (pit removed) with olive oil and grill 1 minute. Serve with red onion, sliced grapefruit and balsamic vinegar.
  12. Spinach A half-cup provides more than five times your daily dose of vitamin K, which helps blood clot and builds strong bones.
  13. Canned pumpkin It’s filled with natural cancer fighters alpha- and beta-carotene.
  14. Cauliflower White foods can be good for you! This one is packed with cancer-fighting glucosinolates.
  15. Scallops A 3-oz serving has 14 grams of protein but just 75 calories.
  16. Collard greens They’re exploding with nutrients like vitamin A, zeaxanthin and lutein, which keep your eyes healthy.
  17. Olives They deliver the same heart-healthy monounsaturated fat you get in olive oil, but for just 7 calories per jumbo olive!
  18. Brown rice It’s a top source of magnesium, a mineral your body uses for more than 300 chemical reactions (such as building bones and converting food to energy).
  19. Oysters These keep your immune system strong. A 3-oz serving (about 6 oysters) dishes up a quarter of your daily iron, plus nearly twice the zinc and all the selenium you need in a day.
  20. Edamame One cup has a whopping 22 grams of plant protein, as well as lots of fiber, folate and cholesterol-lowering phytosterols.
  21. Strawberries They’re loaded with ellagitannins, phytochemicals that may halt the growth of cervical and colon cancers.
  22. Lentils A great source of meat-free protein, a half-cup of cooked lentils also gives you nearly half your daily folate, a B vitamin that protects a woman’s unborn baby from neural tube defects.
  23. Bran flakes Their whole grains keep your heart in tip-top shape by reducing inflammation and melting away belly fat.
  24. Kiwifruit (kiwi) Italian researchers found that it reduces asthma-related wheezing, thanks to its high vitamin C content (one kiwi has 110% of your daily requirement).
  25. Black beans They’re loaded with protein, fiber, and flavonoids—antioxidants that help your arteries stay relaxed and pliable.
  26. Sunflower seeds A quarter-cup delivers half your day’s vitamin E, which keeps your heart healthy and fights infection.
  27. Sardines 3 oz provide more than 100% of your daily vitamin D. Sardines are also a top source of omega-3 fats. Try adding mashed canned sardines to marinara sauce and serving over whole-wheat pasta.
  28. Asparagus A half-cup supplies 50% of your daily bone-building vitamin K and a third of your day’s folate, it’s a natural diuretic so it banishes bloating, too.
  29. Bananas They’re loaded with several kinds of good-for-you fiber, including resistant starch (which helps you slim down).
  30. Broccoli sprouts They have 10 times more of the cancer-preventing compound glucoraphanin than regular broccoli.
  31. Fat-free milk With a third of the calcium and half the vitamin D you need in a day, plus 8 grams u of muscle-building protein, it’s the ultimate energy drink.
  32. Baked potatoes Each one packs a megadose of blood-pressure–lowering potassium—even more than a banana.
  33. Sweet potatoes Half of a large baked sweet potato delivers more than 450% of your daily dose of vitamin A, which protects your vision and your immune system.
  34. Flaxseed Not only is flaxseed loaded with plant omega-3s, it also has more lignans (compounds that may prevent endometrial and ovarian cancer) than any other food. Store ground flaxseed in your refrigerator and sprinkle on yogurt, cold cereal or oatmeal.
  35. Greek yogurt It has twice the protein of regular yogurt.
  36. Dried tart cherries Researchers at Michigan State University found their potent anthocyanins help control blood sugar, reduce insulin and lower cholesterol.
  37. Wheat germ A quarter-cup gives you more than 40% of your daily vitamin E and immune-boosting selenium.
  38. Whole-wheat english muffins You get 4 ½ grams of fiber for only 134 calories.
  39. Tea, green and black tea prevent hardening of the arteries, according to researchers at the University of Scranton.
  40. Peanut butter This smart spread has arginine, an amino acid that helps keep blood vessels healthy.
  41. Blackberries The king of the berry family boasts more antioxidants than strawberries, cranberries or blueberries.
  42. Mustard greens These “greens” (actually a cruciferous veggie) are a top source of vitamin K. For a tasty pesto, chop them in a food processor with garlic, walnuts, Parmesan and olive oil.
  43. Grapes They’re a leading source of resveratrol, the plant chemical responsible for the heart-healthy benefits of red wine.
  44. Soy milk A good source of vegetable protein, calcium-enriched soy milk has as much calcium and vitamin D as cow’s milk.
  45. Brazil nuts They have more selenium than any other food. One nut delivers your entire day’s worth!
  46. Canola oil A Tbsp of this heart-healthy oil has all the alpha-linolenic acid you need in a day, plus two different forms of vitamin E.
  47. Blueberries They improve memory by protecting your brain from inflammation and boosting communication between brain cells.
  48. Oranges One orange supplies more than 100% of the vitamin C you need in a day. It’s also a good source of calcium and folate.
  49. Watercress With just 4 calories per cup, this cruciferous veggie delivers a hefty dose of vitamin K, zeaxanthin, lutein, beta-carotene and cancer-fighting phytochemicals.
  50. Turkey breast It has 20 grams of satisfying protein but just 90 calories per 3-oz serving.
  51. Barley A top source of beta-glucan, a fiber that lowers cholesterol and helps control blood sugar.
  52. Shiitake mushrooms One serving (about ¼ lb) provides as much vitamin D as you’d get from a glass of milk.

