Stiles Stilinski had been in love with Lydia Martin since he was a kid. This incredibly smart girl with strawberry blonde hair, who was so caught up in problems and pretending that she doesn’t have them, she barely noticed him.

When he was dragged into the world of supernatural, he did everything in his power to protect her. No speed. No strength. He was just human.

But instead of running away, he suddenly found himself running towards Peter Hale, the alpha. He begged for her life. He agreed to go with him, agreed to do what he wants, just as long as Lydia suffered no further harm. Just as long as he was allowed to call for help, because he refused to leave her on the field, bleeding and cold. Jackson got the call. Jackson was thanked for saving her. 

He stayed in the hospital the entire weekend, waiting for her to wake up, looking out for her.

He searched for her when she went missing, along with his dad and Scott, freaking the hell out. ‘’ Please. Just… find her. I just need you to find her. ‘’

He refused to believe that she was the kanima and threatened Isaac, warning him not to come near her, while she sat just a few meters away, completely oblivious.

Birds went wild. While everyone else tried to duck and protect themselves, he threw himself in her direction and covered her.

His ears bled as she screamed, but he just held her.

Glass shattered everywhere, and instead of backing away like Scott and Deaton, once again he covered her with himself.

He shouted and struggled and managed to break free when Brunski’s needle moved towards her neck. Fists clenched and ready to strike.

However clumsy and frail, Stiles Stilinski had endlessly put himself in between danger and Lydia Martin, shielding her with his body. Without saying anything at all. In return wanting nothing but her safety and freedom. Always just one step behind, always making sure that she was okay. He stood by her. He believed in her. He remembered about her. He loved her.

So often, she didn’t know. Stiles Stilinski deserved to have Lydia Martin smile at him and say, ‘’ Stiles saved me. ‘’ 

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RE: How did Snart become Den Mother? He's been shown to have a soft spot for children. On The Flash, when he's in that museum, casing the place for the diamond heist, there's this little kid walking with his tour group and Leonard offered him gum and went out of his way to talk to the kid while they were walking. Snart likes kids. I bet it's because of his past abuse and trying to protect Lisa from the same when they were little. He doesn't wanna see kids hurt. He wants them to be happy.

hm, good point. this does beg the question of where the cutoff for “kid” is though. i mean, he calls cisco “kid” and says that he likes him, but that doesn’t stop him from abducting cisco and torturing dante. he calls cisco a “good brother,” which makes me think he equates cisco with himself and dante with lewis, but then why assume that torturing dante would persuade cisco to do what he wanted?

then we have jax, who len is repeatedly shown to be protective of and really isn’t that much younger than cisco; you could certainly say they’re in roughly the same stage of life. snart did use jax to get to central city, but he refused to let mick hurt him, and he didn’t let jax come with them to get into trouble in episode one. he also didn’t seem to like stein roofie-ing jax, and seems to have taken it upon himself to be jax’s protector in stein’s incompetence.

plus there’s kendra, who used to date cisco, so they would certainly be roughly the same age/same stage of life. len is the only one who points out that she wouldn’t survive the ship jumping in time as a reason not to move. again, this partly serves his purposes – he wants to stay in this time so he can try and change his past – but the very fact that he brought it up shows something about his priorities.

i still think it says way more about the other characters that leonard snart – kidnapper, torturer, murderer and actual criminal – is somehow the fucking den mother of their little ship.

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