(request for grumpy reaper and his kids and lover to cheer him up)

The day was shit.

He woke up cold and alone firstly, Athena chiming in that Jack had been sent on a mission in the wee hours of the morning and Jack had not awoken him to find out. Then his legs started to hurt something so god awful that his first steps almost made him topple over. He managed to get his braces on and swallowed some pain pills before shuffling out of his room like a zombie in search of warm food at least.

When he got to the kitchen, he saw that some of the operatives were cleaning up the now thoroughly trashed and destroyed kitchen. Apparently someone had forgotten to take the tin foil off of something before using the microwave and it had exploded, destroy or singeing most everything there. That meant cold cereal for breakfast. His morning did not get much better as he listening to the people complaining about having to clean the kitchen as he was forced to ingest whatever gross and slightly stale cereal had been left forgotten in the cupboard.

Then he tried to just sit somewhere quiet to try and calm down, thinking that his heating blanket would help with his still aching knees. No luck, as it turned out, because when he went looking for where he normally stashed his blanket it was nowhere to be found. After a mad witch hunt for it, he finally found it on a rec couch… the controls broken. No one would fess up to breaking his heating blanket and in a fit of rage he threw the holo-projector that everyone used out the goddamn window and to the unforgiving concrete bellow before storming away.

Even in the sanctity of his room, his day got worse. When he pulled on his favorite hood a seam up the side ripped right open and he had to sit for two hours and stitch it shut to save it. After that he tried falling into bed and the frame gave and broke and he had to manhandle one into the room to replace it and then toss the old one out with the larger garbage. Finally he accidently knocked over a hidden coffee cup and stained the carpet which he took another two hours to set to make sure that it did not stain permanently.

By that time, he was sure that his bad mood was common knowledge on base. He had sworn up a storm, destroyed a window and a holo-projector and was seen getting stain fighters and hauling out a broken bed frame while threatening to kill anything that got too close to him. At least Jack was back when he had finally settled for stewing underneath the covers.

“Come on,” Jack said, peeking up the covers to look at him.

“What?” He grumbled, not wanting to move.

“Come on, follow me,” Jack said, tugging the covers away from him so he was forced to move. Jack took his hand and led him out to the rec room where the window he broke was mysteriously fixed and a new gleaming holo-projector was. Sombra, McCree and Genji were waiting on the biggest couch for him.

“Here, papi,” Sombra smiled, holding out a mound of what looked like a thick blanket. When he unfurled the dark material, he realized that it was a black and skull print heating blanket to replace the broken one and it was larger then the last too. While he wrapped his legs in the blessed material, McCree clicked on some remote and his favorite movie started playing on the projector.

“…geez, you guys,” He sighed, though with a smile.

Jack got wrapped in the heating blanket with him as his pseudo adopted kids squashed themselves even on both sides, practically smothering him. But it could not break the grin on his face as he just relaxed and enjoyed himself.

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Could you, possibly, write that Tithonus scene from Stella's POV? if you are interested

“Scully got shot,” he says and the room goes quiet, the man behind her with his belt buckle undone and his hands on his hips disappears.  People say they feel their heart stops in moments like this, but Stella feels nothing but, hears nothing but her heart beating.

And then she hears her breath crackle like cold cereal in the phone.  Feels herself swallow.


“What?” she finally asks and Mulder repeats it but this time gets quickly to the other end of his sentence. “She’s doing okay, but I thought you should know.”

“She’s alive.”


“Jesus fucking Christ, Mulder.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to –“

“You lead with that. For fuck’s sake.”

She turns.  The handsome man,  Eliot was it?  Erik? from the restaurant is looking at her with a concerned face.  His Good Samaritan on the street face, his divorced dad face probably.  She cut her peaceful solo dinner short for him, but she cut the man short for Fox Mulder, and would cut anything, anyone short for Dana Scully.  She holds the phone between her jaw and her shoulder and buckles his belt for him. Picks up his shoes and hands them to him, ignores the growing confusion on his sexily scruffy face.  Mulder is babbling something about immortality and photographic negatives and she’s holding the door open.  She covers the receiver to tell the man she’s sorry, he has to go.  She’s just shut the door when Mulder gets to his next important point.

“I can’t stay here with her.”

“Here, where?”

“The hospital, in New York. They’re going to want to keep her.”

“I see.”  She wants to make sure she’s hearing what she thinks, doesn’t want to intrude.

“Will you – I mean you’re in another country – but there isn’t anyone else she’ll let hold her hand here, you know what I mean?  I could call her mother but that would probably just upset her and be exhausting for Scully and you would cheer her up… It’s not a big deal if you can’t, probably, she can take care of herself.”

She didn’t mean to let him ramble, it’s just that she’s already begun packing, wiping the man from the restaurant off her mouth.

“I’ll get on the first flight I can.”

He thanks her, sounds relieved, and she thanks him back for calling.  But she doesn’t get a bit of relief herself for several hours, not until she’s standing outside Scully’s hospital room window, sees all five feet and three inches in one piece, ever strand of her thick red hair in tact.  Not even really until she Scully’s cold hand and feels it solid in her palm, fingers gripping back despite the IV sunk into the top of her hand.  Whatever bit the bullet took out of her, Scully obviously didn’t need.

She’s disappointed that Scully notices she’s exhausted, not because it offends her, but because she’s trying hard not to need any caretaking.  She changed her clothes at the hotel.  She put on a fresh coat of mascara in the car.  She paid for the showiest room they have.  She’s here for fun, she’s here because it works for her.  But Scully looks at her over their knuckles and sees her, Scully can always see her.  She’ll be in charge in a minute, she’ll be fun in a minute, she’ll take care of whatever needs taking care of in a minute.  There is no point pretending she doesn’t have to catch her breath, no point pretending her heart hasn’t been on a treadmill for nine hours.

Her spine is warm where Scully’s hands rest and she thinks of her father’s hospital room.  Her mascara runs onto the hospital gown and she’s momentarily angry she ever got herself into this, let herself love this person.  In a minute, she tells her, and she really means in a minute I’ll get you out of here, in a minute I’ll take you to my gorgeous hotel suite and put you in front of a fireplace, order you room service, offer you the giant Jacuzzi bathtub if you’re allowed to take baths, I’ll give you both chocolates from the pillows, anything but don’t you dare ever fucking do this to me again.

“Have you out by cocktail hour,” she says instead, and means that too.  

jungkook; the reason why

❝jungkook, the reason why you don’t need a stool…and the reason why you do
►1006 words // scenario, get the frick away jeon jungkook
♡ for the love @yoongihime​ before she comes at me

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there are times where you just think… who the fuck put it on the highest shelf? indeed, you were the one who buys the groceries. you, handpicked everything, checking from price, to expiry dates and packaging conditions, you chose everything but how is it when it came to placement and storage, it isn’t where you last thought it was?

breakfast became a chore sometimes. and in those days, today, a bowl of cereal and milk would suffice. but now there’s one very important ingredient missing.

fucking lucky charms.

you’ve taken out your favorite bowl, one that’s big enough so the milk doesn’t spill out if you’re too careless and not too big that you can swim in it. fresh carton of milk on the island, a big spoon because teaspoons are a disgrace to cereal bowls.

now you’re left to huffing up to the shelf that you know is up there but you’re far too lazy to grab a stool. ah, humans, such confusing beings when the solution is there but turning a blind eye is much easier. so what do you do? do you walk over to the corner and drag the one thing that can help you get what you want or do you call over someone who could get the job done?


you decide to struggle with inching fingertips desperately reaching for it and it elicits a chuckle from the doorway.

it’s as if he’s laughing at your misery when you look over your shoulder with a huff. jungkook stands there with crossed arms and mischievous eyes, his brows doing that thing when he knows he can be of help. jungkook was never the kind to constantly poke fun of your height (though it’s something that was a vast difference between the both of you), he doesn’t really bring it up.

but it’s moments like these where he finds it amusing and he can’t help himself. you were making it too easy and irresistible. who asked you to look so cute in his oversized hoodie and a pair of shorts? who gave the audacity to look helpless to the point where all he want to do is grant you what you want so you’d start smiling and blushing when he does?

hey, the world wasn’t fair.

“need help?” he coos, stepping into the kitchen with his bed hair; clad in nothing but boxers hanging off his hips and jungkook’s reached that stage of being comfortable around you (which was a good thing). and with confidence that just gets him to - “what do you want, hm?” he sing-songs, stepping in front of you to face the shelf and you croak out a soft lucky charms… that he snorts, effortlessly reaching up without his tippy toes (like how he saw you doing for the past two minutes) and already he has the box of breakfast meal in possession.

he watches how hearts are shaped in your eyes as you try to take it from him but he holds it up above your head, to which your eyes follow and you whine, “jungkook!” you stretch your arms out, grabby hands at what he floats atop of you, “give it!”

“on one condition,” he puts the box up higher, to which it’s no hope for you and you’re scoffing, rolling your eyes with crossed arms, “what…?”

“agree first,”

“that’s like asking me to sign a contract to do a business i don’t know of,”


“fine! sell my organs!” you throw your hands up dramatically and jungkook chuckles, handing you over the box of cereal just like that and you find this skeptical. you narrow your eyes at him and he shows no sign of making jokes (yet, you think). testing the waters, you slowly walk to the island, dragging the bowl towards you and you peek at him to see he’s still standing there, motionless.

you click your tongue and open the box up, tearing the corner of the plastic to start pouring it into the bowl. his eyes fixate on you as you start to uncap the carton of milk and as you put everything together, a bowl of cereal with a spoon ready to be fed in your mouth, he’s still watching. his eyes, as if they’re saying go on, remain on you when you put the spoon in and you empty the contents before putting the spoon back into the bowl.

with a mouthful, and a stomp of your feet on the marble tile, jungkook cracks up when you - “take a picture, it’ll last a lifetime,”

he shakes his head with a grin, stalking over to you and you immediately freeze when he stands behind you. gulping everything down your throat, you remain still when he murmurs this is your payment and before you can process it, his long arms snake around your waist and you close your eyes, finding it ridiculous.

this was his choice of payment?

he purrs in delight when your palms brush over his arms tight around you and he starts to sway you along to his chest left and right in a soothing pace that makes you chuckle. he presses the side of his head next to yours, his body heat radiating through yours that it compliments the cold milk and sweet cereal nicely.

“what’s so funny?” he rasps, throat dry and you chuckle a bit more before answering, “nothing,”

“then why’re you laughing?” he does that thing with his lips, a pout and a frown that makes you snicker, poking his cheek as you do so, “well, it’s just amusing, really. you could’ve asked for anything but this is your choice of ‘payment’?”

“when in doubt, go for the best,” he murmurs, grinning sheepishly as he buries his face in your neck, “you’re the best.”

((”it was you, wasn’t it?”

“don’t know what you’re talking about,”

“you sure in hell do. who else would’ve put it on the highest shelf?”

“…we have unexpected guests?” … “i might want to run, don’t i?”

“oh yeah.”))

Lazy Day(Lafayette X Reader)


Request Queue

Requests- “Lafayette x reader where they are playing video games and the reader keeps beating Laf and he gets annoyed but it’s all cute and stuff?”

“Hi friend!! I highkey just creep on your blog because it’s so lit. And your Lin Sin is like the best thing I’ve ever read. You rock. I was wondering if I could request a fic with the main French nerd Lafayette and his girlfriend being cute little needs together and watching cartoons? You’re awesome!”

A/N- (Basically reader teaches Laf how to take a break and fuckin relax.) 

Words-1,111 (that’s so satisfying) 

Your eyes fluttered open slowly, barely registering the fact that you were awake. Your blurry vision cleared and you focused up at the ceiling of your bedroom. As you rolled onto your side, your muscles groaned in protest, straining against the now new and unfamiliar movement. 

You didn’t expect to see your boyfriend lying in bed next to you. He was usually up at the break of day, jogging or working or just being more productive than you in general. 

“Laf, do you feel okay?” you whispered, placing the back of your hand against his cheek and forehead. 

“Mhm. Amazing.” he hummed, his eyes still closed.

“Why aren’t you out saving the world?” you joked.  He sighed and wrapped his arm around you loosely.  

“Because I want to be with you, ma cherie.” he said plainly. You grinned and pushed some loose curls out of his face. He finally opened his eyes all the way, taking your hand and kissing the spot where it met your wrist. “So, amour, how do you start a day where your intent is to do nothing?”  You laughed. His comment wasn’t meant to be offensive, but it could have so easily been taken that way.

“Well,” You scooted your body closer to his. “I usually like to stay in bed for awhile after I wake up. Enjoy the silence. Let your mind clear. Namiste and all that.” you explained. 

Your boyfriend nodded in understanding. “Yes. What is this ‘namiste’ you speak of?” he asked seriously. 

You giggled and snuggled up to him. “Don’t worry about it.” You pushed your head into your favorite spot. The crook of his neck so that his chin rested on your head. 

You laid there with him for probably an hour, drifting in and out of a dreamlike state. You concentrated on the sound of his breathing. It was the most soothing sound in the world. It let you know that he was alive beside you. 

You took one last deep sigh and rolled away from him. You stood up off the bed and started walking to the bathroom. 

You were brushing your teeth when Lafayette came in and wrapped his arms around your waist. You smiled and bent down to rinse out your mouth. Lafayette rested his forehead on your shoulder

“Feeling guilty for not working, already?” you asked, patting the poof of hair on top of his head. He pouted and gave a nod. You rolled your eyes. “C’mon.” You grabbed his arm and pulled him into your kitchen. You took out two bowl and two spoons. You opened up the pantry and started to reach for the cereal. You stood on your tip toes and strained your muscles. Your fingers grazed the cereal box you were aiming for, but they only pushed it further back. 

Lafayette chuckled from behind you. You saw his arm reach over your head as his hand went to your waist. He brought the cereal down to your height and you pulled it away from him. 

“Couldn’t have helped me earlier?” you taunted. You walked past him to the counter where the bowls waited. 

Désolé, I was staring at your ass.” You heard the smacking sounded before you felt it as Lafayette lightly slapped your backside. You turned to glare at him, but he just smiled innocently. You poured the cereal and walked  to the couch in front of your TV. 

Lafayette sat beside you, and you handed him the cold cereal bowl. He gave you a bemused look, but took it from you nonetheless. You turned on your smart TV and went to Netflix. As soon as the movie titles appeared you selected Young Justice. 

Lafayette gave you questioning look. You picked up your cereal bowl and leaned back against the couch cushions with a satisfied expression on your face. 

A few hours later you found yourself laying on the couch with your back pressed against your boyfriend’s chest. One of his hands lay lazily on your hip, tracing along the bone there. His other hand slowly twirled strands of your hair.  

It was becoming harder and harder for you to keep your eyes open. The same seemed to be true for Lafayette. Eventually, you stopped fighting it and fell asleep cuddled against the love of your life. 

You didn’t know how long you had napped with Lafayette, but he’d definitely woken before you. When you opened your eyes, he was staring down at you lovingly. 

“Having fun?” you laughed. His nodded and dipped his head down to kiss you. 

“I love you, ma cheri.” he murmured against your lips. 

“I love you too.” you whispered back. Lafayette kissed you once more before sitting up. 

“What do we do know?” he said eagerly. 

“Whatever you want.” you insisted. “It’s your day to do you things.” 

You felt a pang of sadness at your boyfriend’s genuinely confused expression. He worked so hard that he barely grasped the concept of leisure activities. 

“What do you like to do for fun?” you asked. 

He smirked. “You, usually.” 

You hit him in the arm with a pillow. “You’re the worst.” you groaned. Lafayette smiled and let his eyes wander around the TV room. 

“Halo?” he asked carefully. You nodded. 

“Perfect! It’s something pointlessly fun.” You grinned. Lafayette’s face dropped. 

“It is not pointless. It is war.” 

Three hours later and you had beaten your boyfriend almost every game. 

“How do you do that?” he asked, his jaw slack. 

You shrugged. “I play with Herc a lot.” You dug your spoon into the gallon of ice cream that sat between the two of you.

“Zat is ridiculous! When do you have time to play with him?” Laf furrowed his brow. 

“When you’re working.” you said nonchalantly. The moment the words left your mouth you wished you could take them back. Guilt pushed its way into Laf’s expression. 

“Oh…” he said. 

“No Laf’s it’s not like that! It’s-”

Non. I know. I work too hard. I don’t spend enough time with you.” he said sadly. 

“Laf,” you put your fingers under his chin and made him meet your gaze. “I understand that you have to work more than I do. It’s fine.” 

“It’s not fine!” he insisted. “I want you to know I care about you!” 

“I know you care about my Lafayette.” You leaned over kissed him. “And as long as I get days like this, I’ll be just fine.” you finished. 

Lafayette smiled at you, his hand grazed over you cheek lightly. 

“I don’t deserve you.” he commented. You smirked. 

“You’re right; you don’t.” you joked. 

Lafayette grinned and pulled you in to kiss him again. 

Play Me (Skam - Chris x OC) Epilogue

Pairing : Chris x OC (name’s Elin)

Synopsis : Player 1 meets Player 2. The score is tight.

Word count : 1.4k


Part 9 <<<

Some time later…

The sun rays that filtered through the window curtains warmed Elin’s back, sending waves of bliss through her body as she further cradled her pillow against her chest, her face firmly pressed in it. This was perfection, that must be what heaven felt like: a lazy morning, clean sheets and the sun hitting her naked skin. Usually the chilly air of the bedroom woke her up whenever the sheets slipped down her body during the night, and then she had trouble falling back asleep. She wasn’t really sleeping anymore right now, but she was still drowsy and way too comfortable to even think about getting up.

Elin tried to grab a little more of the sheets to bring them over her and wrap herself in them, but when she rolled around she felt the edge of the bed. Her eyes snapped open and she prepared to hit the floor but something held her back.

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Cheap Vegan Staples🌱

A coworker of mine has decided to try out veganism💚💚💚 (yay!) and asked me for a list of some cheap staple food ideas to buy at the grocery store. So I thought this might help out anyone wanting to transition and not really knowing what to buy!

Bags of potatoes
Sweet potatoes/ yams (whichever is cheaper atm)
Any veggies that are on sale (I tend to go for broccoli, kale/spinach, bell peppers etc)
Lots of bananas (smoothies/nice cream/oatmeal/baking/snacking ) Any fruit that is on sale (also check your stores reduced price produce shelf- there are almost always lots of perfectly ripe bananas, avocados, and lots of other goodies that are “too ripe” to sell at full price aka perfect.)

Dry goods-
Beans- black + garbanzos are my fav ( canned are a little pricier but nice for convenience)
Bread + tortillas ( also check to see if your store has a discounted bakery area for stuff about to go stale - I always find herb focaccia, raisin bread, and artisan baguettes for under $2 each so I stock up and store in freezer until ready to use)
Cold cereal/granola (buying in bulk is the way to go for this if you don’t want to make your own)
Canned tomatoes (easily turns into sauce, or add to curries, pastas, Mexican style dishes etc)
Peanut butter

Non dairy milk ( look for what’s on sale or deals on bigger sizes / multipacks + you can find smaller sizes in the dry goods area too if you don’t plan to use this much)
Non dairy butter ( I’ll buy this on sale only + in the largest size tub so I won’t need it again for a long time)

Optional: Tofu (firm - to make tofu scramble+ silken/soft - to make “sour cream”)

All in all I always keep my eye peeled for sales and bulk deals and know when to pass on something that week. Going into the store with a general plan for meals is always a good idea too so that you don’t overbuy or fill your basket with a bunch of random stuff that you have no idea what to do with once you’re home. I did not include “luxury” items like faux meat/cheese/yogurt/ ice cream etc because they aren’t necessary even if some of them are very tasty. I personally don’t eat them often and you may buy them at your own discretion. The only faux meat I always have on hand is tvp (aka textured vegetable protein, a dry and unflavored meat substitute that is made from soy that you rehydrate with veggie broth or water and seasonings that can replace any kind of ground meat or even bacon bits when prepared properly that can either be found in bulk at a natural foods store or the natural foods baking/flour area in your regular grocery store for fairly inexpensive ). I also didn’t include some basic stuff like flour, coffee/tea, sugar, cooking oil etc but I buy all these things in bulk and avoid most brands of white sugar and choose to buy my raw sugar in the bulk area of my local natural foods store where I am sure that it isn’t processed with bone char, I also tend to use coconut oil to cook with but this is totally a personal preference. Condiments are completely up to you but some stuff I use include veganaise, corn syrup-free ketchup, stone ground mustard, liquid aminos (soy sauce substitute), worstishire sauce ( look for one without anchovies), sriracha, cholula, chipotle tabasco, (I’m a hot sauce queen), fruit jam, balsamic and apple cider vinegar . Herbs and spices are also up to you but by far my most used ones are basic salt+pepper, garlic powder, Italian herbs seasoning, curry powder, cumin, cinnamon, nutritional yeast(even if that’s not technically a herb/spice and I buy it in the dry goods bulk area of my local natural foods store), and fresh cilantro. If you have a local Asian market I also highly recommend checking it out- they usually have inexpensive produce including lots of cheap fresh herbs (hello basil I’m looking at you), they also have lots of affordable accidentally vegan ramen/ instant noodle soup packs, and tons of rice noodles in all shapes and sizes in bulk for cheap, I also prefer to buy my rice here in bulk. One last thing I do to save a little money is keep a large bowl or bag in my freezer and fill it with veggie scraps like onion peels, pepper stems, carrot tops etc that I will use to make my own veggie broth after it is extremely full- simply put it all in a large pot, cover with water and simmer for an entire day, add salt to taste and use immediately or store for up to one week in the fridge or up to a few months in the freezer.

I hope this post helps you out and shows you that being vegan can indeed be very cheap if you know how to shop, and gives you some ideas for next time you’re at the grocery store. If you have any questions I’m always ready to help! 💁🏻

‪Me, eating a pint of ice cream, 3 hot pockets, poptarts, spaghettios, a whole box of Debbie cakes, a bowl of cereal, cold ramen, and a singular kale chip: my body is my temple ‬


Summary: Steve and Bucky are constantly flirting with you at breakfast but you are clueless

Word count: 738

Warnings: None

Enjoy this bit of fluff. It was actually really fun to write - Lucie

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Breakfast at the Avengers mansion was very communal. Wanda and Vision were usually busy setting out cereal or frying up eggs and bacon, Steve making everyone ‘proper’ coffee, as he calls it. Tony or Clint were usually the ones to get up latest, complaining about having to eat the left over cereal or cold sausages.

Only a few weeks before it started. Now, every morning, Bucky and Steve would offer you food or drinks, asking to sit next to you at the table, giving each other the evil eyes when someone said something before they could ask you themselves.

The thing is, you were completely oblivious.

“You look very nice this morning, Y/N.” Steve grinned at you as you took the coffee from his hands, made just as you liked it.

“Aw, thank you!” You laughed, settling down in your usual spot, when a plate of your favourite breakfast was placed in front of you, then Bucky sat beside you. “Good morning, Bucky.”

“Morning, Doll.” He winked at you, causing you to giggle and blush slightly, taking a bite of food. Everyone was buzzing as usual, Clint messing around with Nat, Wanda and Vision sitting down together and being a cute couple. Tony had shuffled in with messy hair, and was now hunched up at the breakfast bar, slowly spooning cereal into his mouth – but you knew that in a bit he would be wide awake, him and Clint annoying people and playing pranks. Bruce, who was currently visiting, was reading something, sipping on the English tea you got him hooked on.

It was very normal – including the constant flirting from Steve and Bucky.

Steve met your eyes from the other side of the table and smiled at you, Bucky whispered little jokes and comments in your ear.

Steve would pass you things you needed or make simple conversation, complimenting you, Bucky would add in his nicknames, ‘accidentally’ bumping his arm into yours occasionally, throwing in cheeky little comments.

Bucky threw his arm round your shoulders as you ate, sitting next to you as always.

“Have you got any plans today?” He asked, causing Steve to look up instantly.

“Not really, I was just going to watch a movie or something. Why?” You asked, completely unaware of the flustered Steve, the others stifling giggles and smiles at his expression.

“Do you fancy going out somewhere. It’s quite a nice day.” Bucky suggested, throwing a smug glance at Steve as you agreed and looked at the blue sky outside.

“Sure!” You accepted. “You’ll have to give me time to wake up though.”

“There are other ways I could wake you up.” Bucky added quietly, wiggling his eyebrows and making you burst out laughing, whacking him gently on the leg. He raised his arms in fake innocence, smirking at you.

Steve, however, was glaring at his old friend over the table, taking a sip of his ‘proper’ coffee and returning his eyes back to the paper. Tony – whom was already annoying Nat by throwing dry pieces of cereal at her – sat next to him, leaning over to him.

“Tough luck cap.” He mumbled. “You had your chances.” Steve raised his eyebrows at the millionaire, who pulled a face before turning round and yelling something at Clint, who began shooting cereal at Nat, Wanda complaining about the mess but smiling all the same.  

Eventually, when you got up to refill your cup of coffee, Cap appeared at your side, pouring the steamy liquid into your mug.

“You’re as bad as me with coffee, Y/N.” He chuckled, and you laughed.

“It keeps me awake!” You retorted, and smirked at you, handing you your drink, catching your eye. You held the glance for a while, until you blushed and looked away. The whole room had gone completely silent, and when you turned round, Bucky was standing up, glaring at Steve. You paused, looking from Bucky to Steve, Steve to Bucky.

“Woah, boys. Chill, you’re as bad as dominant lions.” Nat broke the silence.

“I’m confused…” You trailed off.

“Y/N, are you serious? These two have been flirting with you for weeks!” Clint laughed. You frowned, dumbfounded.

“Oh, wow.” Tony shook his head, smiling at you. “You really are clueless.”

“I’m… I’m flattered.” You got out, placing your coffee on the breakfast bar you stood next to. The two stormed out, different directions, and the whole room burst into laughter.

After that, breakfasts were a little less tense.

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OKAY SOMEONE HASN’T DONE PARKER/HARDISON YET. But now I will! I might throw some Eliot in there too, because @dorothyoz39 requested that. :-)

  • Drinks all of the coffee: I don’t think Parker or Hardison are big coffee drinkers, so…Eliot, maybe? I guess he’s shown drinking coffee a few times.
  • Brings up adopting a pet: Hardison. Parker barely knew what to do with a plant.
  • Kills the bugs: Parker.
  • Cooks the meals: Eliot. Parker would live on cold cereal if they let her, and Hardison can cook but usually gets so into whatever project he’s working on that he forgets to eat, let alone cook. If it weren’t for him, Eliot grumbles, they’d probably both have rickets or some shit. And if he didn’t cook for them, they’d just steal his sandwiches anyway, Hardison. Yeah, that’s right, he knows about that.
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should: Parker.
  • Initiates the couple selfies: Hardison.
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: Parker doesn’t forget them, but they’re not as important to her as they are to Hardison, and she feels awkward about things like anniversaries and birthdays because she didn’t celebrate stuff like that growing up. Hardison totally gets that, though, and he basically tells Parker early on that he doesn’t care if she makes a big deal about his birthday – and he really means it. He plans his own birthday celebrations, and involves Parker in the planning, and that works out pretty well for them both. (Eliot quietly makes them both their favorite meals and a cake on both their birthdays every year, just like he does for Nate and Sophie, when they’re all in the same place.)
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: Let’s just say their house is well-stocked with orange soda, gummy frogs, and a wide variety of breakfast cereals, and they regularly get donuts from their favorite bakery. (They don’t worry too much about things like vegetables and fiber. That’s why they have Eliot, who stomps around complaining about grown-ass adults who eat like 10-year-olds while he cuts up fruit and measures out yogurt and chia seeds to make freezer smoothie packs for them, and then cooks them “a real meal with actual protein and vegetables, and you’re gonna eat it so you aren’t the first two cases of goddamn scurvy in modern-day Portland”. This arrangement works out really well for Parker and Hardison, who’d both rather do things other than cook, and for Eliot, who loves cooking for them.)
  • Nicknames the other: Hardison has at least a dozen nicknames for Parker. (Hardison has at least a dozen nicknames for everyone he loves, actually, but not everyone is as cool with him using them as Parker is, Eliot – man, you really need to relax.) Parker mostly just calls him Hardison around other people. When it’s just the two of them, she calls him Alec about half the time, and the way she says it makes Hardison feel like it’s an endearment. 

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Marry Me- Taehyung

Hey again! I know, I know, I’ve been off the radar for a bit . But see, Exams push everything aside, don’t you think?? 
This here is a short ‘un I thought of after seeing this amazing post by @teenagecrush <3 Her posts are amazing ! Credits to her for that post which gave me some inspiration!!
Here’s the link to the post - Marry Me   

This is the poem



Your eyes narrowed in confusion when he walked around the table to stand in front of you , his signature boxy grin set nervously on his handsome face. Kim Taehyung was almost never nervous- if he was, it had to be something big. Being his girlfriend for the last 6 years definitely had it’s perks – you had a gorgeous man who was a child inside and yet, had some of the most deepest thoughts by your side, smiling and teasing you throughout the way. 

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5 Reasons to Hate Millennial Americans

1. They have slightly different eating habits than older generations, such as eating less cold cereal, preferring “fast casual” dining options, and seeking out “ethical” food sources. Why can’t they just grab a burger? So g-darn pretentious.

2. Millennials have access to tools via the internet on their cellphones and computers, and they use those tools. Instead of going to the store every time, they frequently shop online. Instead of using a physical planner, many of them use apps. They even do their banking through internet services instead of going to the bank! Can we say LAZY? They should be doing things the old fashioned way, even if it takes more time and there’s absolutely no advantage in it for them.

3. They’re not content with this good country the way it is. They want to end institutionalized racism, implement clean energy, improve the economy, and cut the poverty rate. I’m sorry but I respect my American heritage, and my great-great-great-grandpa didn’t die in the war to make this country “fair”.

4. They think that a full-time job should pay enough for an average individual person to survive off of, which is obviously ridiculous. Obviously. Many economists support raising the minimum wage, but they’re just dumb. There’s not even room for debate on this one.

5. Some Millennials want Bernie Sanders for president. Bernie Sanders is a socialist. The definition of socialist is someone who wants to make the USA just like the USSR. There are not different varieties of socialism, nor are there any elements of socialism in any successful country. Millennials need to learn some history for once. In any case, they should know better than to have independent political beliefs.


Modern Mythology

Three Generations of Earth

She winds primroses and daisy chains through her hair, leaving a trail of petals wherever she goes. She keeps a line of succulents along her window sill and checks on them three times a day. She has pages and pages of nothing but watercolor paint hung up on her walls so she’s surrounded by color. She paints moss in the shape of a peace sign on the walls of City Hall. (She waters her graffiti each night because she hates the thought of anything dying. She loves listening to the world breathe.) She likes to plant things where they aren’t wanted–hyacinths in a crooked toilet, left out on the curb. Asters in the holes of a couch cushion. Forget-me-not’s in old emptied light bulbs, catching the light. She likes to take bits of this new, shiny world, and hand them back to the forests.

Autumn used to be her favorite time of year–she loved the smell of the leaves, the spices, the pumpkins fresh from the earth. But now it means goodbye, and rain storms, and frost in the early mornings, stretching like veins across the glass. Bad days filled with dark thoughts and cold skin and salt water have turned into bad weeks, bad months, entire bad seasons. She only drinks water with lemon and orange and grapefruit slices, so sour it makes her mouth dry. She keeps root vegetables in the cellar, stacked in dirt-caked crates she sometimes sells at the market for twenty dollars a pop. She keeps wrapped squares of caramel in her pocket, to melt on her tongue during the slow shift at work. She spends her days rearranging flowers until they say I love you, or thank you, or congratulations on the promotion, or I’m sorry I fucked your best friend, or get well soon. (The cards are always left empty.) She plants sunflowers near the front porch, and they shrivel and die every winter. But they always bloom back every spring.

She only drinks her coffee cold, and has sugary cereal for each breakfast, so sweet it makes her teeth ache. She dyes her hair in the bathroom whenever she feels restless, itchy for a change–pale blues, pinks and purples staining the porcelain sink. She keeps a cool flask of marshmallow vodka on her at all times, just in case of emergency. She bathes in pink rose water, cloudy with coconut oil. She sends homemade cards in the mail for every occasion, filling the envelopes with metallic glitter until they nearly overflow. The flecks of silver, gold and purple are stuck under her nails for weeks. On the bridge of her nose like freckles. She leaves traces of them on her husband’s lips until they glint in the moonlight. She wakes just after sunset and falls asleep at dawn. She eats the winter fruits–cactus pears and passion fruits, persimmons and pomegranates, always pomegranates. She keeps a few seeds tucked under her tongue for when he kisses her goodbye. She presses them into his mouth until he laughs. It’s an inside joke between them, but the whole world thinks they know.

The danger with being a parental figure to teenagers, Hera reflected, was that they could get ludicrously grumpy with you if their caf was cold, their cereal was chewy or their hormones weren’t quite right that morning.  A grumpy 16 and/or 14 year old could be quite a handful, especially when cooped up in a small-ish cargo ship.  

Most teens could go cool off in a local town or city, but this tended to risk capture by bounty hunters, Imperials or grumpy merchants (”because you don’t need to steal from everyone who lets their guard down any more Ezra”).  In short, things could get heated.  Sometimes literally, if Sabine or Ezra had taken any weapons along with them when they stormed out.

Mind you, the whole crew was full of troublemakers - herself included!

Things I've learned over the years

🌵A woman’s place is anywhere but the kitchen (unless if there’s donuts in the kitchen)
🌵being fierce scares people away
🌵talking calmly in a stressful situation is terrifying to others
🌵blowing a kiss to strangers confuses them
🌵sunglasses scare away creeps
🌵scary movies aren’t less scary in the day time
🌵dogs will always like you if you use a soft voice
🌵video games are fun if you don’t have pants on
🌵long socks are aesthetically pleasing
🌵cats don’t deserve our love
🌵water is good when it’s ice cold
🌵cereal dry is a great snack
🌵all skin types are beautiful
🌵looking at your butt in the mirror boosts self confidence
🌵self-love is important